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732021-06-20Types of Weather
552021-04-05Random Country Shapes
502022-10-16Translate Countries from Bengali to English
452022-01-01The Hardest Riddle Quiz 100% will fail
452021-02-02Countries that are in South America and Oceania.
352023-10-01Top 10 countries with the most billionaires
312021-04-1010 smallest Countries in the World(MAP)
302023-05-07Top 25 cities with the most skyscrapers over 150m+
282021-05-30The 10 hottest countries
262022-07-04Geography Quiz Quick One
242021-06-13Asian Landlocked countries
242021-05-08Capital cities that have the Sahara Desert
212021-02-0710 largest countries in the world[MAP]
202021-03-06Is it Larger
202021-04-03Asian Size Comparision
192021-08-15Countries that touch the Carribean sea in French
172021-02-02Country pictures
172021-02-07Countries that borders Iran
152021-02-06Countries that are populated and largest.
152021-02-06Countries that borders Saudi Arabia [ MAP]
142021-01-31Countries that border the Caribbean Sea and gulf of Mexico
132021-02-07Countries that borders India by alphabetical order
112022-01-09Kolkata Quiz
112021-04-05Countries that are most populated - Shape Quiz
102021-01-30Countries shape that start with I and P.
92021-10-31Countries with Blue on there Flag - Picture Quiz
92021-05-30EVOLUTION of the world's tallest building
82022-10-16Piccadilly Line stations by order.
82021-02-02Oceania Quiz 2
62022-07-04Captains by IPL teams - Easy 2021
52022-10-23IPL Winners list 2008-2021
42021-03-14Country Size Coparision That I Know Up To
42022-06-18IPL Teams - Text Quiz
42022-10-15Countries that border India in Bangla{Bengali}
32021-01-30Country shape. Lots of Countries
32021-01-31South America map quiz 1
22021-01-30South America Quiz 2
22022-10-15Countries of Asia in Bangla(Bengali)
22021-04-115 Largest countries in North America
02022-10-16Translate Countries from English to Bengali