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3472020-09-13Countries of the World by Languages by First Two Letters
1632020-07-11What country controlled modern day countries
902023-10-07U.S. Presidents but it's 2082
522023-10-302024 Election Click Quiz
452020-05-16Periodic Table By Abbreviations
322022-12-28Count to 10 in European Languages, Including Esperanto
322023-12-11Presidential Candidates to Win the Most Votes (non-electoral)
302023-11-01Turkish to English 3
292022-07-01All Countries by Population
292020-06-18Countries with nuclear weapons.
282021-09-28Biggest Popular Vote Winners
252024-04-02Everyone to Receive an Electoral Vote but it's 2090
232024-03-27Help John Kerry Win the 2004 Election
222024-03-06Help Donald Trump Win the 2016 Election
212023-10-20All U.S. Senators but it's 2025
192023-09-26Turkish to English: Nouns + Verbs
172021-02-06Trump States in 2016
162024-03-06Help Barack Obama Win Re-Election
152023-10-212028 Election Click Quiz
142023-03-26Most common words for each letter - English, Spanish, and Esperanto
122023-04-09Area Codes of the United States
112020-06-25Largest Cities of America by Population
102020-07-15US States by Largest Bordering State
82023-09-26English to Turkish: Nouns + Verbs
72024-04-03Help Donald Trump Win the 2020 Election
72023-10-17Turkish to English 2
62023-11-21Every Governor and Senator in the United States
52023-11-05Top 5 Closest States by Votes
52023-08-31Landoj de la Mondo en Esperanto
52020-05-28Local Names of Countries
32024-04-01All Doggerland Presidents - Starting from the dawn of its Democracy
22023-07-09Representatives of Arizona since 1976