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5122020-07-20Countries - First time A-Z letters appear
1462020-07-05Hebrew Names of Selected Countries
1072020-05-26Capitals that Begin and End in same Letter
1022020-07-29U.S. Presidents by First or Second Name
1022020-06-19Capitals ending with 2 vowels
912020-07-01Country + Capital = 10 letters or less
862020-07-11"N" - third letter in country name
812020-06-094-letter cities in Europe
692020-07-13Capitals with two O's
652020-06-07U. S. Cities - ending "O"
622020-06-01Soccer teams not named after their city - Part 1
622020-07-25Places of major assassinations and executions
622020-07-13Capitals with two E's
562020-06-05Largest cities in the UK A-Z
562020-05-28Argentinian players better than Maradona*
552020-06-06Country names - 2nd letter is "E"
552020-07-08Countries sharing first 3 letters
552020-07-16Countries sharing first 4+ letters
542020-07-22U. S. States with no A's and no O's
542020-07-09Capitals sharing first 3 letters
522020-05-30U. S. States without A
512020-06-095-letter cities in Europe
512020-07-14Countries containing "and" in the name
512020-06-04Soccer: England negative head-to-head record
512020-06-24Italian cities containing "O"
502020-07-07U. S. States containing "or"
502020-06-06Italian League soccer teams with "U" in the name
502020-07-10"R" - third letter in country name
502020-07-27Countries and their capitals, BOTH without A
492020-06-05Largest cities in Germany A-Z
492020-05-30Countries of the World without A
492020-05-24Country names ending E, I, O, U
482020-05-25Countries - "Y" in the name*
482020-07-10"M" - third letter in country name
472020-07-25Countries with 4 of 6 letters ABCDEF
472020-06-07U. S. Cities: Big but Short
462020-07-07Countries far from their neighbors (in the alphabet)
462020-07-22Countries containing "NAM"
462020-06-08Juve's stars: Cristiano Ronaldo, Higuain, Dybala: quiz
452020-07-08Countries and capitals with unique first letters
452020-06-11European cities ending "M"
442020-06-11Latin or Germanic?
442020-05-24Country names - 2nd letter is "R"
442020-07-02Countries and their Capitals start and end with consonants
432020-06-08European cities - ending "O"
432020-06-19European cities beginning "C"
422020-06-03German goalkeepers - World Cups 1974-2018
422020-06-20European cities beginning "G"
412020-06-07Groups of 3 capitals sharing 3 last letters
412020-06-04Soccer Teams and Cities
412020-05-28U.S. States with Repeating Letter
402020-07-16Countries sharing last 4 letters
402020-07-25Countries with 2 of last 6 letters UVWXYZ
402020-07-07U. S. State Names with 2 vowels
402020-05-24Country names - 2nd letter is "U"
392020-06-22European cities beginning "T"
392020-06-01Soccer teams not named after their city - Part 2
382020-07-05"G" in both country and its capital
382020-05-27European countries smaller than the neighbors
382020-06-30"P" in both country and its capital
382020-06-10Champions League Winners - the Goalkeepers
382020-06-03Soccer teams not named after their city - Part 3
372020-06-10European cities ending "urg"
372020-06-14Cities "in the wrong country"
372020-05-30World Capitals "O's only"
352020-07-24Which place is closer to... (sometimes surprisingly)
352020-06-30Countries with "gu"
352020-06-23French cities ending "S"
352020-06-06Country names with "th"
352020-06-29"B" in both country and its capital
352020-06-12U. S. Cities ending "E"
342020-06-07Countries - "J" in the name
342020-07-16Last 3 letters of a country = First 3 letters of another one
342020-07-08"E" in both country and its capital
342020-06-08Country names containing "MB"
332020-05-25Countries ending in "N" but not "...stan"
332020-07-12Missing Countries
332020-07-29Country names with no repeating letters
322020-05-25Countries - "Z" in the name*
322020-06-04Total length of all land borders 1-500 km
312020-07-30U. S. States with no repeating letters
312020-06-22Capitals - initial letter appears again
312020-07-01"D" in both country and its capital
312020-05-2212 Former Countries
312020-06-04European Cities A-Z @ 2 countries per letter
312020-05-24Countries that start with 2 consonants
