Napoleonic Wars

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First Consul of France
Napoleon Bonaparte
His first wife
Josephine de Beauharnais
His second wife
Marie Louise
Alliance fought by Napoleon from 1798-1802
Second Coalition
Treaty signed in 1802
Treaty of Amiens
Which country did Napoleon not depart from that angered the British
What was the name of the selling of an area of land in 1803
Louisiana Purchase
How expensive was this
$15 million
Who declared war on France in May 1803
When did Napoleon declare himself Emperor
French ally against the Third Coalition
Naval battle where a ^-French fleet was destroyed
Battle of Trafalgar
Name of the British commander in charge
Horatio Nelson
Year of the battle
Battle where Napoleon defeated the Austrian forces
Battle of Ulm
Battle often known as his greatest victory, after which dissolving the Holy Roman Empire
Battle of Austerlitz
Which country then signed a peace treaty with France
What was the French army called
Grande Armée
Battles defeating the Prussians in 1806
Battle of Jena
Battle of Auerstädt
Battle defeating the Russians
Battle of Friedland
Which country did Britain attack the ships of to prevent them falling to the French
Battle against Poland in 1807
Battle of Elysau
System set up to exclude Britain from trade
Continental System
Country refusing to abide by the system
War that was the consequence of this
Peninsular War
Who signed a peace treaty with France in 1807
What was the treaty called
Treaty of Tilsit
War fought as a result of the treaty and hostilities
Anglo-Russian War
Treaty reneweing the Franco-Russian alliance in 1808
Treaty of Erfurt
City that Britain tried to attack in the Fifth Coalition
Name of British general who helped defeat the French in Spain
Arthur Wellesley
What title was he given in honour of this in 1814
Duke of Wellington
River that Napoleon rushed to cross to fight the Austrians in 1809
Subsequent battle where he lost his first battle
Battle of Aspern-Essling
Battle where Napoleon regained the victory
Battle of Wagram
Treaty signed by Austria
Treaty of Schönbrunn
What nationality was a person who almost assassinated Napoleon
Which year did Napoleon marry his second wife
War as a result of Britain interfering with US trade
War of 1812
Year of Napoleon's massive campaign into Russia
Deadliest battle of the war outside Moscow
Battle of Borodino
What percent of French soldiers made it back to France (nearest 5%)
How many countries made up the Sixth Coalition
Great victory by Napoleon against the Coalition
Battle of Dresden
Largest battle with 600,000 troops involved, French defeat
Battle of Leipzig
Name of the plans by the Coalition to keep Napoleon as emperor but reclaim territories
Frankfurt Proposals
Year that Paris was captured and Napoleon was forced to abdicate
Which island was Napoleon banished to
Council of nations deciding over European borders
Congress of Vienna
Another name for Napoleon's return to France
Hundred Days War
Who did Napoleon reclaim the crown from
Which [modern day] country did Napoleon march into against the Seventh Coalition
Famous battle where Napoleon was defeated
Battle of Waterloo
Group of soldiers that refused to surrender and were therefore wiped out
Old Guard
Where was Napoleon forced to abdicate to this time
St Helena
In what year did he die [likely of stomach cancer]
French lineage reinstated on the throne
House of Bourbon
What system was introduced around Europe by Napoleon
Metric System
What sentiment was sparked in the warring countries
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