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2,3922022-06-1850 Most Visited Countries in the World🌎
1,5622022-06-1450 Least Visited Countries in the World 🌎
8382022-08-29All Inhabited Dependent Territories in the World
7122022-04-22All Dependent Territories of the UK
3632022-06-04Fast Typing- BANANA
2982022-04-09Most Frequent Letters Used in Wordle
2692021-11-25100 Most Visited Cities in the World (Mastercard)
2332021-11-23100 Largest Cities in Asia
2112021-08-17List of all the Turkic Languages
2012022-03-09Win The Election🇺🇸
1912021-08-17List of all the Germanic Languages.
1702021-11-24100 Most Visited Cities in the World (Euromonitor)
1662022-04-04Most Spoken Languages in Europe
1622022-01-19100 Most Watched TV Shows of All Time
1502022-04-0510 Most Visited Countries in the World 🌎
1402021-08-18List of all the Romance Languages⛪❤️
1382022-03-05Name all the Cities in the US that have a Sports Team!
1362021-08-13Name the 50 Sports in the Summer Olympics 🏅⚽⚾🥎🏀
1322022-06-05List of all the Slavic Languages
1322022-02-09Top 200 UK Baby Girl Names in 1840
1242022-04-04Most Spoken Languages in Africa
1232021-08-18List of all the Sino-Tibetan Languages🏔️⛩️🛕🏯
1222022-04-04Most Spoken Languages in South America
1212022-10-01List of all the Celtic Languages☘️🍀✝️🏚️
1182022-01-17Logo Quiz
1132022-01-17Logo Quiz 2
1102022-04-04Most Spoken Languages in Asia
1102022-01-1820 città più grandi d'Europa
1072022-03-13Top 5 Safest Countries per Continent
1062022-04-13List of all Major Indo-Iranian Languages🕌
1042022-02-09Top 200 UK Baby Boy Names in 1840
1012022-04-05Most Practiced Religions in Europe
972021-11-16Most Visited Cities in North America
972022-03-0915 Largest Cities in the United Kingdom🇬🇧
962022-04-06All Dependent Territories of the US
952020-06-11The Flags of Oceania
942020-06-26Countries by 3rd Most Populous City
922022-04-09Least Frequent Letters Used in Wordle
922021-09-0550 largest Empires in History
902022-01-18Spellen Logo Quiz
892022-02-04Top 50 UK Baby Girl Names in the 1300's
882021-11-1615 Largest Cities in China🇨🇳
872022-02-04Top 50 UK Baby Boy Names in the 1300's
852022-01-17Voedsel Logo Quiz
842020-07-24Top 10 Countries with the most deserts 🌵
832022-02-04Top 50 UK Baby Girl Names in 1700
832021-11-1415 Largest Cities in Romania🇷🇴
802020-06-10The Flags of Asia
782022-04-0310 Most Popular Sports in the World🏀🏐⚽⚾🏒
772021-12-22Most Common Official Languages
772022-07-24List of all the Austric Languages🌊🌴🏖🗿
762022-03-0815 Largest Cities in Ukraine🇺🇦
752021-12-2220 Most Consumed Vegetables in the United States
742021-09-22Largest Cities on the US East Coast.
732021-09-22Most Famous Landmarks in the World 1-20
722021-09-24Largest Cities on the US West Coast
722022-03-0915 Largest Cities in the United States🇺🇸
712022-03-0715 Largest Cities in Italy🇮🇹
712022-02-04Top 50 UK Baby Boy Names in 1700
702022-07-2340 Most Watched Movies of All Time.
702021-09-28Most Visited Cities in Africa
702020-09-09Geography, and Math Test
702021-08-21List of all the Afroasiatic Languages👳🧕🫒
702022-04-09Most Frequent Letters Used in the English Language.
