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ReputationI don't trust nobody and nobody trusts me /
I'll be the actress starring in your bad dreams
Look What You Made Me Do
Speak NowI'm just another thing for you to roll your eyes at, honey /
You might have him but haven't you heard /
I'm just another thing for you to roll your eyes at, honey /
You might have him but I always get the last word
Better Than Revenge
LoverTell me that you're still mine /
Tell me that we'll be just fine /
Even when I lose my mind /
I need to say /
Tell me that it's not my fault /
Tell me that I'm all you want /
Even when I break your heart /
I need to say
ReputationFlashback when you met me /
Your buzzcut and my hair bleached /
Even in my worst times, you could see the best in me /
Flashback to my mistakes /
My rebounds, my earthquakes /
Even in my worst lies, you saw the truth in me
FearlessWell, you stood there with me in the doorway /
My hands shake /
I'm not usually this way /
But you pull me in and I'm a little more brave /
It's the first kiss /
It's flawless /
Really something
FolkloreI persist and resist the temptation to ask you /
If one thing had been different /
Would everything be different today?
the 1
Lyrical smile, indigo eyes, hand on my thigh /
We can follow the sparks, I'll drive
I Think He Knows
Speak NowHold on to spinning around /
Confetti falls to the ground /
May these memories break our fall /
Long Live
EvermoreSo yeah, it's a fire /
It's a goddamn blaze in the dark /
And you started it /
You started it /
So yeah, it's a war /
It's the goddamn fight of my life /
And you started it /
You started it
RedDistance, timing, breakdown, fighting /
Silence, the train runs off its tracks /
Kiss me, try to fix it, could you just try to listen? /
Hang up, give up and for the life of us we can't get back
Sad, Beautiful, Tragic
Taylor SwiftYou never did give a damn thing, honey /
but I cried, cried for you /
And I know you wouldn't have told nobody /
if I died, died for you, died for you

Cold As You
Taylor SwiftAnd I'm back for the first time since then /
I'm standin' on your street /
And there's a letter left on your doorstep /
And the first thing that you'll read is:
Tim McGraw
Speak NowSo dim that spotlight, tell me things like /
I can't take my eyes off of you /
I'm no one special, just another /
Wide eyed girl who's desperately in love with you
FearlessTime slows down /
Whenever you're around /
I can feel my heart /
It's beating in my chest /
Did you feel it? /
I can't put this down
Today Was a Fairytale
1989Let me remind you /
This was what you wanted /
You ended it /
You were all I wanted /
But not like this
All You Had To Do Is Stay

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