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A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user Orioname.
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Times taken 3,742
Quizmaker Rank # 4,502
2272024-04-21Spanish: Food & Drink
1952024-04-19Spanish Verbs
1892024-04-21Spanish Nouns: Everyday Things
1612024-04-13Spanish Adjectives
1462024-02-11Spanish Nouns: Body Parts
1412024-04-21Spanish Nouns: Animals
1282024-04-19Spanish Adverbs
1272024-04-14Spanish Nouns: Everyday Things 2
1272024-04-13Spanish Conjunctions
1262024-04-20Spanish Nouns: Places
1242024-04-21Spanish Prepositions
1132024-04-09Spanish Nouns: People and Family
1102024-04-15Spanish Verbs 2
1002024-04-14Spanish Nouns: Everyday Things 3
962024-04-10Spanish Pronouns
962024-03-31Spanish: Weather
932024-04-12Spanish Time
802024-04-20Spanish Verbs 3
802024-04-13Spanish Adjectives 2
642023-10-15Spanish Months, Seasons and Days
642024-03-26Spanish Nouns: Everyday Things 4
582023-10-15Spanish Colours
552024-04-04Spanish Adjectives 3
502024-04-10Spanish: Academics
482024-04-10Spanish Interjections
432024-04-21Portuguese Nouns: Everyday Things
422024-04-14Portuguese: Food & Drink
382023-10-22Spanish Nouns: Numbers
372024-04-12Spanish: Feelings/Moods
362024-04-20Portuguese Verbs
332024-04-04Portuguese Nouns: Body Parts
332024-04-14Spanish Nouns: Everyday Things 5
302024-04-21Portuguese Prepositions
302024-04-10Portuguese Pronouns
272024-01-23Spanish Adjectives 4
272024-04-21Spanish Verbs 4
272024-04-20Portuguese Verbs 2
262024-04-13Portuguese Conjunctions
252024-04-19Portuguese Nouns: Everyday Things 2
242024-03-21Portuguese Nouns: Animals
222024-04-20Portuguese Nouns: Places
212023-08-26Risk Territories: Advanced Map
202024-04-20Spanish: Academics 2
202024-04-19Portuguese Interjections
192024-04-12Spanish Nouns: Everyday Things 8
192024-04-12Portuguese Time
192024-04-21Spanish Nouns: Everyday Things 9
182024-04-21Portuguese Verbs 3
182023-10-15Portuguese Colours
172024-04-10Portuguese Nouns: Everyday Things 3
172024-04-20Spanish Verbs 5
162023-10-09Spanish Articles
162024-04-14Spanish Nouns: Everyday Things 6
152024-04-07Portuguese Adjectives
152024-04-21Spanish Nouns: People and Family 2
122024-04-16Spanish Nouns: Everyday Things 7
122024-03-31Portuguese Weather
122023-09-15Spanish Direct Object Pronouns
122024-04-20Portuguese Nouns: People and Family
122023-09-15Spanish Subject Pronouns
112023-10-15Portuguese Numbers
112023-09-15Spanish Indirect Object Pronouns
102023-10-13Portuguese Months, Seasons and Days
102024-04-21Spanish Adverbs 2
92024-04-12Portuguese Feelings/Moods
92023-10-13Portuguese Articles
92023-09-15Spanish Prepositional Pronouns
92023-07-15Spanish Slang
82024-04-04Portuguese Adjectives 2
82023-09-15Spanish Relative Pronouns
82024-02-19Spanish Adjectives 5
72023-09-15Spanish Reflexive Pronouns
72024-04-21Spanish Adjectives 6
72023-09-15Spanish Demonstrative Pronouns
62023-09-15Spanish Possessive Pronouns
52024-04-19Portuguese Adverbs