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"Cot" and "Caught" are merged. Accent often mocked for the diphthong in "About" and "House" sounding a bit like "aboot" or "aboat"Standard Canadian
Non-rhotic. Accent often mocked for words like "stupid" and "Tuesday" sounding similar to "chewsday" and "schewpid"Recieved Pronunciation
In a strong version of the accent "i" sounds almost like "oi" and a hard "a" might sound like "aye"General Australian
Very rhotic. Words with "i" sound similar to "oi". Often described as "sing-songy"Irish English
Vowel in “short e” words like "dress" or "bed" sound very similar to the vowel in "kit", and "short a" words like "hat" sound more like "het"New Zealand English
Words like "lot" and "rod" are pronounced with an unrounded vowel, sounding like "laht" and "rahd"General American
Tends to pronounce diphthongs as straight vowels. "R"s are sometimes rolledScottish Standard English

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