692021-11-1615 Largest Cities in France🇫🇷
692021-08-18List of all the Uralic Languages⛰️🏞️🗻
692022-06-18Most Visited Countries in Europe
682021-08-30Four Letter Place Names
682021-09-02Fast Typing- NEWYORK
652020-08-0310 Least Visited Countries in the World 🌎
652022-04-04Most Spoken Languages in Oceania(Not in Order)
652021-09-02100 Most Populous Counties in the US
642022-03-13Safest Countries in the Middle East
632022-04-1120 Most Dangerous Cities in the World
632021-08-304 Letter Countries
622021-09-2915 Largest Cities in Yemen🇾🇪
602022-03-1115 Largest Cities in Germany🇩🇪
602020-07-2550 countries with the highest GDP💲💵
602020-06-15Caucasia: Official Religion by Country
592022-03-1015 Largest Cities in Australia🇦🇺
592022-03-0815 Largest Cities in Poland🇵🇱
592022-01-03Most Popular Pies in America 🇺🇲🥧
592022-02-08Name the 15 Sports in the Winter Olympics❄️🏒🥌🎿
592022-01-02Most Popular Fruits in the World🍓🍌🍇
582022-04-07Every Dependent Territory in the World
582020-09-09Biggest Cities/Towns on Long Island
562021-11-24Most Visited Cities in Australia
552022-06-18Most Visited Countries in Africa
552022-04-06Most Spoken Languages in North America
542022-04-23All Dependent Territories of France
522021-09-08All Mediterranean Sea Cities 800k+
522020-06-15Caucasia: Official Languages by Country
522021-08-21List of all the Dravidian Languages
522022-04-06Most Spoken Languages in the World
512022-01-09Most Guessed US States
512022-01-23THE HARDEST QUIZ
502022-03-0915 Largest Cities in Turkey🇹🇷
502022-06-18Most Visited Countries in Asia
492021-09-09All Baltic Sea Cities 200k+
492022-03-01Most Expensive Countries to Travel too
482022-01-2110 Most Watched Movies of All Time
482022-03-31Countries of the Lesser Antilles - Map Quiz
482022-03-1415 Largest Cities in Morocco🇲🇦
482022-03-0815 Largest Cities in Russia🇷🇺
482020-06-14Most Practiced Religions in Africa
482022-01-10How Old is the Game? : Video Games🎮: Part 1
472022-08-02Flags to Languages - Hard Edition
472022-03-25Most Visited Landmark by Country
472022-04-09Least Frequent Letters Used in the English Language
462022-04-14Tous les territoires dépendants habités du monde
462020-06-10The Flags of Africa
462021-09-02Fast Typing - BOB
462020-06-17Countries by 2nd Most Populous City
462022-01-23Countries With the Most UNESCO World Heritage Sites
452021-09-10All North Sea Cities 100k+
452022-03-0715 Largest Cities in Croatia🇭🇷
452022-04-04Most Popular Sport By Country
452021-08-16List of all the Cities that ever Hosted the Olympic Games
442022-03-2115 Largest Cities in Brazil🇧🇷
432022-06-1846 European Countries, 46 European Cities
432022-01-1720 città più grandi del Nord America
432022-03-0915 Largest Cities in Canada🇨🇦
432022-03-1115 Largest Cities in Spain🇪🇸
432022-06-05U.S. States With the Most French Speakers
422022-05-0220 Largest Cities in California🏖🏄🛹
422021-09-04Most Visited Palaces/Monuments in the World 1-20
422022-01-10Countries by Emojis
422022-04-0410 Most Popular Sports in America
412022-01-1820 città più grandi dell'Africa
412022-01-1620 città più grandi del Sud America
402021-08-03Name the Country- Languages
402022-06-04U.S. States With the Most Spanish Speakers
402020-06-15Countries of Both Asia and Europe
392022-03-0915 Largest Cities in Japan🇯🇵
382021-09-0315 Most Destructive Hurricanes in US History
