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A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user Yayi1
# of Quizzes 33
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Times taken 562
Quizmaker Rank # 10,260
452020-07-12Flag Quiz Easy
412021-06-19Countries but, Which Continent They Are in - Part 1
382021-05-08Food Quiz 2
332021-05-08Coldest Places on Earth
332021-05-15Candy and Other Sweets
282022-01-13(Maybe) The Longest Quiz in The World
262021-05-08Hard Flag Quiz
232021-05-08Numbers = A Letter
222021-05-03Food Quiz 1
202021-06-17(Probably) Shortest Quiz in The World
192021-05-26Random Question 2
182021-05-09Hottest Places on Earth
182021-05-15Random Flag Quiz 1
162021-05-23Colour Quiz
162021-05-31Random Numbers
152021-07-21Everything on the Keyboard
152021-05-23Animal Quiz
152021-05-29Food Quiz 3
142021-05-08Picture Quiz 2#
132021-05-27Random Question 4
112021-05-27Random Question 3
112022-02-13What does it say?
112021-05-09Stuff = A Flag 2
92020-07-23State Quiz
92021-05-19picture quiz
92021-05-19Pokemon Types
72021-05-30A Random Code 1
72021-05-09native food quiz
52021-05-09Stuff = A Flag 1
42021-05-30A Random Code 2
32021-05-23Random Question 1
02021-05-31A Random Code 3