15-Letter!!! Word Chain Game

For each hint, enter a 15-letter word. The last letter of this word will be the first letter of the next word.
Two of the words are sometimes hyphenated. They are noted in the clue.
Quiz by PapaFurchetta
Last updated: April 10, 2023
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Process you would need to undergo after visiting the restricted area of the Chernobyl nuclear plant
Myopia; Condition which might require you to be prescribed glasses
The process by which two or more objects operate in perfect unison, e.g. special-forces agents ensuring that their watches show the exact same time.
The winning prize in the lottery can only be claimed by the individual with the ticket. It cannot be given to anyone else and therefore it is...
Activities which occur outside of the regular school day, such as band, sports, etc., are said to be...
The reassignment of political representatives proportionally in accordance with changes in population distribution. Done in the U.S. every ten years after the decennial census.
The act of trying to figure out what has gone wrong with a particular system by testing various components or checking for common problems. Often performed by a mechanic on your car or by the IT staff on your network or computer.
Inflammation of the lining membrane of the stomach and the intestines which often results in cramps, nausea, etc.
A clear and precise approach. A path or plan free from evasiveness or obscurity. The direction you travel at an intersection where no turns are permitted.
Lacking proper relation or symmetry, e.g. The new employee's high salary is ________ to his lack of experience. A toddler's head tends to be ___________ to the rest of their body.
An adjective describing a situation which is capable of causing death. (Usually hyphenated)
Overly broad conclusions drawn from limited information, e.g. "All wealthy individuals are happy," or "Every dog loves me."
Engaging in behaviors which typically harm or destroy oneself. Also, the nature of the messages received by Ethan Hunt in the Mission Impossible franchise. (Usually hyphenated)
The type of force emanating from the Earth's north and south poles and responsible for the Aurora Borealis and the Aurora Australis.
Insertion of a tubular medical device into a part of the body to assist in medical treatment. Usually utilized in the bladder, arteries, and the heart.
In a political environment, the concept of working together in a manner free of party affiliation or bias.
An individual who treats mental or emotional disorders of the body via therapy.
A change in form or appearance, typically of an exalting or glorifying nature. In Christianity, this occurred to Jesus on a mountaintop in front of Peter, James and John.
An individual who takes part in an activity, usually a sport, on an amateur level.
A resident of Vaduz, or any of his countrymen.
Che Guevera, Mahatma Gandhi, Leon Trotsky, William Wallace, Oliver Cromwell, Maximilien Robespierre, Thomas Jefferson, Simon Bolivar, George Washington, Napoleon Bonaparte, Michael Collins, Martin Luther, etc.
Past tense of the verb often used to describe the media taking a mundane/minor event and magnifying it out of proportion in order to obtain readers/ratings. e.g. The press ___________ the murder trial of OJ Simpson with their non-stop coverage and wild speculation.
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Jul 19, 2024
Dear American spelling. I hate you.