Captain America Trivia

Can you answer these Captain America trivia questions?
Quiz by DarthKnight
Last updated: May 4, 2021
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What is his real name?
Steve Rogers
What team is he part of?
The Avengers
Who is his girlfriend?
Peggy Carter
Who played above?
Hayley Atwell
Who played him?
Chris Evans
What film was he introduced?
Captain America
The subtitle of above?
The First Avenger
How many cap films are there?
Subtitle of 2?
The Winter Soldier
Subtitle of 3?
Civil War
Who is his enemy in above?
Iron Man
Actor's name of above?
Robert Downey Jr.
Who is above's character's name?
Tony Stark
Who is above's dad's name?
Howard Stark
Who is above's wife's name?
Maria Stark
Who are the villains in 1?
The Red Skull
Arnim Zola
Who was the original evil group of villains?
Second evil group of villains to fight him?
Real name of arch nemesis?
Johan Schmiddt
Who played Abraham Erskine?
Stanley Tucci
How did above character die?
Got Shot
What is Cap's weapon of choice?
Who played Howard?
Dominic Cooper
Who cameo's at the end of 1?
Nick Fury
Who plays above?
Samuel L. Jackson
Who cameo's as the doctor in 2?
Joe Russo
Who is above's brother?
Anthony Russo
When was Cap born?
What film was Cap in a deleted scene?
The Incredible Hulk
Who tells Cap in 2012 to "Get her number."?
Stan Lee
How old is Cap in Infinity War?
What Marvel character did Evans play before?
The Human Torch
Who are the villains in 2?
Alexander Pierce
The Winter Soldier
Brock Rumlow
Jasper Sitwell
Jack Rollins
Villain name of Rumlow?
Who plays above?
Frank Grillo
Who plays Col. Phillips?
Tommy Lee Jones
What is above's character's name?
Who does Cap kiss in 3?
Sharon Carter
What agent number is above?
Who plays above?
Emily Van Camp
Who kisses Cap in 2?
Black Widow
Who plays above?
Scarlett Johansson
What Marvel film was Evans in before 1?
Fantastic Four
Subtitle of above 2?
Rise of the Silver Surfer
Who plays Evans sister in above film?
Jessica Alba
What film does Evans appear with a beard in?
Avengers: Infinity War
What film did Cap time-travel?
Avengers: Endgame
Who is Cap's best friend?
Bucky Barnes
Who plays above?
Sebastian Stan
Who is Cap's second friend?
Who plays above?
Anthony Mackie
What Disney+ show stars above?
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
Who are the villains of the above show?
Baron Zemo
Karli Morgenthau
U.S. Agent
Madame Hydra
George Batroc
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