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A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user SlipperyEel
# of Quizzes 65
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Times taken 2,182
Quizmaker Rank # 4,276
2742021-01-26Super Fast Typing 1 to 100
1662021-01-30Foods that start with I
1192021-01-13Countries with the shortest names
902021-02-21Exploding Things in Minecraft
812021-01-26Ultra Fast Typing 1-100
762021-01-29Minecraft Swords
642021-01-30One Question #1
632021-01-30One Question #3
602021-01-24Blind Mobs in Minecraft
542021-08-30Countries that start with 'The'
532021-07-11Minecraft Illagers Quiz
512020-11-14The 12 times table in 15 seconds
502021-02-04Which Minecraft Mob? #1
472021-05-16Confusing Quiz #1
472021-02-16Dog breeds named after places #1
452021-06-21Countries ending in ''NA''
452021-01-31One Question #5
442021-02-08Foods that start with JETPUNK
422020-11-30Diego Maradona Quiz
402020-10-31Premier League Titles
392021-03-09One Question #10
342021-01-30One Question #2
312021-01-31One Question #4
282021-04-25Countries with the most centarians
282021-03-09One Question #9
262021-03-13Foods that start with U
262020-11-292019/20 Football League Winners
262021-02-16Dog breeds named after places #2
252021-03-07One Question #8
242021-03-02Welcome to Duloc lyrics- Shrek
222021-01-30Countries with the highest food wastage
222021-01-16National flags with pink
212021-07-11Planet Anagram
212021-04-15Flags with gray
202021-02-21Minecraft Torches
202021-02-16One Question #7
192021-01-24Sports in Spanish
182021-02-25Biggest Cities in Saudi Arabia
162021-07-20Undead Mobs in Minecraft 1.16
162021-03-09One Question Hard #2
162021-02-24Fast Typing 1-500
152021-05-12Minecraft Armour
142021-07-11Stationery Anagram
132021-03-07Countries with the worst drinking water
132021-02-16One Question Hard #1
122021-03-14One Question Hard #3
122021-02-21Countries with the most Homeownership
102021-02-16One Question #6
102021-01-17Country flags with the most colours
92021-01-03Planespotting #1
72021-01-18Planespotting #2
62021-04-01Countries with the highest waterwastage
62021-03-27Animals that start with X
62021-01-13Countries with the longest names
62021-01-18Planespotting #3
52021-02-23The Crimson Forest Quiz
52021-03-06Biggest Cities in Qatar
42021-04-25One Question Hard #4
42021-02-21The Soul Sand Valleys Quiz
32021-05-24One Question Hard #5
32021-02-20The Nether Wastes Quiz
32021-02-24The Warped Forest Quiz
32021-02-22The Basalt Delta Quiz
22021-01-31Foods that start with X
22021-01-26Planespotting #4