382020-06-11The Flags of North America
382020-05-0420 ciudades mas grandes del Europa(en orden)
372022-01-23Most Popular Ice Cream Toppings
372021-11-14Religion by Picture
372022-04-06All Dependent Territories of Australia
372022-01-18Chile or Argentina
362021-11-1215 Largest Cities in South Africa🇿🇦
362022-05-0320 Largest Cities in New York🏙🗽
362020-06-13Most Practiced Religions in Asia
362020-06-12Countries of Western Africa
362020-06-16Countries by Most Populous City
352021-09-2915 Largest Cities in Syria🇸🇾
352021-11-1515 Largest Cities in Montenegro🇲🇪
352021-08-06Largest City by Every Country in the World🌎🌍🌏
352022-05-22Most Visited Museums in the World
352020-06-10The Flags of the World
342022-01-1620 plus grandes villes d'Europe (en ordre)
342022-03-22Most Visited Canadian Provinces
342022-03-0815 Largest Cities in the Netherlands🇳🇱
342020-06-11The Flags of South America
342022-01-2010 Most Watched TV Shows of All Time
342022-04-2315 Most Populous Mediterranean Islands
342021-08-18Top 10 Niger-Congo Languages🏜️☀️🛖
332022-04-2310 Most Visited U.S. National Parks
332022-05-26Most Common Ethnicities in America
332021-08-30List of all the Kra Dai Languages🛺🇹🇭🇱🇦
332022-05-0815 U.S. Colleges With the Lowest Acceptance Rate
332021-08-12Largest Cities in the Sahara Desert🌵🏜️☀️
322022-05-16Countries With the Highest Waves Ever Surfed🏄🌊
322022-04-10Largest Cities in the World in 1925
322022-04-10Largest Cities in the World in 2000
322022-03-2515 Largest Cities in Belgium🇧🇪
322022-04-06Most Populous Dependent Territories
312022-01-23Fast Typing- ALABAMA
312022-06-24South American Geography By Letter - E
312020-06-13Most Practiced Religions in the World
312022-04-10Most Famous Person by Age
302022-05-04The Lyrics of the U.S. National Anthem
302022-06-05U.S. States With the Highest Percentage of French Speakers
302022-01-1720 città più grandi dell'Asia
302022-02-01Countries That Have Never Won An Olympic Medal
292022-03-0815 Largest Cities in Denmark🇩🇰
292022-03-1915 Largest Cities in Hungary🇭🇺
292022-03-2115 Largest Cities in the Czech Republic🇨🇿
292021-09-08All Gulf of Mexico Cities 100k+
282022-01-31Territories and Unrecognized Countries in the Olympics.
282022-07-1020 ciudades mas grandes de America del norte(en orden)
272022-03-0815 Largest Cities in Portugal🇵🇹
272022-04-10Largest Cities in the World in 1975
272022-03-0915 Largest Cities in Iran🇮🇷
272021-09-08All Black Sea Cities 200k+
272021-11-14100 Largest Cities in the World🏢🌎🌍🌏
262020-06-17Name the US State
262022-06-04Official Languages of North America
262022-03-2315 Largest Cities in Switzerland🇨🇭
262022-01-03Top 100 Athletes with the Most Olympic Medals
262022-06-04U.S. States With the Highest Percentage of Spanish Speakers
262022-03-1015 Largest Cities in Ireland🇮🇪
262021-09-14All Arabian Sea Cities 800k+
252022-04-1430 Most Beautiful Islands in the World
252021-08-29Nordic Countries
252020-06-28Nommez tous les US Etats
252022-01-1720 città più grandi dell'Oceania
252022-09-0115 Largest Cities in Chile🇨🇱
242022-04-06Least Populous Dependent Territories
242022-01-09Most Guessed World Capitals
242020-06-11Countries of Northern Africa
242022-03-1015 Largest Cities in Norway🇳🇴
242022-03-0815 Largest Cities in Thailand🇹🇭
242022-03-1115 Largest Cities in Sweden🇸🇪
242020-06-15Caucasia: Biggest Cities
