Quizzes by Orioname

A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user Orioname.
# of Quizzes 51
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Times taken 2,763
Quizmaker Rank # 4,789
1672022-02-11Supernatural Monsters and Creatures
1652021-11-03Just Dance 2022 Song List
1602021-08-08Just Dance 2021 Song List
1492023-09-23Spanish Verbs
1472023-09-07Just Dance 2023 Song List
1422023-09-22Spanish Nouns: Everyday Things
1372023-09-23Spanish Adjectives
1152023-07-11Smite Gods
1072023-09-22Spanish Nouns: Everyday Things 2
1032023-09-22Spanish Adverbs
1012023-09-23Spanish Nouns: Food & Drink
912023-09-21Spanish Nouns: Animals
912023-09-21Spanish Nouns: Body Parts
852023-09-21Spanish Nouns: Places
772023-09-22Spanish Nouns: Everyday Things 3
772023-09-23Spanish Nouns: People and Family
772023-09-21Spanish Prepositions
752023-09-21Spanish Verbs 2
632023-09-23Spanish Conjunctions
622023-09-21Spanish: Weather
602023-09-23Spanish Adjectives 2
562020-11-25Just Dance 2020 Song List
522023-09-23Spanish Pronouns
492023-09-21Spanish Nouns: Time
372023-09-23Spanish Nouns: Everyday Things 4
372023-09-21Spanish Months, Seasons and Days
362023-09-23Spanish Adjectives 3
342023-02-21Smite Non-Gods
292023-09-03Spanish: Feelings/Moods
272023-09-21Spanish Colours
222023-08-14Spanish vs French
222023-09-23Spanish: Fields of Study
162023-07-06Smite Items
162023-09-21Spanish Nouns: Numbers
152023-08-26Risk Territories: Advanced Map
132023-08-31Common Spanish Phrases
122023-09-23Spanish Verbs 3
112023-09-21Just Dance 2024 Song List
82023-09-04Italian Conjunctions
82023-06-15Spanish Song Titles
32023-09-04Italian Pronouns
22023-09-15Spanish Relative Pronouns
22023-09-15Spanish Direct Object Pronouns
22023-07-15Spanish Slang
12023-09-15Spanish Subject Pronouns
12023-06-08Arabic Pronouns
12023-09-15Spanish Demonstrative Pronouns
02023-09-15Spanish Reflexive Pronouns
02023-09-15Spanish Indirect Object Pronouns
02023-09-15Spanish Possessive Pronouns
02023-09-15Spanish Prepositional Pronouns