Guess the Doctor Who Episode by their Wikipedia Description

Key words that'll give away the answer will be undisclosed however.
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Last updated: April 18, 2022
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In the episode, alien time traveller __________ takes his new companion ____________ to the ________________, where several planetoids in a ring system are orbiting a larger planet. They attend a religious festival where the young Queen of Years, ____________, is about to be sacrificed to the parasite of _______.
The Rings of Akhaten
In the episode, set in the far future 100 years after the events of _______________, ________________ and his travelling companions __________ and ______________________ are secretly brought on board the game show broadcasting satellite Satellite Five by its controller, so they can fight against the controller's "masters", the _____ race.
Bad Wolf
Set close to the end of the universe 100 trillion years in the future, the episode involves ______________ attempting to send the last of humanity in a rocket to a place called ________.
In the episode, the alien time traveller __________, along with human companion ____________, mutant human ______, and augmented human ___, get recruited to break into and rob the secure __________________, which is protected by a telepathic alien called the ______.
Time Heist
In the episode, alien time traveller __________ agrees to take his companion __________ back to the day her ______ ____ died in ____. When ____ intervenes and pulls her ______ out of the path of a car, time is wounded and dangerous _______ attack, threatening to erase history. ____ eventually realises that to get rid of the _______, he must throw himself under the car that was originally meant to kill him.
Father's Day
_____________________ and her companions ______________, _____________, and ___________ search across multiple countries to investigate strange phenomena, including birds acting strangely and a British astronaut, _________.
In ____ _______, alien time traveller __________ along with his companions ________ and _____________, archaeologist __________ and FBI agent ___________________________, attempt to lead the human race into a revolution against the _______, a religious order of aliens who cannot be remembered after they are encountered.
Day of the Moon
In the episode, _____ and the alien time traveller ________________ meet while separately investigating _______ Industries, a company that has created a revolutionary diet pill. Together, they attempt to stop the death of thousands of people in ______ after the head of the company, the alien ___________, creates the _______, short white aliens made from human body fat.
Partners in Crime
__________ and __________ visit the last great frost fair in ______ ____, but they soon find that something sinister is lurking below the frozen ______.
Thin Ice
In the episode, __________ and his companion ________ arrive in ______ during the _____, where _________________ has employed "_________", a scientific creation from ___________________ to be used as weapons in the war effort. However, __________ recognises the _________ as his archenemies the ______, who plan to destroy _____ by activating a device located inside _________, an android.
Victory of the Daleks
In the episodes, _____________________ and her companions ______________, _____________, and ___________ are enlisted by ___ to investigate a format agent and alien threat.
The episode is set in _____________, and involves __________ and _______ linking with journalist _____________ and a superhero called _________ to combat brain-swapping aliens.
The Return of Doctor Mysterio
The episode is set in ________ in ____. In the episode, a group of warrior monks intend to use an ______________ to take over the ______________ and start an "Empire of the ____" by turning ______________ into a ________.
Tooth and Claw
In the episode, principally set in ______, the alien race the _______ invade _____, demanding that either humanity surrenders or one third of them will die.
The Christmas Invasion
In the episode, the alien time traveller the ______________ and his companion _____ have 24 hours to train a group of weak ______ villagers for a war against aliens called the ____ shortly after the ____ slaughtered all of the village's warriors and a woman called _______ subsequently declared war.
The Girl Who Died
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