242021-09-07Main Glee Characters
232021-11-14Capitals of Eastern Europe
232022-03-2915 Largest Cities in Slovakia🇸🇰
232020-06-10Non-Country Flags
232021-09-2915 Largest Cities in Bulgaria🇧🇬
232021-11-14Countries of Eastern Europe
232021-09-08All Caribbean Sea Cities 200k+
232022-05-06Countries With Royal Families
232022-06-1515 Largest Cities in Austria🇦🇹
222020-06-15Caucasia: The Capitals and The Countries
222022-05-13Largest Cities in the World in 1 AD
222021-09-06Most Famous Landmarks in the World 21-40
222020-06-13Most Practiced Religion in North America
222021-09-11All Persian Gulf Cities 200k+
222022-05-17Largest Peninsulas in the World
222021-11-14Capitals of Western Europe
222020-06-14Most Practiced Religions in South America
222022-03-0915 Largest Cities in Egypt🇪🇬
222022-05-07Countries With the Most Military Troops per Capita
222022-04-10Largest Cities in the World in 1776
222022-03-2815 Largest Cities in Belarus🇧🇾
222022-03-1015 Largest Cities in Finland🇫🇮
212022-04-0520 Largest Cities in New Jersey
212022-03-0715 Largest Cities in New Zealand🇳🇿
212022-03-2115 Largest Cities in Kosovo🇽🇰
202022-01-09Most Guessed World Flags
202020-05-0420 plus grandes villes d'Oceanie(en ordre)
202022-03-0915 Largest Cities in Saudi Arabia🇸🇦
202022-06-24South American Geography By Letter - F
202021-11-1515 Largest Cities in Lithuania🇱🇹
202022-03-1215 Largest Cities in South Korea🇰🇷
202022-04-05Largest Cities in Maryland🦀🎡🌊
202022-06-25South American Geography by Letter - G
202021-08-06Capitals of South America
202021-09-12All Red Sea Cities 100k+
202021-11-1215 Largest Cities in El Salvador🇸🇻
202021-09-17All South China Sea Cities 4M+
202022-03-1015 Largest Cities in India🇮🇳
202022-01-0325 Most Unhealthiest Pies
202022-04-0215 Largest Cities in Serbia🇷🇸
192022-03-1115 Largest Cities in Argentina🇦🇷
192022-03-0915 Largest Cities in Greece🇬🇷
192022-03-0715 Largest Cities in Tunisia🇹🇳
192020-06-15Countries of Eastern Asia
192022-04-0525 Largest Cities in Florida🐊🏖🩴🏝
192022-03-0815 Largest Cities in Israel🇮🇱
192022-05-25Every 100k+ City in Eastern Europe
192022-04-24Hottest Deserts in the World
192022-05-27All Capital Cities North of New York City
192022-01-04Largest Cities in Minnesota⛷🦌🎣🌲❄
192021-11-1315 Largest Cities in Estonia🇪🇪
182022-04-09Largest Cities in the World in 500 BC
182020-06-16Countries that Border Austria
182022-04-0115 Largest Cities in Slovenia🇸🇮
182021-10-0215 Largest Cities in Jordan🇯🇴
182022-05-07Countries With the Most Airports per Capita
182022-04-10Largest Cities in the World in 1875
182021-11-14Capitals of the Nordic
182021-11-2015 Largest Cities in Senegal🇸🇳
182020-06-11Countries of Central Africa
182021-09-20All Gulf of Guinea Cities 900k+
182022-03-1015 Largest Cities in Pakistan🇵🇰
182022-04-0215 Largest Cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina🇧🇦
182022-07-0115 Largest Cities in Albania🇦🇱
172022-04-10Largest Cities in the World in 1825
172022-04-10Largest Cities in the World in 1750
172022-04-10Largest Cities in the World in 1700
172020-06-24US State Flags
172022-03-0915 Largest Cities in Afghanistan🇦🇫
172022-03-30Flags of Countries That Border Kyrgyzstan
172022-05-08Top 5 Universities By Country #1
172020-06-15Caucasia: Bordering Countries
172021-11-14Countries of Western Europe
