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1,9842015-12-31Top 50 Cities in European Union by Population
1692022-06-02Billy Joel Uk Top 75 Hits
862016-02-14Elton John Songs 1969-1979
842016-01-01Top 10 UK chart hits - 1987
792016-02-06Top 10 UK Chart Hits - 1988
342022-08-01Taylor Swift Top 75 UK Hits
312022-04-23Top 10 UK Chart Hits - 1998
252022-06-07Olivia Newton John UK Top 75 Hits
242022-06-01Elton John Top 75 Uk Hits
232022-06-01Lady Gaga Uk Top 75 Singles
202022-06-18Kate Bush Top 75 Uk Hits
192022-06-02Madonna Uk Top 75 Hits
172022-06-28Post Beatles Top 75 Uk Singles
172022-11-15Most Played Live - Lady Gaga
172022-05-31Little Mix Top 75 Uk Hits
152022-06-05Bee Gees UK Top 75 Hits
142022-06-01Kylie Minogue Uk Top 75 Singles
132022-06-07Celine Dion Top 75 UK Hits
132022-06-02Bruce Springsteen Uk Top 75 Hits
122022-06-11Take That UK Top 75 Singles
112022-05-31Mariah Carey UK Top 75
112022-08-02Neil Diamond Top 75 UK Hits
102022-06-18Guns N Roses Top 75 Uk Hits
102022-08-01Ariana Grande Top 75 UK Hits
92022-11-15Most Played Live - Billy Joel
92022-06-11Janet Jackson Top 75 UK Hits
92022-06-01Beyonce Top 75 Hits UK
82022-11-15Most Played Live - Madonna
82022-11-15Most Played Live - Bruce Springsteen
72022-06-07Stevie Wonder Top 75 UK Hits
72023-01-31Lady Gaga Videography
72022-05-30Jennifer Lopez UK Top 75 Hits
62022-08-02Donna Summer Top 75 UK Hits
62022-05-30Justin Timberlake UK Top 75 Hits
62022-05-30Bon Jovi Top 75 Uk Hits
52022-11-15Most Played Live - Kings of Leon
52022-11-15Most Played Live - Little Mix
52022-11-15Most Played Live - Pet Shop Boys
52022-06-11Blur Top 75 Uk Hits
42022-08-02Marvin Gaye UK Top 75 Hits
42022-06-18Cher Top 75 Uk Hits
32022-06-18George Michael Uk Top 75 Hits
32022-11-15Most Played Live - Kylie Minogue
32023-01-31Kylie Minogue Videography
22023-01-31Miley Cyrus UK Top 75 Hits
12023-01-31Pet Shop Boys Videography
12022-06-11Beautiful South Top 75 Uk Hits
12023-02-01Beyonce Videography