Match Every U.S. Vice President to their President - A Click Quiz

For each U.S. Vice President provided, identify the U.S. President they served under.
For Presidents with multiple Vice Presidents, and for the one Vice President who served multiple Presidents, be sure to selct the appropriate term.
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Quiz by PapaFurchetta
Last updated: January 2, 2023
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Martin Van Buren
Richard Johnson
Lyndon B. Johnson
William R. King
Dan Quayle
John Adams
Joe Biden
John Tyler
George Clinton 2nd VP term
Harry Truman
James S. Sherman
John C. Calhoun 2nd VP term
Henry A. Wallace
Al Gore
Gerald Ford
George H. W. Bush
Levi P. Morton
Adlai E. Stevenson
Daniel D. Tompkins
John C. Breckinridge
Aaron Burr
Schuyler Colfax
Henry Wilson
Theodore Roosevelt
Millard Fillmore
Richard Nixon
Walter Mondale
Mike Pence
Garret Hobart
Hannibal Hamlin
Andrew Johnson
Dick Cheney
Thomas A. Hendricks
Alben Barkley
Thomas R. Marshall
Kamala Harris
William A. Wheeler
Charles Curtis
Charles Dawes
Hubert Humphrey
John C. Calhoun 1st VP term
Charles W. Fairbanks
Spiro Agnew
Nelson Rockefeller
Thomas Jefferson
Chester A. Arthur
George Clinton 1st VP term
Calvin Coolidge
Elbridge Gerry
John Nance Garner
George M. Dallas
01. George Washington's VP
02. John Adams' VP
03. Thomas Jefferson's 1st VP
03. Thomas Jefferson's 2nd VP
04. James Madison's 1st VP
04. James Madison's 2nd VP
05. James Monroe's VP
06. John Quincy Adams' VP
07. Andrew Jackson's 1st VP
07. Andrew Jackson's 2nd VP
08. Martin Van Buren's VP
09. William Henry Harrison's VP
11. James Polk's VP
12. Zachary Taylor's VP
14. Franklin Pierce's VP
15. James Buchanan's VP
16. Abraham Lincoln's 1st VP
16. Abraham Lincoln's 2nd VP
18. Ulysses Grant's 1st VP
18. Ulysses Grant's 2nd VP
19. Rutherford Hayes' VP
20. James Garfield's VP
22. Grover Cleveland's 1st Term VP
23. Benjamin Harrison's VP
24. Grover Cleveland's 2nd Terrm VP
25. William McKinley's 1st VP
25. William McKinley's 2nd VP
26. Theodore Roosevelt's VP
27. William Taft's VP
28. Woodrow Wilson's VP
29. Warren Harding's VP
30. Calvin Coolidge's VP
31. Herbert Hoover's VP
32. Franklin Roosevelt's 1st VP
32. Franklin Roosevelt's 2nd VP
32. Franklin Roosevelt's 3rd VP
33. Harry Truman's VP
34. Dwight Eisenhower's VP
35. John Kennedy's VP
36. Lyndon Johnson's VP
37. Richard Nixon's 1st VP
37. Richard Nixon's 2nd VP
38. Gerald Ford's VP
39. Jimmy Carter's VP
40. Ronald Reagan's VP
41. George H.W. Bush's VP
42. Bill Clinton's VP
43. George W. Bush's VP
44. Barack Obama's VP
45. Donald Trump's VP
46. Joe Biden's VP
Level 50
Dec 4, 2022
I thought burr was Jefferson’s first vice
Level 85
Dec 5, 2022
You are absolutely correct! I have now made the adjustment to reflect Aaron Burr as Jefferson's 1st VP and George Clinton as his 2nd VP. Thank you for the input.