172022-05-2525 Countries I Wanted to Visit the Most in 2020 vs 2022
172021-08-06Countries of Oceania
172022-03-0715 Largest Cities in Venezuela🇻🇪
162022-03-1515 Largest Cities in DR Congo🇨🇩
162022-03-1615 Largest Cities in Kyrgyzstan🇰🇬
162021-08-06Guess the City
162022-03-1215 Largest Cities in Mexico🇲🇽
162022-04-05Biggest Cities in Maine🦞
162021-10-0115 Largest Cities in Luxembourg🇱🇺
162020-06-15Countries of Central Asia
162022-04-22Countries of the Middle East
162022-04-09Largest Cities in the World in 1500 BC
162020-06-10The Flags of Europe
162020-06-12Capitals of the Middle East
162020-06-16Countries that Border Germany
162022-01-03States Where Apple Pie Isn't the Favorite🍏🥧
162021-08-06Countries of South America
162022-04-10Largest Cities in the World in 1600
162020-06-16Countries that Border Serbia
152021-09-13All East China Sea Cities 1M+
152021-09-12All Bay of Bengal Cities 600k+
152020-06-11Capitals of Northern Africa
152022-05-0215 Largest Cities in Iowa🌽
152021-09-04Most Visited Palaces/Monuments in the World 21-40
152021-09-06Name The 11 Cities on the Equator
152022-06-07Third Most Spoken Languages by U.S. States
152022-03-1215 Largest Cities in Indonesia🇮🇩
152022-04-0315 Largest Cities in North Macedonia🇲🇰
152022-03-2215 Largest Cities in Cyprus🇨🇾
152022-03-2815 Largest Cities in Latvia🇱🇻
152021-09-2815 Largest Cities in Malta🇲🇹
152022-04-0715 Largest Cities in Botswana🇧🇼
152020-06-15Countries of Southern Europe
152020-06-14Most Practiced Religions in Oceania
152022-03-0915 Largest Cities in Iraq🇮🇶
152022-05-18Richest People in the World💰💸🤑
142022-03-31Every 100k+ City in Southeast Asia
142022-03-2515 Largest Cities in Trinidad & Tobago🇹🇹
142022-06-0450 Largest Cities in Israel🇮🇱
142020-06-12Capitals of Western Africa
142020-06-13Former Soviet Union Capitals
142022-03-07Largest Cities in Arizona🌵🏜
142021-10-0115 Largest Cities in Turkmenistan🇹🇲
142022-03-1315 Largest Cities in Vietnam🇻🇳
142020-06-14Countries of Southeast Asia
142021-11-1615 Largest Cities in Algeria🇩🇿
132022-03-0815 Largest Cities in Peru🇵🇪
132021-09-12All Sea of Japan Cities 500k+
132020-06-12Countries of Southern Africa
132021-08-03Name the Largest Cities that are in two continents
132022-04-10Largest Cities in the World in 1300
132021-09-2815 Largest Cities in Moldova🇲🇩
132021-09-08All Caspian Sea Cities 100k+
132022-04-10Largest Cities in the World in 1000 AD
132022-05-0212 Largest Cities in Utah🌄
132020-06-16Countries that Border Iran
132022-04-0415 Largest Cities in Lebanon🇱🇧
132022-03-1615 Largest Cities in Nigeria🇳🇬
132022-03-1315 Largest Cities in Colombia🇨🇴
132021-09-2815 Largest Cities in East Timor🇹🇱
122020-05-0520 ciudades mas grandes de Oceania(en orden)
122020-06-15Capitals of Eastern Asia
122022-04-09Largest Cities in the World in 1000 BC
122020-06-15Flag-Shape Picture Quiz
122020-05-0420 plus grandes villes d'Amérique du sud(en ordre)
122022-04-23Capitals of Southern Europe
122022-04-09Largest Cities in the World in 2000 BC
122022-04-04Largest Cities in Colorado🏔🚵
122020-06-12Capitals of Southern Africa
122022-04-05Most Populous First Level Subdivisions
112020-09-16Former Yugoslav Capitals
112020-06-16Countries of Central America
112021-09-07Most Famous Landmarks in the World 41-60
112022-04-08Most Populous First Level Subdivision by Country
112022-04-09Top 5 Longest English Words.
