The Big Autism Quiz 2020

Last Sunday, Aspergers Growth and Actually Aspling set up a quiz for the members of the autistic Instagram community. Well done to @aspienelle for getting the highest marks on the quiz! πŸ…πŸ…πŸ… In the spirit of sharing the experience, here is the online quiz for you! Make sure to SHARE so everyone can test their knowledge and maybe even learn something new! 🀩
Quiz by AspergersGrowth
Last updated: May 22, 2020
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1. Which of these Autistic individuals has a doctorate in Animal Science?
Anne Hegerty βœ“
Temple Grandin βœ“
Chris Packham βœ“
Alan Gardner βœ“
2. What is the name of the molecule that is typically associated with love and bonding, and is thought to be impaired in Autistic individuals?
Oxytocin βœ“
Adrenaline βœ“
Dopamine βœ“
Serotonin βœ“
3. In evolutionary Psychology, Autistic individuals have been compared to which animal?
Rats βœ“
Lizards βœ“
Fish βœ“
Dogs βœ“
4. In dated Psychology, what has Autism been described as?
The Logical Brain βœ“
The Reptilian Brain βœ“
The Sensitive Brain βœ“
The Extreme Male Brain βœ“
5. Which of these conditions is not an included part of Neurodiversity?
Intellectual Disability βœ“
Synaesthesia βœ“
Autism βœ“
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) βœ“
6. Autism diagnosis in the UK follows which set of guidelines?
The Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) βœ“
The World Health Organisation - Psychology Manual βœ“
The Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule βœ“
International Classification of Diseases (ICD) βœ“
7. Typically, what is the youngest age Autism be first identified at?
12 months βœ“
3 years βœ“
18 months βœ“
5 years βœ“
8. Which Autistic person won Britain's Got Talent in 2009?
George Sampson βœ“
Susan Boyle βœ“
Tokyo Myers βœ“
Joules O'Dwyer βœ“
9. Which of these celebrities is NOT officially diagnosed Autistic?
Daryl Hannah βœ“
Anthony Hopkins βœ“
Tim Burton βœ“
Courtney Love βœ“
10. What is the origin of the term Autism?
Greek βœ“
Italian βœ“
South African βœ“
Egyptian βœ“
11. What does the word Autism mean?
Strange One βœ“
Being With Oneself βœ“
Confusing Mind βœ“
Unsocial βœ“
12. Which country has the highest diagnosis of Autism rate?
Hong Kong βœ“
Poland βœ“
UK βœ“
Japan βœ“
13. According to the DSM, which of these is NOT classed as a β€˜form’ of autism?
Retts Syndrome βœ“
Childhood Disintegrative Disorder βœ“
Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS) βœ“
Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) βœ“
14. Known as 'bug boy' as a child, this individual went on to create a very popular animated TV show, who it is?
Chris Packham βœ“
Dan Ackroyd βœ“
Satoshi Tajiri βœ“
Steve Jobs βœ“
15. Who is the author of the Autism-related book β€˜The Reason I Jump’?
Steve Silberman βœ“
Naoki Higashida βœ“
Siena Castellon βœ“
Laura James βœ“
16. Most ASD-1 or Aspergers individuals have...
Above average Intelligence βœ“
Lower than average intelligence βœ“
Average intelligence βœ“
A mixture of average and above average intelligence βœ“
17. What is the most popular autism-related hashtag on Instagram?
#autismawareness βœ“
#actuallyautistic βœ“
#aspie βœ“
#autism βœ“
18. Who created the myth that the MMR vaccine causes autism, and was subsequently discredited?
Lorna Wing βœ“
Leo Kanner βœ“
Andrew Wakefield βœ“
Simon Baron-Cohen βœ“
19. Which of these is NOT a film about autism?
Little Women βœ“
Aspergers In Society βœ“
Rain Man βœ“
Normal People Scare Me βœ“
20. Which of these conditions is not as common in individuals with Aspergers or ASD-1?
Intellectual Disability βœ“
Synaesthesia βœ“
Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) βœ“
Obsessive-compulsive Disorder (OCD) βœ“
21. What is the name of the very popular animated short video about autism, created by Alexander Amelines?
Autism Explained βœ“
The Hidden Mind βœ“
Amazing Things Happen βœ“
The Stranger βœ“
22. The majority of Autistic university graduates are in full-time paid work
True βœ“
False βœ“
23. Leo Kanner was the first person to study Autism
True βœ“
False βœ“
24. There are currently NO diagnostic screening tools for Autistic women
True βœ“
False βœ“
25. Donald Triplett was the first recorded person to be officially diagnosed with Autism
True βœ“
False βœ“
26. A person with synaesthesia may see sounds, tastes, words or feel a sensation on the skin when they smell certain scents
True βœ“
False βœ“
27. Albert Einstein was officially confirmed to be Autistic
True βœ“
False βœ“
28. Judith Gould worked alongside Lorna Wing to create the Triad of Impairment, which highlights the 3 key traits of Aspergers Syndrome or ASD-1
True βœ“
False βœ“
29. Autism was once thought to be a schizophrenic-type disorder
True βœ“
False βœ“
30. People with Autism are less likely to catch yawns
True βœ“
False βœ“
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