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34,3532022-04-17 Name an Island Country A-Z
14,9102024-02-03 Southernmost Country by Language
1,7582022-05-23Guess the Hidden Geography #1
1,3172022-09-10The Only Remaining European Country... with Click
1,2872023-06-22Countries by Ending Letter A-Z with Yellow Box
1,1712023-11-28All Countries that Once Bordered a 'South' Country
1,1152021-12-22Countries of Africa by Population with Map (2021 Version)
1,0482022-02-10Countries by First Two Letters of Languages in 30 Seconds
9862023-07-29Name a Valid Answer Clue Chain - Geography
8982023-07-23Country Wordle #1
8642023-01-22Largest Countries with the Least Coastline
8462023-07-23Name EVERY Country Type-In
8412021-12-20Countries that Start with 'B' - Hard Version
6432023-07-03Most Common Berries
5242022-08-24Category Elimination - Numbers (Hard Version)
4842022-02-28The Only Remaining Island Country . . .
4752022-05-23Hidden Name a Valid Country #1
4722023-01-01Geographic Groups of Three #3
4552024-02-02Country Wordle #2
3872021-11-27Hidden Name a Valid Country #2
3602023-01-01Geographic Groups of Three #5
3472023-01-01Geographic Groups of Three #4
3462021-11-14Guess the Hidden Geography #2
3122021-12-29Hidden Name a Valid Country #3
3102022-03-22Solve the Secret Country with Trivia #1
2742024-03-31All Countries that Once Bordered Poland
2572023-07-23Country Wordle #3
2152022-03-19Smallest Countries with the Most Coastline
1992022-04-13Name a Country Containing A-Z
1932021-11-23Random Countries by First Letter and Last Letter
1882023-09-12Name a Valid Country - 3 x 3 Grid
1762023-07-21Country Wordle #4
1702023-10-02Countries Containing ‘And’ - Hard Version
1642023-07-27The Impossible Logic Quiz #2 (Self-Referential Logic Test)
1492021-11-25Countries of Africa by Area with Map (2021 Version)
1482024-03-216 Most Populous Countries with Territory in Each Continent
1332022-05-05All Words in Official Country Names
1292021-12-19Countries that Start with 'C' - Hard Version
1282021-10-15Countries by Longest Bordering Country with Map
1272023-10-02Countries Containing ‘And’ - Impossible Version
1122021-12-21Countries that Start with 'A' - Hard Version
1112023-01-08Trans-Continental Borders
1082022-11-29Random "Second Best" Geography Edition
1062022-12-07The Impossible Logic Quiz #1 (Self-Referential Logic Test)
1042021-10-11Countries From a Blind Start #4
1032022-03-21Hamilton Characters
1022023-11-28Category Elimination - Geography that Starts with A
982023-08-02Countries with the Most People at Risk from Rising Sea Levels in 2100
952021-12-24Countries that Start with 'E' - Hard Version
952023-07-28Country Pairs That Split a Continental Landmass if Removed | Enclaves
952021-12-24Name a Valid Country for Two-Letter Sequences with 'A'
952023-02-08Click the Simplified Modern-Day Countries of the Persian Empire
942024-02-07Countries by Largest Unshared Island
922022-02-22Random Countries by First Letter and Continent
912023-11-17Island Countries and Capitals with a Map
902023-01-01Countries Containing Another Country (in any way)
882022-05-08Five Smallest Mainland Countries by Continent
882021-12-21Countries that Start with 'D' - Hard Version
862021-12-21Countries that Start with 'F' - Hard Version
862022-02-21Countries with the Most Coastline by Any Source
832022-04-22Countries of the World in Alphabetical Order with Shapes on a Map
822022-01-03Countries Bordering Two or More Oceans - Hard Version
812023-01-01Countries Bordering Island Countries
802021-08-29Geographical Shapes
772023-01-01Double-Letter Countries
742023-02-06Click the Modern-Day Countries of the Persian Empire on a Map
722021-12-21Countries that Start with 'H' - Hard Version
712023-09-02Is It an Island Country?
