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Enter the country based on the clues. I don't know why but Luxembourg isn't on the quiz yet is one of the answers that is supposed to be typed in. So type in Luxembourg and it will count even though there is no answer box. :/ hope that this is clear to everyone.
Quiz by epicdjyoshi
Last updated: August 12, 2015
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Invaded by italy in 1941
Speaks Catalan as its official language
Country with long running conflict with Azerbaijan
Hosted Eurovision in 2015
The only country in Europe with a J in its name
Home to the Pripet Marshes, the largest in Europe
Where the Flemish or Walloons people come from
A devestating war occured here in the 1990's
Bosnia and Herzegovina
The inventor country of the Cyrillic alphabet
Where the Dalmation dog was first bred
Invaded by Turkey in 1974
Invaded by Germany in 1939 (Sudentenland)
Czech Republic
Part of Scandanavia, the capital is Copenhagen
The northernmost baltic state. Former USSR republic
Home to most of Lapland and the Lapp people
The largest producer of wine and perfume in the world
Had a brief and unsuccessful war with Russia in 2008
The largest economy in Europe, borders 9 countries
Famous for its many islands. The capital is Athens
Part of the empire that invaded Serbia in 1914
The only country in the world to have 100% renewable energy
Gained independence from the UK in 1922
The first ever country to create pasta (not China or Arab areas!)
Former USSR country, mostly in Asia
Declared independence from Serbia in 2007 after a lengthy war
A former USSR baltic republic, the capital is Riga
Small country sandwiched between austria and switzerland
Claims to be the centre of Europe. Between Russia proper and Kaliningrad
Mother Theresa was born in this small country in south-east Europe
An important sea port in the Mediterrenean. Home of Nougat
The poorest country in Europe, official language is Romanian
The most densely populated country in the world. Hosts its own Grand Prix
Became independent from Serbia in 2006. Has an Adriatic sea coast
Inventor country of the dike. The capital is Amsterdam
Located in Scandanavia, this country is home to many fjords
Invaded by Germany in 1939. The composer Frederik Chopin was born here
Brought fish and chips to the UK in the 18th century. Used to own Brazil
Contains the largest parliment in the world
The largest country in the world by area
The oldest country in the world. Completely surrounded by Italy
San Marino
The largest country from the former Yugoslavia. The capital is Belgrade
Andy Warhol is from this country. The Tatras Mountains are here
A former Yugoslav republic that has a Adriatic coastline. It borders Italy
Invented Paella and conquered much of South America.
A Scandanvian country which has blue and yellow on its flag
A neutral country that is home to chocolate
A country mostly in Asia that is home to belly dancing
Home to borscht this country is a former USSR republic
The official language of this country is English
United Kingdom
The smallest country in the world and home to the pope
Vatican City
Level 52
Jul 19, 2015
didnt accept liechtenstein and armenia, also lithuania is missing.
Level 31
Aug 1, 2015
Rechecked. Added Lithuania and Luxembourg, and corrected Liechtenstein and Armenia. Sorry for any inconvenience
Level 69
Jul 19, 2015
Second comments above. Also, would work better as a yellow box quiz - this quiz can be done simply by typing in all European countries.
Level 31
Aug 1, 2015
Noted. Thanks.
Level 76
Jul 19, 2015
Second the comment by panscedar. Also, Luxembourg and Lithuania are missing, you misspelled Liechtenstein, and Armenia wasn't accepted until I tried the incorrect spelling of Armania, even though it filled in correctly.
Level 31
Aug 1, 2015
Thanks for the comments. Sorry about the errors I will make improvements ASAP
Level 35
Jul 20, 2015
First of all, where is Lithuania? And secondly, Greece is not the poorest eu member state just because we owe money, Bulgaria is the poorest eu member state.
Level 31
Aug 1, 2015
Edited and made the corrections. However I did put one of the poorest European countries
Level 31
Aug 1, 2015
Actually Moldova is the poorest European state not Bulgaria
Level 87
Jul 23, 2015
Terrible quiz. Needs a lot of reworking.
Level 65
Jun 1, 2016
OK, that is too harsh. This user may be rather new to Jetpunk and deserves a break. Seriously.
Level 68
Oct 11, 2016
Please be nice, this could be a new user or a kid :/
Level 31
Jul 3, 2017
I was new, but I have made editions so that the quiz is better. Thanks for backing me up; I wasn't sure how to reply to that comment :)
Level 31
Jul 3, 2017
Lots of reworking has been done, thanks for your advice
Level 31
Aug 1, 2015
I have got a new quiz with exactly the same name with the improvements on it
Level 31
Aug 1, 2015
The quiz has been fully redone and resubmitted with the corrections too. Made a better clue for Greece. Sorry if the explanation offended anyone
Level 31
Aug 3, 2015
I dont know why Luxembourg doesn't appear
Level 31
Aug 3, 2015
Quizmaster, can you help? Luxembourg is one of the answers on the quiz but doesn't turn up when you type it in and there is no box or explanation on it. Can you help me please?
Level 31
Aug 3, 2015
Until a later time press give up after you get all of the answers apart from luxembourg. I know that it is irritating but I cannot sort it no matter how much I try
Level 23
Aug 12, 2015
Firstly, great quiz. Hard but fun. Although nowhere near enough time to answer. I only got halfway on second page and I knew most of the answers
Level 31
Aug 12, 2015
Thanks. After I came back from holiday everyone was saying it was rubbish and riddled with mistakes. Thanks for the feedback
Level 31
Aug 12, 2015
Edited. Now has 7 minutes
Level 31
Sep 22, 2015
I am surprised only 33% got spain
Level 68
Oct 11, 2016
Thanks for making this quiz, it was fun to do :) I do have a couple suggestions: Having it in alphabetical order made it easy to guess countries I definitely would not have gotten, so maybe switch them up a little bit. Also, while there are no spelling mistakes that stop me from understanding (which are the only regular spelling mistakes I care about), the Netherlands has DIKES, not dykes, which is actually an offensive name for a lesbian.... so you might want to fix that mistake in particular :/
Level 31
Mar 2, 2017
In the UK dikes are spelt 'dykes' which may make it confusing. I didn't realise it was offensive however, so I might change it