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World Leaders by Picture0-4.29189,509
U.S. Presidents by Picture0-4.80354,994
U.S. Vice Presidents0-4.3597,661
Shakespeare's Plays Quiz0-4.36313,391
Letters of the Greek Alphabet0-4.92513,146
Olympian Gods Quiz0-4.95412,041
All U.S. Supreme Court Justices0-4.4425,173
English Monarchs Quiz0-4.86391,546
Name the War Quiz0-4.31180,029
Art Works Picture Quiz #10-4.4590,646
Art Works Picture Quiz #20-4.4580,983
U.S. Federal Agency Acronyms0-4.4671,763
U.S. Cabinet Departments0-4.7855,977
Words for Leaders0-4.67191,501
Communist Countries in History0-4.49394,199
Famous Dictators Quiz #10-4.53171,039
Mythical Creatures Quiz #10-4.88607,076
100 Most Common English Words0-4.891,031,265
Governors Who Ran For President0-4.3917,577
Words for Government0-4.4368,183
Figures from Greek Mythology0-4.87153,658
Roman Numeral Decoding Quiz0-4.85351,083
U.S. Presidents by State0-4.2762,010
U.S. Presidential Quotes0-4.2840,500
Commonwealth of Nations Countries0-4.93208,414
U.S. Presidential Trivia #10-4.5184,090
Popular Royal Names 0-4.17109,126
Nautical Words Quiz0-4.4939,587
Prime Ministers of the UK0-4.93339,517
Canadian Prime Ministers Quiz0-4.4739,259
Biggest US Cities by Decade0-4.93135,470
Famous Dictators Quiz #20-4.3274,552
U.S. Postal Abbreviations0-4.4552,270
Ye Olde Professions0-4.56123,389
Name that Greek Letter0-4.91261,155
OPEC Countries Quiz0-4.6777,122
NATO Countries Quiz0-4.97206,399
EU Countries Quiz0-4.99210,998
Recently Independent Countries Quiz0-4.98133,776
Historical Rulers #10-4.2295,311
Countries in World War II0-4.47701,498
Deadliest U.S. Wars0-4.78144,778
Countries in World War I0-4.91188,373
U.S. Presidents by Event0-4.5426,274
Prime Ministers of Australia0-4.4624,696
U.S. Bill of Rights0-4.5229,524
Vietnam War Countries0-4.7879,004
Countries "Ruled" by King Charles III0-4.7366,930
Countries of the Soviet Union0-4.99151,239
Modern Countries Conquered by Alexander the Great0-4.9293,858
World Leaders Quiz #10-4.0284,629
Political Quotes Quiz0-4.0018,149
The American Revolution0-4.4748,365
Independence from Whom0-4.99168,915
Presidential Running Mates Quiz0-4.1115,594
Political Movements by Country0-4.4763,157
Presidential Actors0-4.3516,340
Time Magazine Person of the Year0-4.5360,848
Losing U.S. Presidential Candidates0-4.5065,089
U.S. Senators by State0-4.4325,340
National Founders0-4.3675,565
WWII Trivia #10-4.33133,936
Notable People of WWII0-4.4675,020
Names for Crimes0-4.66100,697
First Ladies of the United States0-4.2269,200
WWII Trivia #20-4.4377,790
World War I Quiz0-4.5484,526
First Names of U.S. Presidents0-4.85304,685
Presidential Middle Names0-4.2746,485
Most Populous Countries in 19000-4.88149,835
U.S. Citizenship Test Questions0-4.84187,120
Book Titles by Synonyms #10-4.6766,455
The George W. Bush Presidency0-3.9229,450
The Bill Clinton Presidency0-4.1228,534
The George H. W. Bush Presidency0-4.3019,270
The Ronald Reagan Presidency0-4.1722,009
The Richard Nixon Presidency0-3.9519,566
The Jimmy Carter Presidency0-4.2416,694
The John F. Kennedy Presidency0-4.3638,590
The Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidency0-4.3720,738
The Abraham Lincoln Presidency0-4.5023,136
The American Civil War0-4.5945,257
Political Figures by Last Name #10-4.4754,098
Political Figures by Last Name #20-4.0312,968
Spouses of World Leaders0-4.0610,791
American Political Words0-4.3120,939
Ancient Greek Words0-4.8776,034
Name the Popes Quiz0-4.4491,844
Confederate States of the U.S. Civil War0-4.91105,877
WWI A-Z0-4.4931,867
Prime Ministers of Israel0-4.0614,751
Houses of British Monarchs0-4.4846,554
History by Letter - A0-4.48120,394
History by Letter - B0-4.55137,048
History by Letter - C0-4.65132,860
History by Letter - D0-4.29110,678
History by Letter - E0-4.42112,152
WWII A-Z #10-4.7883,777
WWII A-Z #20-4.4545,040
Axis Occupied Countries of WWII0-4.99186,860
History by Letter - G0-4.4196,532
History by Letter - H0-4.36108,144
History by Letter - J0-4.43123,304
Countries of the Japanese Empire0-4.9577,350
