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A playable character and the primary protagonist of The Simpsons: Hit & Run.Homer
I Am _____, a crumby adventurer's journey to become toast.Bread
Halo: _____, the fifth installment of the series and a direct prequel to Combat Evolved.Reach
_____ Aran, the protagonist of the Metroid science fiction action-adventure game series by Nintendo.Samus
A guard in Skyrim took one of these to the knee, ending his days as an adventurer.Arrow
For _____, an action fighting game in a medieval fantasy setting, with players able to choose from warriors including knights, samurais and vikings.Honor
Ghost In The _____, a cyberpunk-themed third-person shooter, the story and art design were written and illustrated by the author of the original manga.Shell
What Remains Of _____ Finch, the title character returns to her childhood home to investigate a curse that causes all but one member of each generation of her family to die in unusual ways.Edith
_____ Motorsport, a racing game developed by Turn 10 Studios originally released in 2005.Forza
_____ Gainsborough, is the lead heroine of Final Fantasy VII, and becomes part of the eco-terrorist organization AVALANCHE.Aeris
Quake III _____, a first-person shooter with a heavy focus on multiplayer action.Arena
Wacky _____, based on the Hanna-Barbera cartoon of the same name, this game was released in the year 2000.Races
Destruction _____, a vehicular combat and racing video game developed by Reflections Interactive.Derby
Survivors in Left 4 Dead, can startle this infected character with light, loud noises, gunfire, or by remaining too close to her.Witch
_____ Hayter, a Canadian-American actor, voice actor, screenwriter, director, and producer best known for his portrayal of Solid Snake.David
One of the main protagonists and a playable character in Devil May Cry 2, alongside Dante.Lucia
In 7 Days to Die, when the Blood Moon comes out, the players must fight to survive this.Horde
_____ Upshur, an investigative reporter and the unseen protagonist of Outlast. He is also a secondary character in Outlast: Whistleblower.Miles
F1 Race _____, a kart racing game loosely based on the 2012 Formula One season, with circuits redesigned to feature loops, jumps and short-cuts.Stars
Motor_____, a series of off-road racing games exclusive to PlayStation with the first installation released in 2006.Storm
This creature is the sacred animal of the ancient Mudanchee tribe and is among the most feared predators on Oddworld.Scrab

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