112020-06-16Countries that Border France
112020-06-16Capitals of Canada
112020-07-21Countries That Border Mali
112020-05-0420 plus grandes villes d'Amérique du nord(en ordre)
112022-03-2115 Largest Cities in Uruguay🇺🇾
112020-05-0420 plus grandes villes d'Afrique(en ordre)
112020-05-0420 plus grandes villes d'Asie (en ordre)
112022-01-0715 Largest Cities in Bhutan🏯🇧🇹
112021-09-3015 Largest Cities in Azerbaijan🇦🇿
112021-10-0115 Largest Cities in the Philippines🇵🇭
112020-06-15Capitals of Central Asia
112020-05-0420 ciudades mas grandes de America del sur(en orden)
102020-06-16Countries that Border Russia
102020-06-16Provinces of Canada
102022-04-2615 Largest Cities in Cote d'Ivoire🇨🇮
102020-09-16Former Yugoslav Countries
102021-09-04Colors of the Rainbow Europe- Intense
102020-06-11Capitals of Central Africa
102020-06-16Countries that Border Ukraine
102020-06-16Countries of the Caribbean
102021-09-21All Yellow Sea Cities 2M+
102022-03-2315 Largest Cities in Bolivia🇧🇴
102021-09-2815 Largest Cities in Guatemala🇬🇹
102020-06-13Capitals of South Asia
102022-05-0210 Largest Cities in New Mexico🏜👽🛸
102022-04-07Largest First Level Subdivision by Country
92021-09-21All Philippine Sea Cities 700k+
92022-05-02Largest Cities in Nevada🎲🃏🚬
92022-01-22Newest Summer Olympic Sports
92022-04-10Largest Cities in the World in 500 AD
92021-11-1215 Largest Cities in Papua New Guinea🇵🇬
92021-09-09Most Famous Landmarks in the World 81-100
92022-04-05Largest Cities in Connecticut⛴
92022-04-0115 Largest Cities in the Palestinian Territories🇵🇸
92020-06-14Capitals of Southeast Asia
92022-03-1015 Largest Cities in Bangladesh🇧🇩
92022-03-2915 Largest Cities in Kazakhstan🇰🇿
92022-03-2115 Largest Cities in Tanzania🇹🇿
92022-02-03Oldest Living People in the World
92022-03-2815 Largest Cities in Georgia🇬🇪
82021-09-08Countries that Were Around in 1900
82022-05-09Top 5 Universities By Country #3
82020-05-0420 ciudades mas grandes de Asia(en orden)
82020-06-16Countries that Border Saudi Arabia
82021-11-1615 Largest Cities in the Dominican Republic🇩🇴
82020-09-13U.S States by population in 10's
82020-06-16Countries that Border Brazil
82022-04-09Largest Cities in the World in 2800 BC
82022-03-2815 Largest Cities in Uzbekistan🇺🇿
82022-04-02Countries of South Asia
82020-06-16Countries that Border Zambia
72022-03-0815 Largest Cities in Myanmar🇲🇲
72020-06-16Countries that Border China
72022-01-17U.S. National Park by City
72022-06-25South American Geography by Letter - H
72022-04-2315 Largest Cities in Ghana🇬🇭
72022-03-2315 Largest Cities in Ethiopia🇪🇹
72022-07-1015 Largest Cities in Honduras🇭🇳
72022-05-06Largest Cities in New Hampshire🌲🍂
62020-06-28Name all the US States
62021-11-25U.S National Parks East of the Mississippi River
62022-04-07Largest First Level Subdivisions by Area
62021-11-2515 Largest Cities in Libya🇱🇾
62022-03-2815 Largest Cities in Armenia🇦🇲
62020-06-1020 ciudades mas grandes del Africa(en orden)
62022-03-3115 Largest Cities in Mongolia🇲🇳
62022-01-04How Old is the Game? : Board Games🎲: Part 1
62022-03-1315 Largest Cities in Malaysia🇲🇾
62022-03-1215 Largest Cities in Jamaica🇯🇲
62021-09-08Capitals of the United States 🇺🇸🗽🗺🏙
62022-03-1115 Largest Cities in Cuba🇨🇺
62022-01-23Count to 10 in Chinese
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