Commanders of World War 2

Can you name all 15 of these famous commanders of World War 2
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Last updated: April 28, 2020
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A American army general who was one of the greatest Tank commanders in History due to his amazingly successful attacks in France in late 1944. The German armies respected him the most out of all the allied commanders.
George Patton
German Field Marshall of WW2, who was nicknamed the Desert Fox by both enemies and allies alike due to his daring victories in the North African Campaign as leader of the Afrika Corps.
Erwin Rommel
The most famous Soviet Commander of the war, this person was the mastermind of the several soviet attacks that crippled the German army between winter 1941 and spring 1943 such as the battle of Moscow, Operation Uranus and the Battle of Kursk. He went on to launch the invasion of Germany and it was him who recieved the unconditional surrender of the German army in 1945.
Georgy Zhukov
Perhaps the most gifted Commander of the war, this German commander orchestrated the startling attacks in both the west and in the East. He was dismissed in 1943 by Hitler after a dispute over tactics.
Erich Von Manstien
An American Field Marshall of WW2 famous for commanding the allied armies in the invasions of first North Africa in 1942, then the invasion of Sicily in 1943 and the Invasion of Normandy in 1944. The latter is by far his most famous exploit as a commander.
Dwight Eisenhower
The most famous British commander in the war, he led the allied forces in egypt to victory over the Axis armies and then led them along the coastline to Tunisia where he defeated the axis armies again. He was aa leading figure in the Invasion of Normandy as commander of the 21st Army group. Nicknamed the Spatan General.
Bernard Montgomery
Famous Japanese Admiral who masterminded the early victories for Japan in the Pacific right up to the Battle of Midway. He was classed as such a threat to the USA that he was assasinated by the US airforce in 1943 whilst flying to the Japanese HQ in the solomon Islands.
Isoroku Yamamoto
Great German Panzer commander of WW2 who is recognised as one of the best contributers to the Blitzkrieg tactics used to such great effect in the German invasions of Europe. He led the assault that broke the French lines at Sedan and was in command of the German Tank divisions that encircled the allied armies at Dunkirk.
Heinz Guderian
Leading USA commander of WW2 famous for his futile bold and costly defense of the Philippines in 1942. He recieved the Medal of honour due to the defense and later commanded allied ground forces in Island Hopping campaign in the Pacific which eventually reconquered the Philippines for the allies.
Douglas Macarthur
French commander during the Battle of France and who later commanded the Free French forces in the African campaign and in the reconquest of Western Europe.
Charles De Gaulle
A German field marshall of WW2 known for being a defensive master mind much unlike his colleagues who thought attack was the best way to victory. He orchestrated the battle of the bulge and after its failure withdrew into Germany where he surrendered his forces in late april. He commited suicide a few days after his surrender.
Walter Model
Affectionately nicknamed Uncle by his troops, this German army and luftwaffe commander was responsible for the stopping of the allied offensives in Italy in 1943 and 1944 as general of the German army of Italy, a post he held until his surrender of himself and his troops to the Western allies in May 1945.
Albert Kesselring
American Admiral who commanded the Allied Fleets in the pacific war from 1941 til 1945. Won spectacular victories over the Japanese fleet at Midway,Leyte Gulf and Coral Sea.
Chester Nimitz
britsh commander who led the 14th 'forgotten' army in the South East asia region against the Japanese during WW2.
William Slim
Italian General widely considered to be the best Italian commander of the war, he led forcesin the succesful axis invasion of Greece in 1941 and later commanded the Italian forces in Russia. He was unable to rescue the majority of the Italian army in Russia during operation Saturn however.
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