312020-07-28Countries in which these people were born
302020-07-07Country names contained in names of other countries
302020-07-29First Name of World Leaders (20th century)
302020-05-28Capitals of European Countries with Repeating Letter
302020-07-31Countries with consecutive letters in the alphabet
302020-06-17Cities in UK but not England
292020-06-02Paises en linea recta mas larga sobre tierra
292020-07-14Country names with "OM"
292020-07-27Islands in which these people were born
292020-06-23European cities beginning "BR"
292020-07-30Capitals with no repeating letters
292020-07-07U. S. States names within names of other U. S. States
292020-07-04Countries far from their Capitals (in the alphabet)
292020-07-22Countries with T and W
292020-06-18Largest Cities of Divided Islands
282020-06-16City names beginning with Private names
282020-06-29"T" in both country and its capital
282020-07-25Countries with E and Z
282020-06-14Russia/USSR Leaders 1900-today
282020-06-02Neighboring U.S. States with consecutive initials
282020-06-12World Leaders 60 years ago
282020-07-02Country + Capital = 20 letters or more
282020-07-25U. S. States with 2 of the 6 letters UVWXYZ
272020-07-15Country names with "AM"
272020-06-05Where are the "ports"? (cities)
272020-07-21Countries with G and Y
272020-07-26Countries in which battles took place
272020-07-19Country names containing pa/pe/pi/po/pu
272020-07-25Countries with H and T
272020-06-14European cities beginning with "I"
272020-06-14European cities beginning with "U"
272020-07-27"R" in both country and its capital
262020-08-03Countries in which these people died
262020-07-27Country names containing man / men / min / mon / mun
262020-06-17City names beginning with other words
262020-06-09Goalkeepers of World Cup Winners
262020-06-04World Cup Finals - Club of the Scorers
262020-05-29U.S. States XYZ
252020-05-27Longest borders of European countries
252020-05-25Country Names - Triple AAA
252020-07-23Countries with P and T
252020-06-02Country names with "sh", "gh", "kh" or "ch"
252020-06-21Countries - initial letter appears again
252020-06-25World Cities beginning "Mont"
252020-05-23Muslims in OECD countries
252020-07-07Country names containing "or"
252020-07-28Country names containing ban / ben / bon
242020-07-20Countries with A and B
242020-07-20Countries with B and D
242020-05-14Weird Geography
242020-06-11European cities beginning/ending "ST"
242020-06-05Large cities in Italy, but not the obvious, A-Z
232020-07-23Places beginning "NEW"
232020-06-08An "M" team of World Cup winners for Messi
232020-06-02Champions League Finals
232020-05-31"O" Cities
232020-06-02Stadiums that hosted FIFA World Cup Finals
232020-07-04O and A in country names (and no E, I, U)
232020-05-20Spanish Names for World Places
232020-07-051st letter of country = last letter of a neighboring country
232020-07-23U. S. States with just 1-2 consonants
222020-06-01Largest and smallest soccer stadiums in top leagues
222020-06-16Cities with Numbers
222020-07-16Countries that have at least 2 neighbors with "Y"
222020-08-06Countries containing "ib"
222020-06-04Largest cities in the Americas A-Z
222020-07-04Countries with only one border, but long
212020-07-10Countries sharing first & last letters
212020-06-02Neighboring countries with consecutive initials
212020-07-09Crossing Borders keeping country name length constant
212020-05-31Shortest and longest country names by continent
212020-07-06U.S. States: Neighboring States sharing last letter
212020-07-23Places beginning "MONT"
212020-06-08Countries ending "RIA"
212020-07-02Country + Neighbor = 10 letters or less
212020-07-27Country names containing van / ven / vin
212020-06-19European Cities ending with 2 vowels
212020-05-29Asian Capitals with Repeating Letter
202020-05-294,000+ km borders
202020-07-21Next country along the coast
202020-06-01South American soccer teams - their cities
202020-06-09Country names containing "NG"
202020-07-23Smallest U.S. States
202020-05-23FIFA World Cup Finals
202020-07-05O and A in U. S. States (and no E, I, U)
202020-07-19Country names with "RA"
