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5692021-06-05Macbeth: A little quiz
2102020-05-29British snacks and sweets!!
2052020-05-27Medical quiz
782022-08-19Miss Peregrine Quiz
592022-08-16Punctuation Quiz
582021-06-05British words
562022-07-06Quick maths - square these numbers
432021-07-13Riddles #1
382021-06-05UK sports
342022-08-16Commonly misspelled words
322021-07-02Movies described ~perfectly~
292021-07-13Riddles #2
282021-06-04Speed typing
252021-05-22Emoji Quiz
232022-03-31Geography terms
222022-08-23Words spelt through pronunciation
212021-07-10Reversed Alphabet
202020-05-24Latin #2
202021-10-17Actors by alternate letters
202021-07-10Animal quiz
192021-09-14The ultimate Isle of Wight quiz
182022-08-16Fear Quiz
142020-05-31Sponge out of water quiz!!
142021-10-17Actors by their vowels
132021-07-04Days of the week
132021-07-02Movie scenes
92021-11-13Songs by alternate letters
92020-05-30Ultimate Latin quiz
72022-10-30Cell Membrane
42020-06-04Books on my shelf!!
22022-09-28A level: microscopy quiz
12022-08-16Plug In lyric quiz