Top 100 most important and famous people from Germany

My opinion about the most important or famous German people from the birth of idea of German nation in the Middle Ages
Quiz by Dav1999
Last updated: January 12, 2023
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Painter of The Ambassadors
Hans Holbein the Younger
Painter of Wanderer above the Sea of Fog
Caspar David Friedrich
Painter of Five women on the street
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
Writer of XIX century, author of fantasy and Gothic horror
Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann
Poet, author of The Sorrows of Young Werther
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Writer, author of many famous fairy tales
Jacob Grimm/Wilhelm Grimm
Philosopher of the Enlightenment, born in Konigsberg
Immanuel Kant
Philosopher, one of the most important figures in idealism
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
Philosopher, ideator of thesis–antithesis–synthesis
Johann Gottlieb Fichte
Philosopher, who made a critique of Christianity
Ludwig Andreas von Feuerbach
Philosopher, author of The World as Will and Representation
Arthur Schopenhauer
Philosopher, author of The Communist Manifesto
Karl Marx
Philosopher, other author of The Communist Manifesto
Friedrich Engels
Philosopher, the most important and influential of the XX century
Martin Heidegger
Philosopher, leading member of the Frankfurt School
Theodor W. Adorno
Philosopher, death of God
Friedrich Nietzsche
Female philosopher, the banality of evil
Hannah Arendt
Female revolutionary socialist
Rosa Luxemburg
Historian, the greatest classicist of the XIX century
Theodor Mommsen
Writer, author of Tonio Kröger and Doctor Faustus
Thomas Mann
Theologian, main figure of the Protestant Reformation
Martin Luther
Pope, died in 2022
Benedict XVI
Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, nicknamed red beard
Frederick Barbarossa
Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, nicknamed stupor mundi
Frederick II
King of Prussia, supporter of enlightened absolutism
Frederick II/ Frederick the Great
First emperor of German Empire
William I/Wilhelm I
Kaiser of German Empire during World War One
William II/Wilhelm II
King of Bavaria, commissioned the construction of Neuschwanstein Castle
Ludwig II/Ludwig of Bavaria
The Iron Chancellor, main figure of the unification of Germany
Otto von Bismarck
Main Prussian general during Franco-Prussian War
Helmuth von Moltke
Main German general during World War One and President of Weimar Germany
Paul von Hindenburg
General, key figure of German victories at Liège and Tannenberg during World War One
Erich Ludendorff
Criminal, Fuhrer of Nazi Germany
Adolf Hitler
Criminal, commander of Air Force of Nazi Germany
Hermann Goring
Criminal, Nazi Minister of propaganda
Joseph Goebbels
Criminal, commander of SS
Heinrich Himmler
Criminal, the man with the iron heart, killed in Prague
Reinhard Heydrich
Criminal, officier of SS, executed in Israel in 1962
Adolf Eichmann
Criminal, main architect of Nazi Germany
Albert Speer
Criminal, doctor nicknamed The Angel of Death
Josef Mengele
Criminal, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Nazi Germany
Joachim von Ribbentrop
General of Nazi Germany, nicknamed the Desert Fox
Erwin Rommel
President, one of the fathers of European Union
Konrad Adenauer
Chancellor from 1963 to 1966, main figure of German economic miracle
Ludwig Erhard
Chancellor from 1969 to 1974, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1971
Willy Brandt
Chancellor from 1982 to 1998, main figure of German reunification
Helmut Kohl
Female Chancellor from 2005 to 2021
Angela Merkel
President of East Germany from 1976 to 1989
Erich Honecker
Inventor of movable-type printing press
Johannes Gutenberg
Astronomer, known for his laws of planetary motion
Johannes Kepler
Polymath of XVII century main figure of philosophy and mathematic
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
Mathematician and physicist of XVIII/XIX century, considered the foremost of mathematicians
Carl Friedrich Gauss
Physicist, known for developing the theory of relativity
Albert Einstein
Physicist, one of the main pioneers of the theory of quantum mechanics
Werner Karl Heisenberg
Leading figure in the development of rocket technology in Nazi Germany and later a pioneer of rocket and space technology in the United States
Wernher von Braun
Physicist, main creator of the theory of quantum mechanics, winner of Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918
Max Planck
Physicist, who produced and detected electromagnetic radiation in a wavelength range known as X-rays
