Spot the Imposter - Famous People with Shared Names

Each of the names listed below is shared by two or more "famous" historical or pop-culture figures. Under each name is a description of multiple individuals who share that name, however one of them is completely fabricated. See if you can spot the imposter for each name.
Some of these individuals use the listed name as their stage name. That is a legitimate use of the name for the purposes of this quiz and thus they would not be considered the "Imposter."
Quiz by PapaFurchetta
Last updated: January 5, 2023
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1. George Clinton - Who of the following is an imposter?
U.S. Founding Father who served as Vice President and governor of New York
Key architect of funk music and longtime member of Parliament-Funkadelic
Younger brother of U.S. President Bill Clinton best known for multiple DUI arrests
Bill Clinton's brother was Roger Clinton.
2. Jane Seymour - Who of the following is an imposter?
English actress with dramatic range from Bond girl to Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
1930s Australian tennis great who won 15 grand slam titles in singles and doubles
Third wife of King Henry VIII, and the only one to receive a queen's funeral
I totally fabricated the Australian tennis great
3. Henry Morgan - Who of the following is an imposter?
Gilded age financier and visionary of early 20th century industrial consolidation
Radio humorist of the 1930s and 1940s, known for his self-deprecating satire
Privateer & Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica - namesake of Captain Morgan's rum
JP Morgan was the U.S. banking magnate
4. John Paul Jones - Who of the following is an imposter?
English musician best known as the bassist for Led Zeppelin, and least known as the bassist for Sons of Chipotle
1960 English singing star of "The Monkees" television show and band
Scottish-born sea captain and American naval hero during the Revolutionary War
Davy Jones was The Monkees musician
5. Richard Burton - Who of the following is an imposter?
Welsh star of the stage and screen known for his baritone voice and his skill as a Shakespearean actor
English-American actor and game-show host known for his television roles in "Hogan's Heroes" and "Family Feud"
British explorer, adventurer and author known for his extraordinary knowledge of languages and cultures
Richard Dawson was the English-American actor
6. Fred Thompson - Who of the following is an imposter?
U.S. Senator from Tennessee who unsuccessfully ran for president, but successfully starred in "Law and Order" on television
New York Giants outfielder best known for hitting the "Shot Heard 'Round the World" home run to defeat the Brooklyn Dodgers and secure the 1951 NL pennant
American architect, inventor and showman renowned for creating Luna Park on Coney Island, one of the first large amusement parks
Bobby Thomson hit the "Shot Heard 'Round the World." "The Giants win the pennant, the Giants win the pennant..."
7. Edith Wilson - Who of the following is an imposter?
Daughter of singer Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys and co-founder of the pop group Wilson Phillips.
First Lady of the United States, who effectively served as president after her husband suffered a severe stroke
African-American actress and blues singer who portrayed "Aunt Jemima" in Quaker Oats advertisements for nearly 20 years
Carnie Wilson is Brian Wilson's daughter and co-founder of Wilson Phillips
8. Joe Jackson - Who of the following is an imposter?
"Shoeless" baseball player at the center of the "Black Sox Scandal" for allegedly throwing the 1919 World Series
American boxer nicknamed the "Galveston Giant," who became the first black world heavyweight boxing champion (1908-1915)
American father of eleven and patriarch of the Jackson family singers
Austrian cycling champion who gained international fame with a bicycle clown act
Jack Johnson was the Galveston Giant
9. Jimmy (or Jimmie) Walker - Who of the following is an imposter?
1920s mayor of New York City, & member of the Tammany Hall political machine
19th century Scottish grocer whose Whiskey is now the world's most popular
"Dyn-O-mite" American comedian and actor of the 1970s
Johnnie Walker is the name of the grocer and his Scotch Whiskey
10. Machine Gun Kelly - Who of the following is an imposter?
American hip-hop/rock musician embroiled in a long-standing feud with Eminem
Depression era gangster from Memphis, TN who served 17 years in Alcatraz
Star pitcher of the 1903 Boston Beaneaters, known for his handlebar mustache and "rapid-fire" pitch delivery
Another one that I made up - but I certainly have a picture of the Beaneaters' pitcher in my mind
