American History for Dummies

Even if your a dummy, you'll be able to pass this quiz.
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Last updated: July 15, 2021
First submittedJuly 15, 2021
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What ship brought the Pilgrims to Plymouth?
The Mayflower
Who did the British fight in a 7 Years War?
What year did America declare independence?
Who founded the National Bank?
Alexander Hamilton
Who was the 2nd president?
John Adams
Who was the guide for Lewis and Clark?
Who founded the Democratic party?
Andrew Jackson
What animal did the above's opponents compare him to?
A Jackass (Donkey)
What president freed the slaves?
Abraham Lincoln
What territory did America but from Russia in 1867?
What country did America acquire The Philippines from?
What president famously said "Speak softly and carry a big stick."?
Theodore Roosevelt
What anti-semitic car maker founded a car company?
Henry Ford
What war did America join in 1917?
What city was Al Capone a mob boss in?
What infamous prison was open for 30 years in the San Francisco Bay?
What place in Hawaii was attacked on December 7th 1941?
Pearl Harbor
What war did America join in 1941?
What is the name of the alliance that America joined in 1949?
What "war" did america fight against the Soviet Union?
The Cold War
What state was admitted to the union in 1960?
What president sent troops into Vietnam during the Vietnam War?
Lyndon Johnson
Who was shot and killed in April 4th, 1668?
Martin Luther King Jr.
What "movement" was the above part of?
The Civil Rights Movement
Who famously lost the 2000 presidential election?
Al Gore
What country did America invade in 2003?
What country did the U.S. invade 2 years earlier?
What president famously said "Yes we can."?
Barack Obama
What date in 2021 was the capital attacked?
January 6th
Only Hard Question: Where did James K. Polk go to college?
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Level 53
Mar 29, 2022
I think you mean "1968" for the MLK question. Good quiz!