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What item did Emily’s dancer she rented have a strong connection with?Magic 8 Ball
How many phones does Rory have in the revival?4
What was the ingredient that Emily ran out of making the special drink at the Harvard vs. Yale game?Celery
What was the excuse Rory told her college date in order to not have to sit next to him?Draft
What did Dean ask Rory just before inviting her and Lorelai to his wedding?Chicken or beef
What did Rory and Lorelai do when they hadn't seen each other in a long time to "recognize" each other?Wear a rose
What was the name of the women Jason Styles took to the event while dating Lorelai?Crystal
What food did Emily put in Lorelai's martini instead of olives?Onions
What joke does Emily make that leaves Lorelai appalled?Nazi joke
What food did Lorelai try to give Jason’s dog, Cyrus one morning she was visiting? REMEMBER TO TAKE THE NEXT LEVEL QUIZBacon
What did Luke say Taylor made him do when he was little in the Boy Scouts?Glue rocks together
What shirt was Lorelai wearing to the teacher meeting with Mr. Madena?B 52’s
What color dress was Rory wearing when she goes on an interview in the revival?Red
What did Luke get mad at Rory for eating while he was making their food?Mini powdered donuts
What fruit was sitting in a bowl on the stove that Rory noticed as she was talking about how there was real food in the house?Tomatoes

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