Famous people from History

We give you a brief biography, and you guess the character
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He forged an empire from Greece and Egypt to India in less than ten years.
Which was the beggining of hellenistic world
Alexander the Great
A disciple of Plato and preceptor of Alexander the Great, he has been the most influential philosopher in the history of Western thought
A figure comparable to Mozart and Beethoven, Baroque music found in the work of the German composer its most perfect expression
The tormented life of the German musician, unanimously considered the greatest composer of all time
Known as El Libertador, the Venezuelan general and statesman led the emancipation of Latin America from Spanish colonialism
Simon Bolivar
A military genius and clairvoyant statesman, his empire spread across almost all of Europe before being defeated at Waterloo
Napoleon Bonaparte
Historical facts and fabulous traditions have always been woven into the fascinating biography of the founder of Buddhism
Converted by dynastic chance into the most powerful king of his time, he devoted his efforts to establishing a universal Christian empire
Charles V
The eventful existence of the author of Don Quixote, a brilliant creation that revolutionized literature and gave rise to the modern novel
Miguel de Cervantes
The ambitious general and statesman played a pivotal role in the future shaping of the Roman Empire
Julius Caesar
Creator of the tender and very humane Charlot, the English actor and filmmaker remains one of the great geniuses of the history of the seventh art
Charles Chaplin
The distinguished navigator died unaware that, in his search for a shorter route to Asia, he had discovered the new world
Christopher Columbus
Founder of Constantinople, the great Roman emperor managed to restore peace in the Empire and gave a definitive impulse to Christianity
Their research on radioactivity shed new light on the nature of the atom and enabled numerous applications
Pierre and Marie Curie
The author of the Divine Comedy, an impressive vision of the Christian afterlife, renewed medieval literature and initiated the transition to the Renaissance
Dante Alighieri
His scientific journey around the world led him to formulate the theory of evolution, which clashed head-on with the concepts of the time
Charles Darwin
His films marked the childhood of several generations and made cartoons a film and artistic genre
Walt Disney
Considered the greatest inventor of the modern era, his discoveries improved the living conditions of millions of people
Thomas Edison
He revolutionized science with the theory of relativity, which rethought the concepts of space and time and those of matter and energy
Albert Einstein
The eminent bacteriologist discovered penicillin semi-semi-personally. It was the beginning of antibiotics and modern medicine
Alexander Fleming
The introduction of assembly lines in the manufacture of his famous Ford T was the key event of the second industrial revolution
Henry Ford
Creator of psychoanalysis, his conceptions of the unconscious and human psychology revolutionized all areas of culture
Sigmund Freud
The great Italian physicist and astronomer had to face an inquisitorial process to defend the new theories about the universe
Galileo Galilei
Myth of twentieth-century pacifism and formulator of the doctrines of non-violence, he led India's independence process
After uniting under his leadership the scattered Mongol tribes, he forged a formidable empire that would spread throughout Asia
Gengis Khan
Ahead of his time, the work of the very original Spanish painter is considered a precursor of modern artistic trends
The dark life of the inventor of the printing press, one of the most important technical advances in the cultural history of humanity
Johannes Gutenberg
The master of suspense enriched the cinematographic language with his brilliant contributions and bequeathed an extraordinary and influential filmography
Alfred Hitchcock
The expansionist policy of the top Nazi leader led Europe into World War II, the deadliest in history
Her reign laid the foundations for England's later greatness and the maritime might that would allow it to forge its colonial empire
Elizabeth I of England
His teachings and message gave rise to Christianity, a religion that would shape Western culture and mentality for centuries
Jesus of Nazareth
The never-solved assassination of the young American president cut short the beginning of a period of renewal and hope
John F. Kennedy
The intellectual leader whose ideas led to the fall of the Tsar and the Russian revolution of 1917, which led to the formation of the USSR
Prototype of the Renaissance sage, the brilliant Italian painter and scientist is one of the most fascinating figures in history
Leonardo da Vinci
Embodiment of monarchical absolutism, his reign gave France European hegemony and extraordinary cultural and artistic splendor
Louis XIV of France
The invention of the cinematograph in 1895 gave rise to the most influential art and entertainment form in the contemporary world
Lumière Brothers
With the dissemination in 1517 of his 95 theses, the German theologian initiated the religious revolution that would give rise to the Protestant Reformation
Martin Luther
The revelations received by the Prophet, which were recorded in the Qur'an, would become the foundation of Islamic civilization
Elevated to erotic myth of the twentieth century, bitterness and frustrations marked however his sentimental and professional life
Marilyn Monroe
Beauty and expressive vigor came together in the work of the Italian artist, one of the greatest geniuses in the history of art
An extraordinarily precocious genius, the untimely death of the Austrian composer gave rise to an accumulation of legends
A key figure in twentieth-century Hispanic poetry, the Chilean Nobel laureate harmonized creative innovation and political commitment
Pablo Neruda
Considered the father of modern science, his systematization of physics remained in full force until Einstein
Isaac Newton
The brilliant Spanish painter revolutionized all the artistic forms of the twentieth century and knew how to maintain his social and historical commitment
Pablo Picasso
His analyses of capitalism inspired a multitude of revolutionary movements that would mark the social and political history of the twentieth century
Karl Marx
His extraordinary journey to the Far East opened the doors to an unknown world in Europe and stimulated future explorers and navigators
Marco Polo
The greatest of the pharaohs of ancient Egypt, victor of the Hittites and builder of the most impressive Egyptian temples
Ramesses II
Despite the brevity of his work, the Mexican narrator is among the most outstanding figures of twentieth-century Hispanic literature
John Rulfo
The enigmatic life and literary career of the English comedian, considered the greatest playwright of all time
William Shakespeare
In his famous Research he explained the mechanisms of incipient capitalism and laid the foundations of economics as a science
Adam Smith
Great Spanish painter, undoubtedly one of the most influential and universal artists.
Father of "Las Meninas"
Diego Velazquez
Under his long reign, which gave its name to the Victorian era, Britain became a great economic and colonial power
Victoria I of England
The great military and politician led the independence of the United States, which became the first constitutional state in history
George Washington
A roman senator, consul, magister officiorum, and philosopher of the early 6th century. He wrote "Consolation of Philosphy"
An American artist, film director, and producer who was a leading figure in the visual art movement known as pop art
Andy Warhol
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