11. Michael Collins - Who of the following is an imposter?
Irish independence leader who was ambushed and killed during the Irish Civil War
Lead singer of the 1980s band Genesis, who later had a successful solo career
Apollo 11 astronaut who circled the moon in the command module while Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were on the surface below
Phil Collins led Genesis
12. Paul Simon - Who of the following is an imposter?
Canadian bandleader and longtime sidekick of talk show host David Letterman
U.S. Senator from Illinois known for wearing bowties and horn-rimmed glasses
Singer-songwriter who's won 12 Grammy Awards, both solo & with Art Garfunkel
Paul Shaffer was David Letterman's sidekick
13. Francis Bacon - Who of the following is an imposter?
Influential post-World-War-II British painter, focusing on the depiction of the human form, often in the triptych format
Famed English statesman and philosopher, often called the father of empiricism
Groundbreaking 19th century American farmer whose work doubled the yield of meat from a single pig
No truth to the Farmer Bacon claim
14. Harrison Ford - Who of the following is an imposter?
American actor best known for his roles as a cocky flyboy space smuggler and as a cocky archaeologist adventurer
American actor who began on Broadway before starring in over 80 silent movies in the early 20th century
American industrialist and the youngest son of Henry Ford, who eschewed the family automotive business to chase his dreams of private dirigible travel
To the best of my knowledge, Edsel Ford did not have a plan involving private dirigibles
15. Anne Hathaway - Who of the following is an imposter?
Wife of William Shakespeare, of whom little is known other than related to their marriage and the birth of their children
Austrian woman who planned to become a nun but instead married a widowed naval commander, started a family musical troupe, and fled the Nazis
American actress who starred in "The Princess Diaries" and "Get Smart"
That would be Maria (Kutschera) Von Trappe
16. Steve McQueen - Who of the following is an imposter?
London-born writer and director of "12 Years a Slave"
Young American-born racer in the Piston Cup series, sponsored by Rust-eze
American film star of the '60s and '70s known as "the King of Cool"
The young racer is Lightning McQueen
17. Elizabeth Taylor - Who of the following is an imposter?
English-born 19th century opera singer known as the "Grandma of English Opera"
English-born author, deemed one of the best English novelists of the 20th century
English-born actress known for starring in "Cleopatra" and marrying 8 times
I made this one up too
18. Dave Thomas - Who of the following is an imposter?
American Olympic decathlete who famously failed to qualify for the 1992 Summer Olympics, thereby derailing Reebok's famed "Dan & Dave" advertising campaign
American-born fast-food restaurant founder and adoption advocate.
Canadian-born comedian famous for his role in the SCTV comedy troupe
Dan O'Brien and Dave Johnson were the two decathletes in the Reebok ad campaign
19. Michelle Williams - Who of the following is an imposter?
Singer and actress who rose to fame for her role in "Dawson's Creek"
Singer and actress who rose to fame for her role in Destiny's Child
Singer and actress who rose to fame for her role in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
There was no Michell Williams in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
20. Roger Taylor - Who of the following is an imposter?
Drummer for Queen
Drummer for Whitesnake
Drummer for Duran Duran
As much as we might want it to be the case, no Roger Taylor ever drummed for Whitesnake
21. Randy Jackson - Who of the following is an imposter?
American Idol judge best known for using the word "Dawg" in critiquing performers
Detroit Lions wide receiver best known for his "elbow catch" in Super Bowl XLVIII
Singer best known for being the youngest member of the Jackson 5
Another one I made up
22. Christopher Columbus - Who of the following is an imposter?
Italian explorer who failed to find a western sea passage to the East Indies
Spanish Conquistador who personally established trading posts which eventually became cities named in his honor in Ohio, Missouri & South Carolina
Filmmaker responsible for blockbusters such as "Home Alone" & "Mrs. Doubtfire"
No Spanish Conquistadors were trekking through Missouri, Ohio & South Carolina
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Jan 5, 2023
Ah man... I didn't read the description and chose CORRECT answers for each one. I got 3 right still oops.
Level 91
Jan 5, 2023
Good point. I got tied up with the details and didn't realize the structure of the questions was different than the other quizzes in this series. I have now gone back and reworded the questions to make it clear that you need to identify the imposter. Thanks for the input.