Accents by description

Guess the accent from the description. Either name the country it originates from, or the name of the accent itself. I will most likely make some mistakes, and stereotype some accents. Let me know about any suggested changes in the comments.
Quiz by Dontforget
Last updated: November 18, 2020
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First submittedNovember 18, 2020
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"Cot" and "Caught" are merged. Accent often mocked for the diphthong in "About" and "House" sounding a bit like "aboot" or "aboat"
Standard Canadian
Vowel in “short e” words like "dress" or "bed" sound very similar to the vowel in "kit", and "short a" words like "hat" sound more like "het"
New Zealand English
Non-rhotic. Accent often mocked for words like "stupid" and "Tuesday" sounding similar to "chewsday" and "schewpid"
Recieved Pronunciation
In a strong version of the accent "i" sounds almost like "oi" and a hard "a" might sound like "aye"
General Australian
Tends to pronounce diphthongs as straight vowels. "R"s are sometimes rolled
Scottish Standard English
Very rhotic. Words with "i" sound similar to "oi". Often described as "sing-songy"
Irish English
Words like "lot" and "rod" are pronounced with an unrounded vowel, sounding like "laht" and "rahd"
General American
Level 60
Nov 18, 2020
You forgot the most used English accent, the Indian English. We pronounce "corruption" as "kuhrupson"
Level 60
Nov 20, 2020
I made this quiz with the intention of possibly adding more in the future. So I'll definitely consider it :)
Level 34
Oct 16, 2021
Excellent quiz!
Level 60
Oct 18, 2021
Thanks so much!
Level 77
Mar 3, 2022
Love it! You could add South African as well.
Level 50
Mar 3, 2022
And southern and caribbean
Level 71
Mar 3, 2022
I don't know if I'd say it's Standard for Canadians to pronounce words like that. There are certainty those who do but you might be surprised at how many don't. Many of them sound just like most Americans.
Level 85
Mar 3, 2022
Its standard for small town Canada. In larger urban centres, pronunciation sounds closer to a "general" American accent. I grew up in a small town and teach English in a large urban center, immigrant kids are often amused when my accent comes out --- cot, caught, roof, about, out, house, aunt, etc
Level 60
Nov 29, 2022
In this case "Standard" is not "what is standard for most Canadians" but rather what's defined as "Standard Canadian English"
Level 89
Mar 3, 2022
What possible part of New England does that describe beside none whatsoever?
Level 85
Mar 3, 2022
What the Hell is Received Pronunciation?
Level 89
Mar 14, 2022
Queen's English. Very few people speak it. Most who try to speak a "proper" English accent speak the posh accent, which is a strained and overdone attempt at RP.
Level 67
Mar 5, 2022
I would probably add a minute, since there is a lot of reading.
Level 60
Mar 6, 2022
Thanks for the feedback. I added an extra minute