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The sky is red tonight
We're on the edge tonight
No shooting star to guide us
Only teardrops
I've been waiting such a long time
Looking out for you, but you're not here
What's another year?
Just maybe I'm crazy
The world spins round and round and round
Shi-di-ri-di-duy, shi-di-ri-di-da-na...
Wild dances
You gotta speed it up, and then you gotta slow it downMaking your mind up
Sometimes I watch you passing by my window,
And sometimes I watch you passing through my dreams
Why me?
Sleep, my love; the sun is still far from the dayDors, mon amour
I see people bending their backs
As if life were worth nothing
Myself, I'm fifteen, and I tell you...
J'aime la vie
Like a child with eyes of light, who sees the birds passing far awayL'oiseau et l'enfant
A ray of sunshine in a puddle
A little kiss on the cheek from the wind
And the rush, which hums
That life is beginning its web in your mind
He was bursting with music
He sang to large and small audiences
He changed happiness to melancholy...
De troubadour
I've never stopped believing that, after every night, dawn is waitingFångad av en stormvind
There is a woman who is larger than life
There are senses that only she possesses
There is magic and there are hard days
And a stage that is all hers

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