Statistics for Tolkien Ring Bearers

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6. A hobbit of the Shire who found the One Ring after [5] lost itBilbo Baggins
7. Adopted nephew of [6], from whom inherited the One Ring after a notable eleventy-first birthday partyFrodo Baggins
5. Cousin of [4] whom he strangled for possession of his 'precious' the One RingSmeagol
10. Great aunt of [9] and perhaps the wisest and most powerful of all elves by the time of the Lord of the Rings, sole bearer of Nenya (the Ring of Water)Galadriel
8. Gardener who took the One Ring from [7], believing him to have been killed by the giant spider ShelobSamwise Gamgee
1. The Lord of the RingsSauron
12. 'Half-Elven' Lord of Rivendale, son-in-law of [10], who inherited the greatest of the elven rings, Vilya, from [9]Elrond
13. Second among the Istar, appeared as a grey and bent old man, gifted Narya by [11] when he arrived in Middle EarthGandalf
3. High King of Gondor and Arnor, cut the One Ring from the finger of [1]Isildur
4. Stoor hobbit who found the One Ring on the riverbed when he was pulled in by a large fishDeagol
14. Dwarven King of the Longbeards who possibly received the mightiest of the seven Dwarven Rings form [2] directly, rather than [1]Durin III
17. Once a powerful king of men, corrupted by one of the nine Rings of Men to become the commander and greatest of the Nazgul and commander of the armies of of [1]The Witch King of Angmar
16. Dwarven King of the Longbeards, son of [15] and father of Thorin Oakenshield, became probably the last dwarf to possess a ring of power when [1] took it from him left him for dead in Dol GuldurThrain II
11. Lord of the Grey Havens and, from the second age, the oldest elf left in Middle Earth, who received Narya (the Ring of Fire) from [9], upon the wishes of [2]Cirdan
9. Last High King of the Noldor who was the first to bear two of the three elven rings: Narya (the Ring of Fire) and Vilya (the Ring of Air), the greatest of the threeGil-Galad
15. Dwarven King of the Longbeards and descendant of [14] who ventured alone into Moria and was beheaded by the orc chieftain AzogThror
2. Known as the second greatest craftsman in Middle Earth History, forged sixteen of the rings with the guidance of [1] and three of the rings without his knowledgeCelebrimbor
18. The only named Ringwraith, an Easterling king corrupted by one of the nine Rings of Men into a Nazgul; second in command to [17]Khamul

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