Statistics for Cheats: World Cup Edition part 3

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2006: <Is this cheating?> A wink from which Portuguese player was taken as evidence that he'd conned the referee into sending off England's Wayne Rooney (his club teammate)?Cristiano Ronaldo
2010: I deliberately "saved" a goal-bound shot, celebrated the missed penalty, refused to apologise, and have demanded praise for cheating ever since because I am ______.Luis Suarez
2014: Who am I? After I bit(!) an Italian opponent I was banned for 9 matches. Incredibly, many of my countrymen vociferously defended me, and Barcelona actually signed me!Luis Suarez
2002: Which of the co-hosts had an extremely suspicious run all the way to the semi-final aided by some "friendly" refereeing?South Korea
2010: Before the tournament even started, France had to cheat just to qualify. Which of their players set up a goal against Ireland with a blatant handball?Thierry Henry
2002: I'll be forever remembered for a hilarious moment of play-acting: falling to the ground clutching my face after a Turkish opponent had kicked a ball into my leg. I am _________.Rivaldo
2006: It may be the only case of an offending player receiving righteous global sympathy: which French player was sent off in the final for a glorious headbutt on Italy's Materazzi?Zinedine Zidane
2018: France's opening goal in the World Cup final came from a free-kick incorrectly awarded (even after a VAR check) for a dive by which player?Antoine Griezmann
2006: Portugal vs Netherlands is known as "The Battle of Nuremberg": 4 red cards! Which Portuguese player avoided a red even after headbutting van Bommel?Luis Figo
2014: That's a World Cup record! With the hosts being the chief culprits, the quarter-final match between Brazil and Colombia had how many fouls?54
2018: It wasn't technically cheating, but Japan only qualified for the second round at the expense of Senegal by cynically taking advantage of which rule?Fair play
2014: The Ivory Coast lost 2-1 to Greece due to a last minute penalty awarded after which played fouled himself in the box?Georgios Samaras
2014: Neymar and Alves should have been sent off, Brazil shouldn't have been given a penalty or their third goal. The referee who so cruelly mistreated Croatia was from ________.Japan
2002: I'm the ref who gave S. Korea a non-penalty, disallowed Italy's golden goal, sent off Totti for a non-dive, got suspended for incompetence, then went to jail for drug-smuggling. I am ________.Byron Moreno
2010: Fabiano may have handled the ball (twice) in scoring a goal, but the Ivory Coast's cheated too: Kaka was ridiculously sent off after shameful theatrics from which player?Kader Keita

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