Which is Greatest? #3

An extra-long miscellany of size comparisons. Still no central theme though.
*Yes, technically, mass, but let's assume these three animals are in the same room together.
**While the scale is negative, I do mean which one is brightest, not most positive. For those who don't know, a greater brightness means a "smaller" number.
Quiz by TheLetterP
Last updated: August 6, 2023
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1. The number of...
Nations with "principality" in their full official name
Nations with "people's republic" in their full official name
Nations with "united" in their full official name
Nations with "commonwealth" in their full official name
3 commonwealths (Australia, the Bahamas and Dominica), people's republics (Bangladesh, China and North Korea), and principalities (Andorra, Liechtenstein, and Monaco). There are 5 uniteds (Mexico, the UAE, the USA, Tanzania, and Manchester the UK).
2. The length of...
The Williamsburg Bridge (NYC)
The George Washington Bridge (NYC)
The Brooklyn Bridge (NYC)
The Queensboro Bridge (NYC)
In order, it's Williamsburg (2,227.48m), Brooklyn (1,825m), GWB (1,450.85m) and Queensboro (1,135m).
3. The average weight* of...
Arizona's state mammal
Rhode Islands' state bird
Texas' state reptile
The Rhode Island Red weighs about 3.5kg on average, beating out the Texas Horned Lizard (60g) and the Ringtail (1kg) combined.
4. The time...
Between the birth and death of Adwaita the tortoise
Between the start of company rule in India and the independence of India
Adwaita lived to be around 255, while British rule in India lasted for 190 years (between the Battle of Plassey in 1757 and Indian independence in 1947).
5. The cost of (in modern money)...
Alaska (territory, 1867)
Alaska (movie,1996)
It's no contest. The Alaska Purchase was worth 151 million USD in modern money, while Alaska's budget would be around 47 million USD today. As an aside, however, as far as I can tell every MCU movie since Iron Man 2 has exceeded the Alaska Purchase. I propose a new metric for the cost of expensive things.
6. The area of...
المملكة العربية السعودية
المملكة العربية السعودية is Saudi Arabia (2,149,690km²), ປະເທດລາວ is Laos (236,800km²), বাংলাদেশ is Bangladesh (148,460km²), and Հայաստան is Armenia (29,743km²).
7. The highest recorded natural temperature of...
Sweden's highest was 38.0°C, Finland's was 37.2°C, Denmark's was 36.4°C, and Norway's was 35.6°C
8. The height of...
The tallest wave surfed
The tallest waterslide
The longest fishing rod placed upright
Kilimanjaro reaches 49.9m, which is about double Sebastian Steudtner's record wave at 26.21m or the record 22.45m-long fishing pole.
9. The number of...
Stations of the Berlin U-Bahn
Stations of the Paris Métro
Stations of the Rome Metro
Stations of the Madrid Metro
Stations of the London Underground
Rome has 73, Berlin 175, Madrid 242, London 272, and Paris 308, as of August 2023.
10. The top speed of...
The fastest motorcycle
The fastest train
The fastest boat
A bullet from a Glock 17
The MTT 420-RR motorcycle reaches 122m/s, the Shanghai Maglev train can reach 128m/s, and the Spirit of Australia boat gets to 142m/s. None compare to a bullet, at 375m/s.
11. The length of...
The year 1964 in Italy
The year 1712 in Sweden
The year 1582 in France
The year 1853 in Spain
1712 in Sweden had 367 days, as they reverted from a modified Gregorian calendar to the Julian. 1964 in Italy had 366 days, being a leap year. 1853 in Spain was a normal year of 365 days. 1582 in France was 355 days long, as France adopted the Gregorian calendar that year.
12. The number of...
People left in Guess Who once I eliminate people with glasses
Unique cards that could be played on a Red 3 in UNO
First moves in Chess
Hitting shots in Battleship after a submarine is sunk
20 first moves are possible in Chess (the eight pawns may move one or two squares, or the knights have two squares each), 19 characters remain in Guess Who after the 5 glasses-wearers are gone, 17 unique UNO cards could be played (0 to 9, the four actions, and three other 2s), and 15 tiles in a game of Battleship would be ships after losing a 3-long submarine.
13. The current population of...
The Saxonies (incl. Bremen)
The Rhenish States (incl. Saarland)
East Germany (incl. Berlin)
It's not even close. NRW alone beats the others. Combined with Hesse, R-P and Saarland, it has a population of 29,391,205, beating the East German states (16,133,290) and the three states named Saxony (14,901,507).
14. The volume of...
A sphere 1 kilometer in radius
A cube with 1 mile on each edge
Mentioned by Randall Munroe at xkcd's What If, where I learned of this coincidence. Their volumes are nearly identical (within 99.5%), but the sphere is slightly larger at 4.188790205km³ to 4.168181825km³.
15. The length of time the city of Astana was named...
Akmolinsk lasted 129 years (1832-1961), Tselinograd 30 (1961-1991), Astana 22 non-consecutive years as of today (1998-2019, 2022-2023), Akmola 9 non-consecutive years (1830-1832, 1991-1998), and Nur-Sultan 3 (2019-2022).
16. The mean apparent brightness (magnitude)** from Earth of...
Titan (the orangey-smooth one) is +8.40, the Andromeda galaxy (the wide flat one) is +3.44, Mars (the textured one) is +0.71 and Saturn (the ringed one) is +0.46.
17. The Mohs hardness value of...
Sapphire has a value of 9, emerald between 7.5 and 8, amethyst 7, and opal between 5.5 and 6.
18. The number of...
Teeth possessed by a narwhal
Teeth possessed by an adult human
Teeth possessed by a snail
Teeth possessed by a mosquito
Narwhals have 2 teeth, their famous horn and a second hidden tooth. Humans have 32. Snails have several thousand, varying between 2 to 25 thousand depending on age, species and diet. Mosquitoes, meanwhile, have none, despite a popular misconception that they have 47 - these aren't teeth, as they don't chew but instead saw and poke.
19. Bulgarian casualties in...
WW2 took 21,500 Bulgarian lives, while WW1 took 187,500. Other countries seeing more deaths in WW1 than WW2 include Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Belgium, and (depending on who you ask) France and Portugal.
20. The number of...
Questions in this quiz
Episodes of the original Mr. Bean
Mr. Bean had 15 episodes. Even including the movies and unaired sketches, this goes to 19.
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