Ultimate Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz

Guess correctly as many Brooklyn Nine-Nine based trivia questions as you can! Seasons 1-7
Quiz by hannahayye
Last updated: September 8, 2020
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What car does Jake drive?
Who is Charles's celebrity crush?
Dianne Wiest
What is the name of the fire marshal who is enemies with Jake?
Fire Marshal Boone
Which letter on Rosa's keyboard does Lohank jam with his stubble?
What is the name of Gina's daughter?
Who was the 99's captain before Holt?
Captain McGintley
What phone game does Ginas get Holt addicted to?
Kwazy Kupcakes
Name one of Terry's passwords
On their honeymoon, who does Amy dress up as?
Holly Gennaro/Bonnie Bedelia
What unfriendly dog does Jake run into while looking for Cheddar?
What crime does Jake accuse Dustin Whitman of?
Jewellery Store Robbery
Name one of the three hackers that Charles knows
What dance move does Jake show Terry that he can, in fact, do?
The Worm
What is the first movie that Jake quotes?
Donnie Brasco
What does Amy cook for Jake and Holt when they get the mumps?
Baked Ziti
Which pizza joint that is nostalgic for Jake gets burned down?
Who was Rosa's partner in Season 7 Halloween Heist?
Scully/Filing Cabinet
When Great Nana Boyle passed away, what did she mistakenly leave for Gina, instead of Tina?
The Mother Dough
What section of the precinct had the best Christmas party?
Sex Crimes Unit
Where is Jake and Amy's first kiss?
A Restaurant
Which member of the Boyle family does Gina have a child with?
Milton Boyle
Which character has a twin?
Norm Scully
When Charles wore a tie with a splash of purple, what nickname did the squad call him for two years?
Mr. Grape
What actor stars in all of the movies that Jake brings into the safe house with Kevin?
Nicholas Cage
When Holt is transferred to the Public Relations office, who replaces him briefly?
Captain Seth Dozerman
According to Hitchcock, why does Rosa give him her jacket and her motorcycle helmet?
Because he's a rebel, and they're in love, doi.
Where in France did Scully's parents forget him?
The Lourve
Name one of the women Hitchcock has been romantically involved with.
Lucille / Brandy / Francince / Madison / Bethany / Anna / Kelly / Jamie
When is Lynn Boyle's birthday?
June 10
What is the name of Amy's only friend?
What does Doug Judy name Holt's new car?
Instead of Holt's proposed "Escape the Room," exercise, where does Gina suggest they go?
Las Vegas
What is Charles' favourite video game?
Mrs. Pac-Man
How many years was Adrian undercover for?
12 Years
When on the hunt for Gregor Minsk, what nickname does Jake give Amy, his "femme fatele?"
Maxi Pads
Name one of the series' creators
Michael Schur/Dan Goor
In Season 5, Amy and Rosa chase after Sergio Mindar. What does he smell like?
An English Garden
After taking Gina's personality test, what category does Holt find himself in?
I9 C3 G6
Fred Armisen plays a recurring character in the series, how does he spell his name?
What movie was Rosa watching when she realised she was bi-sexual?
Saved by the Bell
What does Adrian wear when practising Tai Chi?
What is Genevieve's last name?
What is the full name of "The Disco Strangler"
Ernest Zumowski
What case of Jake and Terry's is "unsolvable"?
Case 52ABX-32QJ
Who did Adrian Pimento do undercover work for?
Jimmy "The Butcher" Figgis
Who's Crossover SUV does Jake commandeer?
Jess Day/Schmidt's Mum's Car
What prison does Jake go to?
Jericho Supermax Prison
What car does Philip Davidson, "the dentist who killed someone," claim his victim drove?
Level 47
Mar 30, 2021
Great quiz but theres one or two spelling mistakes and also allow more type ins.
Level 24
Aug 10, 2021
ah will do thanks for feedback dude! (my first quiz haha)