Iron Man Trivia

Answer these simple questions about the Marvel superhero called Iron Man
You can move the Yellow Box.
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Last updated: June 12, 2021
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What is Iron Man's real name?
Tony Stark
What is his middle name?
What is his full name?
Anthony Edward Stark
What was his dad's name?
What was his mom's name?
Who was the villain in the first film?
Iron Monger
What was above's real name?
Obadiah Stane
Who was in the post-credit scene of 1
Nick Fury
Played above in all the movies
Sameul L. Jackson
What is above character work for?
Who played Iron Man?
Robert Downey Jr.
Who directed 3?
Shane Black
Who directed 1,2 and plays Happy?
Jon Favreau
Who was in the cave with Tony?
Ho Yinsen
When was Tony born?
What film was Tony introduced?
Iron Man
What year did that film come out?
What is Tony's wife's name?
Pepper Potts
What is her real name?
What is above's superhero name?
Who played above?
Gwyneth Paltrow
Who played the guy in the cave?
Shaun Toub
Who were the villains in 2?
Justin Hammer
What was above's real name?
Ivan Vanko
What was above's dad's real name?
Anton Vanko
Who is above's super villain name in the comics?
Crimson Dynamo
Who is the green version of Iron Man?
Titanium Man
Who is Tony's bodyguard?
Happy Hogan
What was the name of the potato gun kid in 3?
Harley Keener
Who were the villains in 3?
Aldrich Killian
Trevor Slattery
Eric Savin
Ellen Brandt
In the comics who is above married to?
What alias does Killian go by in 3?
The Mandarin
What does he create?
The Extremis Serum
What does the Mandarin have?
The Ten Rings
Who played the main villain from 3?
Guy Pierce
Who played Slattery in 3?
Ben Kingsley?
What team is Tony apart of?
The Avengers
What film did Tony cameo in at the end?
The Incredible Hulk
Who cameos in the post-credit scene of 3?
Bruce Banner
Who played above?
Mark Ruffalo
Who killed Tony's parents?
The Winter Soldier
Who was the little boy in 2?
Peter Parker
Who does above later become?
How many Iron Man movies are there?
Who played Iron Monger?
Jeff Bridges
Who played Whiplash?
Mickey Rourke
Who played Hammer in 2?
Sam Rockwell
What Mission Impossible star tryed out for the role of Iron Man?
Tom Cruise
What National Treasure star tryed out for the role of Iron Man?
Nickolas Cage
What X-Men star did the producers want to play Tony?
Hugh Jackman
What was the reporters name in 1,2?
Christine Everheart
Who played the above character?
Leslie Bibb
What is the thing that keeps Tony alive?
The Arc Reactor
What film does Tony die?
Avengers: Endgame
Level 60
Apr 12, 2023
Just for the record, there's no confirmation that the kid in the Iron Man helmet in 2 is Peter Parker. It's just a fan theory at this point. Good quiz though!