Category Elimination - Doctor Who Stories

In each group, name any answer which matches the first category to reveal the second category, then name any answer which applies to both categories to reveal a third, and so on.
# = the number of answers possible.
Answer must correspond to the highlighted yellow box.
Quiz by DrWhoFanJ
Last updated: February 21, 2023
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First submittedFebruary 21, 2023
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Blue Categories
Stories with a Baker as the Doctor
…set wholly or partly on Earth
…with only one companion
…with Colin Baker as the Doctor
…with precisely three words in its title
The Twin Dilemma
Brown Categories
Stories with a Peter as the Doctor
…explicitly set wholly or partly in history (as of broadcast)
…not containing the Brigadier
…with precisely two episodes
…with a four-person TARDIS team
Black Orchid
Cream Categories
Six-part stories
…broadcast in colour
…still surviving in colour (not recolourised)
…set on multiple planets
…first shown in the 21st century
Purple Categories
1960s stories
…not available to watch as the original complete live-action story
…wholly or partly broadcast in an Olympics year (Summer or Winter)
…with a companion arriving and/or departing…
…played by an actor who played two roles in one story
The Savages
Level 63
Feb 23, 2023
For the purposes of this quiz, a companion is any individual who helped the Doctor in one or more (usually-consecutive) stories. It includes all people who travelled in the TARDIS between stories (not just as part of a single adventure), as well as all the recurring members of the UNIT organisation. It also includes the “guest” companions appearing in Specials between 2007 and 2009. It does not, however, include any incarnation of the Master, even though the one known as “Missy” would otherwise qualify by dint of Series 10.
Level 56
Mar 2, 2023
I just watched the Savages the other day. Still didn't get it. Duh!
Level 63
Mar 2, 2023
I will admit I generated the stories (pseudorandomly) first, and then engineered the questions to fit them. That one was by far the hardest to make work, hence the rather-odd approach method.

Glad you enjoyed the quiz!

Level 56
Mar 2, 2023
Well, it was very nice to have one of the '60s ones as they are often forgotten, and I thought the approach was quite nice actually. I did get up to the last question there, but I just couldn't make my brain work for the final step - and my fingers were tired from typing out "The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve" three times in a row.
Level 56
Sep 11, 2023
I seem to be the only person playing this quiz... third comment! Why doesn't City of Death work in the third box of the first category? On Earth, and Romana the only companion... or have I missed something?
Level 63
Sep 11, 2023
Apparently so, even after I spotlit it!

Re City of Death: K-9 is still mentioned as being present in the TARDIS even if he doesn’t actually have a physical appearance at any point. It’s debatable, but I stuck to the system that that counts as two companions being in the story the same way as Kamelion counts for every story between his two actual appearances.

Level 56
Sep 12, 2023
Oh, I see... fair enough... yes, debatable but you've got to choose one way or the other. I wasn't going to get the answer anyway so I can't complain!