Gilmore Girls Random Trivia Part 2

This quiz covers S1-S7 and the revival. There will be 4 part to this series, each one harder than the last. This is part 2. NOTE: SPOILERS If you see this, comment "Team Jess:)"
Quiz by Jager123
Last updated: September 2, 2023
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First submittedMay 31, 2020
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1. What is Luke's sisters' name?
2. What school does Rory end up going to, instead of Harvard University?
3. What makes Emily's husband, Richard go into a drought for many days?
Emiy's lazer eye surgery going bad
The loss of his mother
Him losing his job
Getting fired
4. What phrase does Lorelai often repeat once her and Luke get engaged?
I don't want it to happen
Should I really do this?
I'm so excited
It's not gonna happen
5. What phrase does Lorelai come up with that she finds very weird?
I'm a kayak hear me roar
Oy with the poodles already
Norman Maylor I'm pregnant
Just do it takes on a whole new meaning
6. What is Richard's mother, Lorelai the 1st's nickname?
Lorelai the 1st
7. What was Luke's daughter, April wearing the day she came into the diner?
Buret (French Hat)
Over-protective bike helmet
8. What happens on the cruise Luke takes his almost fiancé on?
Luke proposes, then they get divorced
Luke proposes, and gets Nicole pregnant
He doesn't go
Luke proposes and they stay together
9. What is special about Luke's daughter, April?
Math genius
Science genius
10. What city in France do Lorelai and Christopher visit while Gigi see's her mother?
11. What president does Lorelai say she "hates" in attempt to lighten the mood while Christopher's parents are visiting?
President Trump
President Bush
President Obama
President T. Roosevelt
12. What is the name of the second business Taylor Doose runs?
Taylor's Ice Cream
Ice Cream Shoppe
Ice Cream Parlor
Doose's Shoppe
13. What play does Tristan not show up to because he was kicked out of Chilton?
Romeo and Juliet
Mickey Mouse
Star Crossed Lovers
10 Things I Hate About You
14. What temporary habit does Logan Huntzberger's mother often pick up?
Fingernail Biting
Foot Tapping
Stress Smoking
15. What does Rory steal from Doose's Market after being kissed by Dean? REMEMBER TO TAKE THE NEXT LEVEL QUIZ
Rocky Road Cookies
Ice Cream
Corn Starch
Level 8
Jun 17, 2020
Remember to comment!
Level 32
Mar 8, 2021
Some of these were difficult!
Level 8
Mar 27, 2021
Thank you so much for commenting! Make sure to try the next 2 levels! Enjoy
Level 16
Jan 4, 2023
isnt april both a math genius and science genius since she went on that math field trip?
Level 8
Jun 2, 2023
Yes, I will fix that! Thanks
Level 43
Aug 21, 2023
Fun quizzes! Just wanted to point out that Lorelai the 1st is Richards mother, not grandmother.
Level 8
Sep 2, 2023
Thanks! Will fix that