Commanders of the American Civil War

Can you name all 15 of these famous American Civil War commanders in under 8 minutes
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15 Commanders
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Perhaps one of the most famous commanders of the war, this confederate general led the confederate army of North Virginia from 1861 until the surrender of it in April 1865. He came to fame after annihilating a Union force in the seven days battles. However, he was quite seriously beaten in the Battle of Gettysburg with heavy loss of life for the Confederacy. In 1865, the Union began a campaign to destroy this generals army outside Richmond and a number of battles occurred. He was eventually forced to surrender his army however due to it being cornered into the capital.
Robert E. Lee
Nicknamed Little Napoleon by his troops due to his nationality, this Confederate General became the first prominent general of the war by winning the first battle of Bull run in 1861. He went on to have important commands in the western theater, but his greatest moment came when he defended the cities of Charleston and Petersburg against overwhelming Union forces.
Pierre Beauregard
Famous Union commander of the war most known for commanding the Union forces in the battle of Antietam in which he won a small victory over the Confederacy's army. After the battle he was criticised by Abraham Lincoln for not following up the success from the battle of Antietam. He was later removed from his command and never got a battlefield command again.
George McClellan
Unionist Major-General of the Civil War most known for inflicting a minor defeat on a Confederate army that had been trying to reach the Manassas in the Battle of Hoke's run in 1861. This defeat however did not stop the confederate force from linking up with another force and shattering the Union army at the first battle of Bull Run. After this engagement he was forced to leave the army.
Robert Patterson
Famous Confederate General, he played a major part in the Eastern theare of the war between 1861 and his death in 1863. He won many fights with the Union and earned the Nickname of Stonewall due to his famous defensive positions in many battles of the war. At the Battle of Chancellorsville he performed admirably by driving the union back 2 miles. However, that night he was shot by by a picket duty soldier and died of his wound a few days later.
Thomas Stonewall Jackson
Highest ranking officer to be killed in the civil war for both sides, he was believed to be the most successful commander of the war in its early years and his untimely death in the battle of Shiloh in 1862 was described by Confederate president Jefferson Davis as the turning point of the war.
Sidney Johnston
The most Famous commander of the Union army, he first came to fame after he captured Fort Donelson. In 1864 ,after a series of decisive but costly battles and victories at Shiloh, Vicksburg and Chattanooga in the previous two years, he was given charge of all the Union Armies. He went on to defeat the Confederates after another series of costly battles in the Overland, Petersburg, and Appomattox Campaigns which finally led to the signing of the Peace treaty between the two sides..
Ulysses S. Grant
A Union general credited with being the first Modern day general, this Commander was both praised for his military strategies and criticised for his scorched earth policies against the Confederate army. In 1864 he became commander of the Western theatre of the war for the Union and was in command there when the Confederate armies surrendered, thus ending the war
William Tecumseh Sherman
Union General in the western theatre, he won the first major victory for the Union at the Battle of Mill Springs in January 1862. He won great fame at the Battle of Chickamauga in 1863 in which his stout defence rescued the Union from being routed. This earned him the nickname, Rock of Chickamauga. At the Battle of Nashville he achieved one of the most decisive victories of the war when he destroyed the Confederate army commanded by an ex student of his.
George Henry Thomas
One of only a few generals of the Civil War to rise from Private to General, this Confederate army officer rose to prominence as an expert cavalry officer, a fact that earned him the nickname of the wizard of the Saddle. he was present at many of the major engagements of the war but didn't take much part in the conflict in its last year and a half.
Nathan Bedford Forrest
Union general known to be a close advisor to the Union War leader, he was one of the first people to use scorched earth tactics in the war. He was instrumental in following the Confederate army after its defeat at Petersburg in April 1865 and was the prime reason fir its surrender at Appomottox.
Philip Sheridan
One of the Foremost Confederate Generals of the Civil War, he was the principal subordinate to the commander of the Army of North Virginia and so took part in most of the Campaigns and battles in the Eastern theatre. His most famous moment was when he lad a devastating counter attack against Union forces at the Second battle of Bull run which routed the Union force and won the day for the Confederates. Due to disagreements at the Battle of Gettysburg, he requested a move to the Western theatre where he served well under the command of Braxton Bragg.
James Longstreet
Commander of Confederate forces in many campaigns of the American Civil War, he commanded forces in the battles of Shiloh, Stones River, Missionary Ridge and in the Atlanta Campaign. His strategic use of terrain and his ability to hold ground where others failed earned him great fame, and gained him the nickname "Stonewall of the West." Union troops were quoted as dreading to see the blue flag of his Division across the battlefield.
Patrick Cleburne
Nicknamed 'Old Snapping turtle due to his short temper, this Spanish Union General is best known for inflicting a costly defeat on the confederacy army at the battle of Gettysburg, however this victory was marred by the fact that Meade did not follow up this success when the Confederate army was forced to retreat.
George Meade
Famous Confederate Cavalry general known for his audacious personality, he led the cavalry force that screened the Confederate army of North Virginia for most of the famous campaigns of the Civil War. His most famous campaign was the Gettysburg campaign but it was flawed after the Confederate army was nearly destroyed at the Battle of Gettysburg. Nickneamed Jeb by his colleagues due to his first 3 initials, he was killed at the battle of Yellow Tavern in 1864.
James Stuart
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May 4, 2020
I believe it's Nathan Bedford Forrest, with two Rs.
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May 5, 2020
Okay thank you for your help.

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