202020-07-05M & N in U. S. States
202020-06-08Countries ending "INA"
202020-06-14Argentine top scorers in top European leagues
192020-07-21Countries with "EN"
192020-07-03Countries with A-B-C neighbors
192020-06-03Countries with consonant+r in their names
192020-05-31Shortest and longest capital names by continent
192020-07-23Countries containing "GE" and "EG"
192020-07-13Countries with "O", but not their neighbors
192020-06-19There is a MAN in these countries and capitals
192020-07-03"V" in both country and its capital
192020-05-23Argentina Quiz
192020-07-05M & N in Country Names
192020-06-19"ANA" in names of countries and capitals
192020-06-10Words in names of countries
192020-06-13Country Names in the 1920s
192020-05-31Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay
192020-07-04Mediterranean Islands by Highest Point
182020-07-14Countries with no vowels or consonants together
182020-07-16Countries that have at least 2 neighbors with "V"
182020-07-07Long Countries with Short Capitals
182020-06-05Cities with same name
182020-05-16Jews in Sports
182020-07-16Neighboring countries with no letters in common
182020-06-14World Leaders 40 years ago
182020-06-20U.S. Cities with 4 consecutive consonants
182020-07-09Countries with 3+ neighbors beginning with vowels
182020-06-09Country names containing "RK"
172020-07-24Smallest Countries (but no so small)
172020-05-30N. N. U.S. States
172020-06-19U.S. Cities ending with 2 vowels
172020-06-15Places "in the wrong cities"
172020-07-12Missing 40 Capitals
172020-05-28Longest borders of countries in the Americas
172020-07-14Countries: all letters in first half of the alphabet
172020-07-19Shortest borders of selected countries
172020-07-09Crossing Borders and Increasing Letters (part A)
172020-05-30Neighbor countries with same initials
172020-06-16City names ending "land"
172020-05-27African countries smaller than their neighbors
162020-06-22U.S. Cities - Name in Plural
162020-06-22U.S. States: initial consonant appears again
162020-06-11V - V Cities
162020-07-06Neighboring countries sharing last letter
162020-05-2212 former capitals
162020-05-19FIFA World Cup Quiz
162020-07-20First country A to Z
162020-06-15East - West places
162020-06-26The "ABC" countries
162020-05-26Countries and Capitals with No Common Letters
162020-06-03Country Names - Triple Consonants
162020-06-06European soccer teams from islands
162020-05-17FIFA World Cup - Underdogs
162020-06-17Battles and Wars
162020-07-18Countries containing "ela"
162020-05-27Asian countries smaller than their neighbors
162020-06-16North - South and countries
162020-07-20Last country A to Z
162020-07-09Crossing Borders keeping last letter constant
162020-05-26Country names 5+ vowels
152020-07-30Capitals and countries: "mix and match"
152020-07-071st letter of U. S. State = last letter of neighboring State
152020-05-26Country Names Triple E, I, O, U
152020-05-23Last European countries to join UN
152020-05-28Countries of Viceroyalty of Rio de la Plata
152020-06-22U.S. Cities: initial letter appears again
152020-07-25Short country names sharing 4 letters
152020-06-06Where are the Saints? (cities)
152020-06-17Cities and Animals
152020-06-13World Leaders 25 years ago
152020-07-03Countries with 3 neighbors starting with same letter
152020-07-03Countries by Initials of the Neighbors (part 1)
152020-08-06Countries containing "rg"
152020-06-27The REAL countries
142020-06-11European cities beginning or ending "CH"
142020-06-21Capitals with repeating 2 letters
142020-06-19European cities beginning and ending with SAME consonant
142020-06-12World Cup Winners - The Captains
142020-05-29Capitals of the Americas with Repeating Letter
142020-06-22Countries with 2 vowels and 4+ consonants
142020-05-28Longest borders of countries in Asia
142020-07-17Countries with 2 borders: one long, one short
142020-07-22Capitals with consonant + r in their names
142020-06-03U. S. States - Triple Consonants
142020-06-02"st" in country names but no stans, no steins, no states
142020-07-01Countries starting and ending with 2 consonants
142020-06-09Last letters of capital names in a message...
