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Used to be the a part of the biggest country in Africa but split away from a the north section in 2011South Sudan
One of The least densely populated countries in the world, borders two of the most powerful Nations on earthMongolia
The only Dutch country in the americas, borders two countries and an overseas department of another countrySuriname
Population bigger than Russia, one of the most densely populated countries, only borders two countriesBangladesh
Has an island dispute with a bigger country, touches the black seaUkraine
One of the only three enclaves in the world; it is the biggest enclaveLesotho
One of the worst countries to live in with disease, famine, and warSomalia
One of the two double landlocked, or landlocked by landlocked countries in the world, it is a micronationLiechtenstein
The poorest nation in the world, borders three nationsMalawi
Changed its name from an endonym to an exonym, is a single neighbor nationEast Timor

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