Top 100 most important and famous people from France

My opinion about the most important or famous French people from the birth of French nation in the Middle Ages
Quiz by Dav1999
Last updated: January 19, 2023
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Painter of Napoleon Crossing the Alps
Jacques-Louis David
Painter of The Stone Breakers
Gustave Courbet
Painter of The Raft of the Medusa
Theodore Gericault
Painter of The Luncheon on the Grass
Edouard Manet
Painter of Water Lilies
Claude Monet
Painter of Dance at Le moulin de la Galette
Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Painter of The Card Players
Paul Cézanne
Painter of L'Absinthe
Edgar Degas
Painter of Liberty Leading the People
Eugène Delacroix
Painter of The Yellow Christ
Paul Gauguin
Painter of At the Moulin Rouge
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
Painter of Dance
Henri Matisse
Sculptor of The Thinker
Auguste Rodin
One of the greatest architect of XX century
Le Corbusier
Philosopher, Cogito ergo sum
René Descartes
Mathematician and philosopher of wager
Blaise Pascal
Enlightenment writer, historian, and philosopher
Creator of the theory of separation of powers
Editor of Encyclopédie
Denis Diderot
Enlightenment mathematician and philosopher
Jean-Baptiste Le Rond d'Alembert
Philosopher of XX century, key figure in existentialism
Jean-Paul Sartre
Medieval poet, known for his writing about Arthurian subjects
Chrétien de Troyes
Fabulist of XVII century
Jean de La Fontaine
Playwright, author of The Imaginary Invalid and The Miser
Writer of XIX century, author of The Red and the Black
Writer, author of Les Miserables
Victor Hugo
Writer, author of The Three Musketeers
Alexandre Dumas
Writer, author of the letter I Accuse
Emile Zola
Writer, author of Madame Bovary
Gustave Flaubert
Writer, author of Journey to the Center of the Earth
Jules Verne
Writer, author of The Human Comedy
Honoré de Balzac
Poet, author of The Flowers of Evil
Charles Baudelaire
Poet, author of Illuminations
Arthur Rimbaud
Writer, author of In Search of Lost Time
Marcel Proust
Writer, author of The Stranger and The Plague
Albert Camus
Poet, representative of Symbolism
Paul Verlaine
Poet, representative of Cubism, died during the Spanish flu pandemic
Guillaume Apollinaire
Philosopher, winner of Nobel Prize in literature in 1927
Henri Bergson
Writer, winner of Nobel Prize in literature in 1947
André Gide
Writer, author of The Little Prince
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Woman, saint of Catholic Church, defender of nation during The Hundred Years War
Joan of Arc
King, saint of Catholic Church, died during a Crusade
Louis IX/Louis the Saint/Saint Louis
Theologian and Protestant reformer in Geneva
John Calvin
King who promulgated the Edict of Nantes, which guaranteed religious liberties to Protestants in 1598
Henry IV
The Sun King
Louis XIV
Cardinal and chief minister of King Louis XIII
Cardinal Richelieu
King beheaded during the French Revolution
Louis XVI
Statesman incarnation of the Terror during the French Revolution
Maximilien de Robespierre
Political of French Revolution killed in the bathroom
Jean-Paul Marat
Leading figure of French Revolution responsible of the September Massacres
Georges Danton
One of the leaders of the Jacobin club during the French Revolution
Louis Antoine de Saint-Just
One of the most important figure of American and French Revolution
Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette
Political and writer who was the chief political theorist of the French Revolution
Emmanuel Joseph Sieyès
Leading member of the Girondins during the French Revolution
Jacques Pierre Brissot
Moderate leader of the early stages of the French Revolution
Honoré Gabriel Riqueti, Count of Mirabeau
General and emperor, died in Saint Helena
Napoleon Bonaparte
Emperor, defeated in Franco-Prussian War
Napoleon III
Jewish officer became famous for a political scandal
Alfred Dreyfus
Allied Commander-in-Chief in World War One, who accepted the German capitulation
Ferdinand Foch
Leader of the collaborationist regime of Vichy France
Philippe Pétain
Prime Minister during the Treaty of Versailles
Georges Clemenceau
Prime Minister who signed the Munich Agreement before World War Two
Édouard Daladier
Officer and statesman who led Free France against Nazi Germany in World War II
Charles de Gaulle
President known for the Centre national d'art et de culture in Paris
Georges Pompidou
One of the fathers of European Union
Robert Schuman
President from 1981 to 1995
François Mitterrand
President from 2017
Emmanuel Macron
Chemist main figure of the XVIII century chemical revolution
Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier
Figure of XVIII/XIX century important for the development of engineering, mathematics and statistics
Pierre-Simon Laplace
Chemist who developed vaccines for rabies and anthrax
Louis Pasteur
Physicist and chemist who conducted pioneering research on radioactivity
Marie Curie/Pierre Curie
Mathematician and physicist, who made many fundamental contributions to pure and applied mathematics and mathematical physics
Henri Poincaré
Composer of Faust
Charles Gounod
Composer of Bolero
Maurice Ravel
Composer of Pelléas and Mélisande
Claude Debussy
DJ, Titanium, She Wolf
David Guetta
Female singer symbol of the chanson between 1930s and 1960s
Édith Piaf
French-Armenian considered one of the greatest songwriters in the history of music and icon of pop culture
Charles Aznavour
Inventors of cinema
Louis Lumière/Auguste Lumière
Engineer of the famous tower of Paris
Gustave Eiffel
Director of A Trip to the Moon
Georges Méliès
Director of The Grand Illusione and The Rules of the Game
Jean Renoir
Director of The 400 Blows
François Truffaut
Director of Breathless
Jean-Luc Godard
Director of A Man Escaped and Pickpocket
Robert Bresson
Actor, sex symbol between 1960s and 1980s
Alain Delon
Actress and model, sex symbol of 1950s and 1960s
Brigitte Bardot
Actress, played a character in Belle de Jour
Catherine Deneuve
Actor, businessman and vineyard owner
Gérard Depardieu
Actor, winner of Academy Award in 2011 for his role in the Artist
Jean Dujardin
Actor acclaimed for his performances in English-speaking films
Vincent Cassel
Actor considered one of the greatest of XX century, with a role in The Grand Illusion
Jean Gabin
Football player three times winner of Ballon d'Or
Michael Platini
Football player winner of Ballon d'Or in 1998
Zinedine Zidane
Football player, world champion in 2018
Kylian Mbappe
Football player and actor, star of Manchester United
Eric Cantona
Founder of the International Olympic Committee
Pierre de Coubertin
Driver, four times champion of Formula 1
Alain Prost
Cyclist, five times winner of Tour de France
Bernard Hinault
Oceanographer and filmmaker, three times winner of Academy Award
Jacques-Yves Cousteau
Level 69
Jan 12, 2023
It's a great idea.

You should include Saint Louis or St. Louis as a type-in, though. He is known as that after all, not only Louis the Saint.

Personally, I'm also sorry that you didn't include Jean-Jacques Rousseau or Marie de France or François Villon, my personal favourites. But this is just fault-finding. You can't have everything.

I really appreciate your work, and it's so very interesting to see so many people from all walks of life in one quiz.

Level 46
Jan 12, 2023
Thank you, i didn't include Rousseau because he was Swiss
Level 69
Jan 13, 2023
So was Marat, with a Sardinian father. :) At least the place where he was born now belongs to Switzerland, and at the time he was born it belonged to Prussia. It's all really complicated when it comes to ancestry.
Level 60
Mar 3, 2023
Cheers for including Alain Prost, the all-time GOAT of Formula 1.