Deceptively Difficult General Knowledge

Answer these ridiculously easy general knowledge questions.
The answers might seem obvious, but it isn't that easy.
Quiz by FALCBD
Last updated: May 3, 2023
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First submittedJune 18, 2020
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From what material are toy marbles made?
What country do Panama hats come from?
What meat is used in hamburgers?
How long, in years, was the Hundred Years' War?
Which country is the largest exporter, as of 2016, of Chinese gooseberries?
New Zealand
From what continent does the Jerusalem artichoke come?
North America
What colour is an aeroplane's black box?
Which English village does Stilton cheese come from?
Melton Mowbray
From which country do the Pennsylvania Dutch originate?
How many items are in a baker's dozen?
In what state do the New York Giants play their home games?
New Jersey
What two ingredients make up Grape-Nuts?
Wheat and barley
What animal's hair is used to make camel-hair brushes?
What is the principal ingredient of Bombay duck?
On what part of its body is the red-bellied woodpecker predominantly red?
From which country do French horns come?
From what mineral is an Alaskan diamond made?
What is put on bread to make Welsh Rabbit (or Rarebit)?
The meat of what animal is used in mock turtle soup?
What colour are the petals of orange blossom?
The name of the Portuguese man o' war jellyfish references a ship built in which country?
What variety of alcohol is barley wine?
What type of food is laverbread?
How many members were in the band Thompson Twins?
From what metal is tin foil typically made?
What is the main ingredient of a mince pie?
Dried fruit
What type of building is a picture palace?
What sort of animal is a prairie dog?
What is the main fruit ingredient of a Jaffa Cake?
From what country do French fries come?
What animal is Bugs Bunny?
Level 75
Jun 18, 2020
This is a really infuriating quiz if you don't know the correct answers
Level 75
Jun 18, 2020
I only managed 11/31
Level 65
Apr 21, 2022
I loved this! Nominated
Level 66
Apr 21, 2022
Thanks so much!
Level 68
Apr 21, 2022
Awesome quiz. I guessed on many of them. Add this one next time: What is the main ingredient in a NYC eggcream?
Level 65
Sep 5, 2022
Can you accept "mincemeat" for the Mince Pie question? Everyone calls it that, even though it is a mixture of dried fruit.

Also the Man o' war predates the formation of the UK so this answer could be adjusted.

Great quiz!

Level 70
Jan 28, 2023
Also my understanding is that man o' wars are not necessarily British. Looking at the English wikipedia article it mentions Portuguese and Dutch man o' wars. The French article, which contains a lot more information, also mentions Spanish and French man o' wars. That article simply says that the term man o' war was used by the British not that man o' wars were necessarily British.
Level 62
May 3, 2023
I prefer the plural "Men o' war" - not often I get the chance to use that one!
Level 66
May 1, 2023
I, too, think that England is the correct answer and, at the very least, should be an accepted write-in.
Level 66
May 2, 2023
England is now accepted. The answer still says UK purely because the places where the ships were made is now in the UK, but England is accepted now too. Thanks for your feedback!
Level 78
Sep 5, 2022
So frustrating, I loved it
Level 69
Sep 5, 2022
very good. also nominated
Level 59
Sep 6, 2022
"Really Easy" You underestimate my lack of knowledge in anything unrelated to geography

Got 8 correct, very tough!

Level 85
Jan 28, 2023
Never combine two answers. Wheat and barley should be separate answers. Merge the cells so that the same hint applies to both answers.
Level 60
May 3, 2023
That doesn't work with yellow box. I would just remove the question since other answers could be argued, like "sugar".
Level 72
Jan 28, 2023
Hmm... just looked at my pack of McVities Jaffa cakes and ingredients say Orange juice. Maybe other brands use the answer here (and McV do other flavours too like strawberry).
Level 49
Jan 28, 2023
Thank you, things have strange names.

What is the name of North American major international hockey league?

Level 20
Feb 23, 2023
i bet this was a troll quiz i had to search up every answer and gave up

it was annoying but fun!

Level 56
May 2, 2023
Such fun! Although this quiz has totally altered my view of Jaffa Cakes :-S

By the way, "principal", not "principle", in the Bombay Duck question

Level 70
Sep 15, 2023
Answered United Kingdom instead of "UK" and it wasn't accepted! Would appreciate if this was changed