History by Letter - M0-4.4887,276
U.S. Presidential Trivia #20-4.4035,968
World Leaders Quiz #20-3.9023,122
World Leaders of the Cold War0-4.2620,005
World Leaders of the World Wars0-4.3531,314
WWII Geography0-4.7490,978
Soviet Leaders 1917–19910-4.3367,188
Countries that Bordered the USSR0-4.93131,502
People in History A-Z #10-4.5682,474
People in History A-Z #20-4.4145,046
US Presidents Breakdown Puzzle #10-3.6518,624
Countries Invaded by the USSR0-4.2261,651
Historical Leaders by Date #10-4.4526,072
Historical Leaders by Date #20-4.4225,078
People in History A-Z #30-4.4238,509
25 Biggest Cities of the Soviet Union0-4.9161,231
US Presidents - 1 Minute Sprint0-4.36243,980
Military History Vocabulary0-4.8853,393
Neutral European Countries of WWII0-4.95114,800
U.S. Presidents Who Died in Office0-4.7328,269
Assassinated U.S. Presidents0-4.5273,031
Normandy D-Day Beaches0-4.7833,764
Countries of the Popes0-4.7372,061
Top 10 U.S. States by Democratic Party Support0-4.4648,649
All U.S. Supreme Court Justices Ever0-4.308,978
Countries of Europe After World War II0-4.97148,603
Countries of Europe Before World War I0-5.00117,355
UN Secretaries-General0-4.306,584
The Barack Obama Presidency0-4.1121,425
The George Washington Presidency0-3.898,894
The John Adams Presidency0-4.047,155
The Thomas Jefferson Presidency0-4.1811,883
People in Pictures with Ronald Reagan0-4.2834,760
People in Pictures with Barack Obama0-4.0742,559
Random U.S. Vice President to President0-4.5518,381
U.S. Vice Presidents Who Became President0-4.5611,394
The Reign of Napoleon0-4.4632,888
The Kennedy Family0-3.486,238
First Names of Recent World Leaders0-4.1720,706
Soviet Union Country Quiz0-4.8058,330
Most-Visited Countries by U.S. Presidents0-4.98158,347
Ten Least Guessed U.S. Presidents0-4.3024,927
The Dictator Files: Adolf Hitler0-4.5751,370
The Dictator Files: Joseph Stalin0-4.1934,711
The Dictator Files: Chairman Mao0-4.1216,654
G7 Leaders Since 20030-4.4326,763
U.S. President Scramble0-4.3382,155
Most-Visited Countries by Popes0-4.4654,775
Most Common English Verbs - Extreme0-4.95111,128
Weather and Climate Vocabulary0-4.4427,701
Historical Rulers #20-4.1628,070
Paramount Leaders of China0-4.268,833
16th Century A-Z0-4.4414,566
Pope Facts0-4.3316,034
Countries of Europe in 1815 With a Map0-4.99119,811
Places Where Winston Churchill Said We Would Fight the Nazis0-4.5512,261
19th Century A-Z0-4.6730,737
17th Century A-Z0-4.4721,823
18th Century A-Z0-4.5628,564
Country by Photo of its Leader #10-4.7482,556
The 3rd and 4th Century0-4.4917,996
European Secessionist Movements on a Map0-4.6327,864
People Depicted in Paintings0-4.4937,295
Dictators by Picture0-4.1039,448
U.S. Presidents to Win the Nobel Peace Prize0-4.2515,326
U.S. Presidents With Facial Hair By Picture0-4.4018,116
WWII Figures by Picture0-4.5832,211
Two Letter Roman Numerals0-4.9530,441
Countries of the World in 1914 with a Map0-4.99151,337
Territory Changes in World War I0-4.7935,240
Ancient Greece A-Z0-4.6418,075
The Theodore Roosevelt Presidency0-4.296,588
Franklin... or Theodore Roosevelt0-4.309,840
U.S. Presidential Knowledge - Multiple Choice0-4.1010,862
Name a Valid U.S. President #10-4.93130,388
U.S. Presidents True or False0-3.9113,359
Countries of the World in 1945 with a Map0-5.00109,863
Battle to Country0-4.8931,412
George Bush... or George Bush0-3.897,112
Random U.S. Presidents by Picture0-4.2738,160
Vatican City Country Quiz0-4.4633,204
Name a Valid U.S. President #20-4.5142,417
Name a Valid Answer - World War II0-4.4341,571
People in History by Wikipedia Descriptions #10-4.4829,435
Biggest Cities in the Confederate States in 18600-4.4320,165
Five Most Guessed World Leaders by Country0-4.1437,746
People in History by Wikipedia Descriptions #30-4.4325,639
Benevolent Dictators and Enlightened Despots0-3.9117,603
The Iraq War0-4.4212,652
Win the U.S. Presidential Election0-4.72329,991
U.S. Vice Presidents in History0-3.625,540
WWI... or WWII?0-4.83102,169
Modern Day Countries of Nazi Germany on a Map0-4.98103,476
Countries Italy Declared War On0-4.6635,696