142020-06-30Neighboring countries that share 1 letter
142020-06-25Countries with more vowels than consonants
132020-05-21Countries that held U.S. territory
132020-06-01Niagara Falls vs Iguazu Falls vs Victoria Falls
132020-07-18Countries with long borders only
132020-05-31Cities of the World with just 1 vowel
132020-07-31U. S. States with consecutive letters in the alphabet
132020-05-24FIFA World Cup Qualification
132020-07-15Neighboring countries with 2+ "A"
132020-07-09Not so long, but longer than all neighbors
132020-06-07Countries and capitals with same number of letters
132020-07-04A, E and I in country names (and no O-U)
132020-06-22World Cities with "ck"
132020-07-06U. S. States far from their neighbors (in the alphabet)
132020-07-12Capitals sharing first & last letters
132020-07-12Country Itineraries keeping letter "E"
132020-07-12Countries with "E", but not their neighbors
132020-07-13Countries with "U", but not their neighbors
122020-08-03Countries with 2+ vowel pairs
122020-07-04A and U in country names (and no E/I/O)
122020-07-01Capitals starting and ending with 2 consonants
122020-07-04E and I in country names (and no A, O, U)
122020-07-27Country and neighboring country - BOTH without A
122020-07-04A and I in country names (and no E/O/U)
122020-07-22U. S. States: first letter = one before the last
122020-07-03Countries by Initials of the Neighbors (part 2)
122020-07-22Country names: first letter = one before the last
122020-06-12City names ending "X"
122020-06-19Named after Columbus (Colombo / Colon)
122020-07-09Crossing Borders and Increasing Letters (part B)
122020-05-30N. N. Countries of the World
122020-06-03Countries sharing their highest or lowest points
122020-07-17Countries with 3+ neighbors with U
122020-06-21Bar Cities
122020-06-23Countries in which tallest building is a church/mosque
122020-06-22Cities, citrus and other fruits
122020-06-07Countries with "US" in the name
112020-06-09Names of countries and capitals in a message
112020-06-18Straits Separating Countries
112020-06-21Countries that scored just 1 goal at the World Cup
112020-06-11U.S. Cities ending G / GE / GH
112020-06-12U.S. Cities ending i u x
112020-07-09Intercontinental Itineraries Increasing Letters
112020-06-05Largest islands of insular countries
102020-07-03Countries and their Capitals start and end with Vowels
102020-06-18Largest Lakes by Country
102020-07-051st letter of Country = last letter of its Capital
102020-05-272 larger & 2 smaller neighbors in the Americas
102020-06-04Country Names with 3 vowels in alphabetical order
102020-06-25U. S. States and corona letters
102020-07-21Next country in the alphabet
102020-07-20Countries with A and E
102020-05-19FIFA World Cup - Goals!
102020-06-12"USA" cities
92020-06-22OK capitals
92020-07-26Short country names sharing letters (3 at least)
92020-07-10Countries ending with "A", but not their neighbors
92020-07-16Capital names with "AM"
92020-06-05"Saint Soccer"
92020-05-30Neighbor countries with 2+ word names
92020-06-20World Cities with 4 and 5 consecutive consonants
92020-06-04U. S. States with consonant before "l" or "r"
82020-06-15Salt of the Earth
82020-07-08"A" and "I" in both country and its capital
82020-06-23Cities with RR
82020-06-10Words in names of capitals of the world
82020-06-27SNOB capitals and countries
82020-06-29"ua" in country names
72020-05-26Consecutive Initials (I): Capital, Country
72020-05-28Countries on meridian 47° east
72020-07-31Capitals with consecutive letters in the alphabet
72020-07-19Neighboring Countries sharing the vowels
72020-06-29ay/ey/oy/uy in country names
72020-05-2612 unique countries - borders
62020-06-26The "ABC" capitals
62020-05-26Consecutive Initials (II): Country, Capital
62020-06-06Teams of Champions League 2019/20 early stages
62020-06-12Country names with same consonant
52020-07-13Countries with 3+ neighbors without "A"
42020-07-13Country with neighbors without "i"
42020-06-25Corona letters in country names
42020-06-13League of Nations (1920-1946)