The Only Remaining European Country... with Click

For each box, enter the only European country that fits the description excluding countries that have already appeared on the quiz.
Any reference to city population refers to urban agglomeration population according to
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Quiz by Dollyfroggy
Last updated: September 10, 2022
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First submittedSeptember 10, 2022
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To average more than 1 pope / square km
To have an operating steam-powered railway in 1825
To touch both the North Sea and the Mediterranean
To have a megacity (population > 10,000,000)
To be larger than Yemen (~550,000 square km)
To have a flag that is entirely blue and yellow
To be connected by road or rail to a country it doesn't have a land border with
To have more than 25,000 km of coastline
To touch the Prime Meridian
To be a republic since 1600
To have a population density less than 10 people / square km
To enter the Renaissance in the 1300s
To touch the Arctic Circle
To win the FIFA World Cup
To have a population larger than Ghana (~30,000,000)
To be the site of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
To have more than 2 Nobel Laureates in literature
To be an island country
To share an inhabited island with another country
To have a name that ends in "-land"
To host a Summer Olympics
To win more than 100 Winter Olympic medals
To contain an Olympic host city
To not use multiple different vowels in its name
To not have red on their flag
To have multiple Eurovision wins
To have a Germanic language as the primary language
To have a non-Indo-European language as the primary language
To produce more than 500,000 metric tons of wine per year
To have an alpha city
To be smaller than Barbados (~400 square km)
To touch the Alps
To have a monarchy
To have participated in the Olympics but never won a medal
To have a smaller population than Honolulu (~1,000,000)
To have a border with Russia to the west
To touch the Baltic Sea
To touch the Mediterranean Sea
To have a mammal on the flag
To have a Romance language as the primary language
To win more than 150 Olympic medals
To be among the top 50 in the world in Human Development Index
To touch the Danube
To have a city with a population of over 1,000,000
To be in Europe
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Czech Republic
North Macedonia
San Marino
United Kingdom
Vatican City
Level 60
Nov 28, 2022
Sorry, there's no way to show missed answers immediately (see Changelog)... if you miss a question you'll have to guess the remaining ones by guessing what the answer you missed was.
Level 86
Sep 11, 2022
Interesting use of the new format. I think the click format makes most sense when there is exactly one correct match for each clue, which is not the case here. I wonder if this might make it more confusing. Curious what others think.
Level 60
Sep 11, 2022
Only having one try for each clue is also a big difference. Isn't there only one correct answer per clue?
Level 64
Sep 25, 2022
The "Country in Europe" clue has more than one right answer :P
Level 60
Sep 25, 2022
You cannot use previous answers, so if you got all previous answers correct, there would only be one country left to click. If you missed previous answers, you have to guess which answer wouldn't have been used.
Level 82
Nov 2, 2022
This was awesome! do you have any more quizzes like this?
Level 60
Nov 2, 2022
Unfortunately, no, but I might make more soon.
Level 88
Nov 22, 2022
useless and inaccurate quiz. Why not delete it and start one that is accurate?
Level 60
Nov 23, 2022
I have a feeling you did not read the description. You must choose the country that is the only one satisfying the condition excluding already chosen countries.
Level 60
Nov 28, 2022
It's horribly confusing for this quiz to be in this format. It would be a fine quiz if it were in the usual "only remaining" format.

The problem is that, if I get anything wrong, that question immediately disappears and there is no way for me to see it again. I can then start scrolling among the questions and there is no way to recover the information about which question comes before which other question. When all the questions are interconnected, this makes it impossible to answer this quiz.

Level 60
Nov 28, 2022
That's a good point. As tranagceist noted below, it would be nice to have missed answers be removed, but I don't know how to do that.
Level 56
Nov 28, 2022
The rail one baffles me. You can travel directly by rail from France to Holland, Germany to Hungary via Slovakia, Germany to Russia via Poland and Belarus, etc. etc. Why is Denmark the only valid answer?
Level 66
Nov 28, 2022
Because of the land border. The others you have to go through another country to get there.
Level 56
Nov 28, 2022
Well quite, and that's another way of saying they don't share a land border, isn't it? Germany doesn't have a land border with Belarus, Russia doesn't border Poland... etc.

I'm not saying the question's not valid, I just mean it's incorrectly phrased. It wants something like: "a country linked by rail to another country across a maritime border".

Level 69
Nov 28, 2022
nice quiz, though it would be less confusing, if the country was highlighted in a different country when you get it wrong.
Level 60
Nov 28, 2022
That's a good idea, but I do not know how to do that unfortunately.
Level 65
Nov 28, 2022
The questions for Poland and Ireland were both asked after the question "To have a name that ends in "-land"? Surely there is a problem here?
Level 60
Nov 28, 2022
That's strange, that doesn't happen for me. The order should be the same as the original. Are you sure you didn't miss/skip the questions for Poland and Ireland?
Level 75
Nov 28, 2022
For "To have a population larger than Ghana (~30,000,000)", I still had Germany available but the correct answer was Poland.
Level 60
Nov 28, 2022
That's strange. Randomized order is off and Germany should be before it.
Level 75
Nov 29, 2022
Ok, now I get it. I skipped the football question so that messed up the order. No skipping then.
Level 44
Nov 28, 2022
Why is "Switzerland" the only accepted answer when there's other countries ending in "land" left ?
Level 60
Nov 28, 2022
Same as above - either I messed up something with the ordering (though it works for me) or you skipped/missed some questions.