5-Letter Video Game Chain Quiz (#1)

All answers have 5 letters.
The last letter of one answer will be the first letter of the following answer.
Quiz by JinxedJimi
Last updated: August 13, 2020
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First submittedAugust 13, 2020
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The name of the Lone Wanderer's father and Vault 101's resident doctor in Fallout 3.
A purple dragon who is the protagonist in a series of games which bear his name. He first appeared in 1998 and has since also become a major character in the Skylanders series.
_____ Software Ltd, one of the biggest European video game developers and publishers of the 1980's and 1990's. Their games include titles such as Jurassic Park and Rainbow Islands.
Duke _____, a 2D platform game named for its protagonist released in 1991. Later games in the series have been a mix of first-person and third-person shooters.
_____ Slug, a popular side scrolling run and gun platformer created by SNK that spawned many series and spin-offs.
Dying _____, an open world survival horror action-adventure video game, set in a quarantine zone in a city called Harran.
The main protagonist of Final Fantasy X. He is a rising star blitzball player from Zanarkand, and the son of major blitzball star Jecht.
An anthropomorphic blue hedgehog who is the main focus of a video game series and media franchise created and owned by Sega.
Burnout _____, an action racing video game, where players drive into an intersection and attempt to cause as big a pile-up as possible.
_____ Flipper, a simulator game that sets you the task of cleaning, remodelling and eventually selling properties.
_____ The Matrix, the first game based on the series of films. Its story is concurrent with that of The Matrix Reloaded, and features over an hour of original footage.
_____ Racer, known as Turbo Prop Racing in North America, is a motorboat racing video game released in 1997.
A playable race in World of Warcraft, described as robust humanoids who live beneath the snow-capped mountains of Khaz Modan.
The Bunny _____, the name of Lily Flyer's racing machine which appeared in F-Zero GX and F-Zero AX.
_____ Rain, a 2010 interactive drama and action-adventure game featuring four protagonists involved with the mystery of the Origami Killer.
A fictional dinosaur who appears in video games published by Nintendo.
This name refers to games typically created by individuals or smaller development teams without the financial support of a large game publisher.
_____ Brickowski, the 'special' character and protagonist of The Lego Movie Videogame and its sequel.
_____: Dinosaur Hunter, a first-person shooter released in 1997 for the N64 and is an adaptation of the Acclaim Comics comic book series of the same name.
_____ Khan, a warrior from the realm of Osh-Tekk and former Emperor of Outworld, first introduced in Mortal Kombat X.
A 2D puzzle-platform game presented in black-and-white tones, where the player guides an unnamed boy through dangerous environments and traps as he searches for his sister.
Level 84
Aug 13, 2020
This stuff is way too obscure, man. Captain Falcon maybe, but the name of Lily Flyer's car in F-Zero GX? Cloud or Sephiroth maybe, but Tidus? I've been a gamer for 30 years, and I'm just not this much of a nerd.
Level 63
Aug 14, 2020
Every other video game quiz has Cloud or Mario or Link as the answers. I wanted to create something different that included a much wider variety of games. Yes, that means that some of the answers may not be as well known but that's why I went with the chain idea - at least then if you know some of the answers, you'll have the first letter for at least a couple that you don't as an extra hint.
Level 85
Aug 14, 2020
And I got Lily Flyer's car doing exactly that - had the first and last letter and guessed the answer. Managed 15 overall and thought it had a good mix of easy and hard.