Wilhelm Röntgen
Physicist, who contributed significantly to the development of radio and television technology, he shared the 1909 Nobel Prize in Physics with Guglielmo Marconi
Karl Ferdinand Braun
Physicist, who first conclusively proved the existence of the electromagnetic waves
Heinrich Hertz
Physicist and mathematician, key figure in the development of quantum mechanics, winner of Nobel Prize in Physics in 1954
Max Born
Chemist, pioneer in the fields of radioactivity and radiochemistry, winner of Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1944
Otto Hahn
Chemist, winner of Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1918 for his invention of a process to synthesize ammonia from nitrogen gas and hydrogen gas
Fritz Haber
Microbiologist, discoverer of the specific causative agents of deadly infectious diseases including tuberculosis and cholera, winner of Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1905
Robert Koch
Physiologist who received the 1901 Nobel Prize in Medicine, for his discovery of a diphtheria antitoxin
Emil Adolf von Behring
Biologist, pioneer in the study of cellular respiration, winner of Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1953
Hans Krebs
Engineer who successfully developed the compressed charge internal combustion engine which ran on petroleum gas and led to the modern internal combustion engine
Nikolaus August Otto
Engineer, pioneer of internal-combustion engines and automobile development
Gottlieb Daimler
Engineer, considered the inventor of the car
Carl Benz
Chemist, pioneer in the field of high-pressure industrial chemistry, winner of Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1931
Carl Bosch
Engineer, famous for the invention of the engine named like him
Rudolf Diesel
Engineer, inventor of the modern computer
Konrad Zuse
German-British Baroque composer known for his operas, composer of Zadok the Priest
Georg Friedrich Händel
Baroque composer of Toccata and Fugue in D minor and Fugue in G minor
Johann Sebastian Bach
Composer of Symphony No. 9 and For Elise
Ludwig van Beethoven
Composer of Ride of the Valkyries
Richard Wagner
Composer of Wiegenlied(Lullaby or Cradle Song)
Johannes Brahms
One of the greatest symphonic and operatic conductors of the XX century
Wilhelm Furtwängler
Conductor of the XIX century, his activity was critical for establishing the successes of several major composers of the time
Hans von Bülow
Rock band formed in Hanover in 1965
Band famous for his song 99 Luftballons
Director of Nosferatu
Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau
Director, nominated for the Academy Award for Best Director three times for The Patriot, The Love Parade and Heaven Can Wait
Ernst Lubitsch
Director of Ali: Fear Eats the Soul and one of the main figures of the New German Cinema movement
Rainer Werner Fassbinder
Actress and sex symbol of 1920s, starred in many Hollywood film and one of the most popular actress of all times
Marlene Dietrich
Actor, three times nominated for the Golden Globe Awards, debuted as Magneto in X-Men films
Michael Fassbender
Actor, two times winner of Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained
Christoph Waltz
Actor, famous for his portrayal of former Formula 1 driver Niki Lauda in the film Rush and his role in Inglourious Basterds
Daniel Bruhl
One of the world's most successful models of 1990s
Claudia Schiffer
Footballer, world champion in 1974, and two times winner of Ballon d'Or
Franz Beckenbauer
Footballer, goalkeeper, world champion in 2014
Manuel Neuer
Footballer, world champion in 1990, and winner of Ballon d'Or in 1990
Lothar Matthäus
Tennis player, winner of six Grand Slam titles
Boris Becker
Female tennis player, winner of 22 Grand Slam titles
Steffi Graf
Driver, 7 times champion of Formula 1
Michael Schumacher
Driver, 4 times champion of Formula 1
Sebastian Vettel
Founder of one of the most famous car brands in the world
Ferdinand Porsche
Founder of one of the most famous fashion brands in the world
Hugo Boss
Industrialist, who saves the lives of 1,200 Jews during the Holocaust, famous for the film about his life
Oskar Schindler
Jewish girl who kept a diary in which she documented her life under Nazi persecution
Anne Frank
Anti-Nazi political activist, member of the White Rose a non-violent resistance group in Nazi Germany
Hans Scholl/Sophie Scholl
Level 73
Jan 16, 2023
Nice series of quizzes! I think Alexander von Humboldt and Albrecht Dürer(most important german painter imho) should be included.
Level 46
Jan 16, 2023
Thank you for the advice