682022-02-22Countries by Fictional Country Name #1
672023-04-28Countries by First Two Letters of Type-Ins in 90 Seconds
672022-01-29Former Countries on the World Map #1
652023-06-02Top Three Category Game - Geography #1
632022-04-12Word Scramble - Countries (Hard Version)
622022-02-27Random Capitals by First Letter and Continent
612023-06-11Countries with Type-Ins that are Four or Less Letters Long
602021-10-10Name a Country by Number of Borders
592023-08-02Countries by Shortest Type-In
582021-10-17Countries With The Most Letters A-Z - Impossible Version
562021-10-02Countries by Territories
562022-02-13Country Names that Contain a Country Type-In
552022-09-12Countries in the United States on the World Map
532023-09-15Geography without First Letter #1
522023-11-13Hamilton Duelists
522022-01-15Countries that Start with 'R' - Hard Version
512022-07-31100 Biggest Cities in Rings
512022-03-18Five Largest Countries with the Least Coastline by Continent
492023-09-09Countries Bordering European Countries
492023-09-26Countries Closest to South Africa with Exceptions and Territories
492021-12-19Countries Bordering the Most 'S' Countries
492023-09-10Country Type-Ins Ending in "IA"
492022-04-20Most Common JetPunk Answers - Countries by Continent
482021-08-31Largest Countries by Number of Borders
472022-03-19Largest Countries with the Least Coastline A-Z
472021-12-20Countries Bordering the Most 'S' Countries - Hard Version
472021-10-03Countries Closest to Countries Starting with F
452023-09-21Belize, Malta, or Armenia? (September 21 Independence Days)
452021-09-22Countries Containing Continent Names
452022-09-12Countries in a Dollyfroggy on the World Map
442023-11-13Largest Northernmost and Southernmost Cities
432022-05-16All Countries of the World by GDP with Hints
422023-09-02Which Type of Geography? #1
422021-11-27Countries Closest to Chile with Territories / Antarctic Claims
422023-09-22Island Countries A-Z
422021-07-05Country Names Over 50% Vowels
422021-12-21Countries Two Countries Away From Random Countries #1
412022-06-03Countries Closest to Antarctica - Map Quiz
402024-01-06Countries Two Countries Away From Random Countries #2
392021-08-16Countries with the Same Vowel Alternating
382021-10-17Countries With The Most Letters A-Z
372022-01-08Countries of the World Quiz with First Two Letters
362024-04-13Country Pairs That Split a Continental Landmass if Removed|No Enclaves
352024-04-01Most Populous Cities that Contain 'Port'
352023-10-25Answers are Countries with Different First Letters
342023-01-01Odd Country Out with Hints #1
332023-03-16Countries by Consonants #2
332023-07-07Majapahit Country Quiz
332023-07-28Most Guessed Country Type-Ins
322022-01-17Country Trivia
312022-05-08Parts of a Plant with a Diagram
312024-03-02Countries with the Longest Coastlines in 1500
292022-07-25Same Start, Same End #1 (Country Puzzle)
292022-04-16Single-Player Country Bananagrams
292021-10-04Countries Closest to Countries Starting with J
282021-10-17Countries With The Most Letters A-Z - Hard Version
282021-11-23Countries by Longest Type-In
272023-12-16Geography without 'i's
272022-06-03Countries with Their Own Penrose Tile
262024-04-01Countries with the Most Area in the Southern Hemisphere in Order
252024-04-13Countries that Have Controlled Crete
252022-02-20Country Names that Contain a Country Type-In - Hard Version
232021-11-08Find the Next Term - Geographical Series #1
212023-08-18Most Guessed Country Type-Ins with Exceptions
212024-03-31"Stan" Countries in Any Language
202021-09-06Countries by Longitude #1
202021-09-23Answers are Countries Jokes #2
202023-06-13Name the Mathematical Series
192023-08-19Country and Word Scramble
192023-10-03Shortest Country Subdivision Type-Ins
182024-02-03Countries with the Highest Population Density with Exceptions
172022-08-08Country Boggle with Abbreviations and Obsolete Names
162023-07-21Biggest Cities in Any Guinea
142023-09-25Name EVERY U.S. Subdivision Type-In
122021-09-06Countries by Longitude #2
112023-07-21Country Type-Ins with Letters in Alphabetical Order
72023-08-04Least Guessed Country Type-Ins
52024-02-02Hyphen, Endash... or Emdash?
02023-10-06The Stellar Journey of Bewilderment (Impossible Riddles)