GCSE Bio, Chem, Phys 1

Answer all these questions if you can :D
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Last updated: December 11, 2020
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What is the green pigment found in chloroplasts called?
What enzyme protects cells by breaking down hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen?
Which two products are made during anaerobic respiration in yeast?
Ethanol and Carbon Dioxide
What colour does the hydrogen carbonate indicator turn when there is a lack of carbon dioxide present?
What is the name of the cell packed full of chloroplasts for photosynthesis?
Palisade cell
Which of seven main systems in the human body has glands that secretes hormones (chemical messengers)?
What is the net movement of particles from a high concentration to a region of low concentration due to kinetic energy called?
What is the specific name of the rapid increase in numbers of algal cells in an aquatic habitat, often caused by eutrophication?
Algal bloom
What is the name of the cell that has the ability to divide many times by mitosis while remaining undifferentiated?
Stem cell
What is the negatively charged particle found in energy levels surrounding the nucleus inside atoms called?
What is the specific name of atoms with the same number of protons but a different number of neutrons called?
Find the relative atomic mass of chlorine which is found to contain 75% of atoms with a mass number of 32 and 25% of atoms with a mass number of 36
What is the specific name of a molecule that contains 2 atoms?
Diatomic molecule
How are alkali metals stored to stop them reacting with water and oxygen? (because they are very reactive)
In oil
What is the specific name of a substance that speeds up a chemical reaction but is not used up?
What is the appearance of iodine at room temperature? (two words)
Grey solid
What is the specific name of a substance that dissolves in a solvent?
What method of separation is used for soluble solids dissolved in a solvent?
What is the specific name of the solid left on the filter paper during filtration?
Hydroelectric power stations generate about 2% of Britain's electricity but they generate roughly how much of the world's electricity? (%)
What is the specific term that is defined as the rate at which energy is transferred or the rate at which work is done?
What is the name of the energy resource that will never run out? They are replenished as they are used.
What is the specific term of the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of one kilogram of a substance by one degree Celsius? (3 words)
Specific heat capacity
A car has a kinetic energy store of 50000 J. It is travelling at a speed of 10m/s. Calculate the mass of the car
1000 kg
Which product of burning coal contributes to acid rain formation?
Sulfur dioxide
What is the correct unit for measuring power?
Modern house are built with two layers of brick. In between the brick layers is cavity wall insulation. What is the type of foam that insulates the wall here?
How many joules (J) in 1 megajoule (MJ)?
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