Statistics for Top 20 most important and famous people from Hungary

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Invention of mechanical puzzles including a famous cubeErnő Rubik
Footballer of 1950s, legend of Real MadridFerenc Puskás
President from 2010Viktor Orbán
Escape artist, magic man and stunt performer, noted for his escape actsHarry Houdini
Businessman and philanthropist, Forbes called him the most generous giverGeorge Soros
Composer and pianist of the Romantic period. He is considered to be one of the most prolific and influential composers of his eraFranz Liszt
One of the most important composers of the XX century. He studied folk music and he was one of the founders of comparative musicology, which later became ethnomusicologyBéla Bartók
Prime Minister, leader of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 against the Soviet-backed government, for which he was sentenced to death and executed two years laterImre Nagy
Physicist called the father of the hydrogen bombEdward Teller
Actor remembered for his role as Count Dracula in the 1931 horror classic Dracula, Ygor in Son of Frankenstein and other roles in many other horror films from 1931 to 1956Bela Lugosi
Polymath who made major contributions to many fields, including mathematics (mathematical logic, measure theory, functional analysis), physics (quantum mechanics, hydrodynamics & ballistics, nuclear physics and quantum statistical mechanics) and economicsJohn von Neumann
Biochemist who isolated vitamin C and discovered the components and reactions of the citric acid cycle, winner of Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1937Albert Szent-Györgyi
Leader of the Arrow Cross Party who became the Leader of the Nation during World War TwoFerenc Szálasi
Physicist who conceived the nuclear chain reaction in 1933 and patented the idea of a nuclear fission reactor in 1934Leo Szilard
The greatest combat and adventure photographer in historyRobert Capa
Director of Mephisto, and winner of Academy Award in 1982István Szabó
King, who founded one of the earliest professional standing armies of medieval Europe and patronized sciences and artsMatthias Corvinus
Photographer known for his groundbreaking contributions to photographic composition and the photo essayImre Kertész
One of the most prolific mathematicians and producers of mathematical conjectures of the XX century. He proposed problems in discrete mathematics, graph theory, number theory, mathematical analysis, approximation theory, set theory, and probability theoryPaul Erdős
Physicist, who contributed to the theory of the atomic nucleus and the elementary particles, particularly through the discovery and application of fundamental symmetry principles. Winner of Nobel Prize in Physics in 1963Eugene Wigner

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