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A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user turnbacktwo
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Times taken 4,873
Quizmaker Rank # 2,366
4842020-11-06How fast can you type C H I C A G O
3932020-12-20Lucky letter elimination 1
2742020-11-07How fast can you type C H I C A G O advanced
2542020-10-11Fast Typing QWERTY backwards
1722021-05-0920 largest cities in Germany, France and Spain
1192020-09-19Ten things in fifteen seconds
1182020-11-14Countries in Oceania 1 minute speed race
1032021-05-10European countries not containing an E
1022020-08-30Wii sports resort mii
972020-12-20Premier league A to Z 2020/21
932020-09-25Clubs of Zlatan Ibrahimovic
922021-11-05Random 4 letter word typing
912020-09-27Countries not containing n
792020-10-03Countries beginning with Jetpunk
752020-10-16QWERTY order sequences beat the clock
742020-10-24Countries beginning with City
732020-10-05Choose the English Language
732020-11-18Type the letter fast two times
652021-03-05Zoomed in fruits
652020-10-03Countries beginning with Quiz
632020-12-30Fill in the blanks Countries 1
622020-12-07Easy Quiz 2
622020-09-02Premier League 2020/2021 players
612020-09-2510 number bonds in 20 seconds
602020-10-03Fast typing 1 to 60 in colour scheme
522020-09-30Countries containing F
492021-01-16Country and city tile select #1
452020-10-04Countries beginning with Country
422020-09-26Liverpool quiz:easy
422020-12-27Obscure Flag quiz 1
412020-09-26Top 10 most used sportswear brands
412020-11-16Type the word fast
412021-01-14Mario and Sonic characters by clue.
382020-10-09General Knowledge questions 3
382021-04-02Eurasia geography chain
362021-03-25Geography scramble 1
362020-12-29Easiest quiz that has been put on jetpunk
362020-10-04Fast typing 1 to 60 without colour scheme
342021-05-14US States that start with DALLAS
342021-03-28Bavaria subdivision quiz
332020-10-10Fill in the Blanks Countries 2
332021-02-23Random city to country
312020-12-18Countries ending in stan by letter
312020-09-03German Premier League winners
312021-04-18Flag- shapes of countries that are in Indochina
312021-02-13Maths pathfinder #1
312020-11-23Easy Quiz
302021-04-04Eurasia Geography chain 2
292021-06-25All games in the Luigi's Mansion series
292021-02-14Word Scramble- Wii Sports Resort Sports
292021-02-23Random geography beginning with L
292021-04-15A by picture
262021-02-17Countries with the wrong vowels
262021-04-21Modern day countries of my empire
262020-09-23General Knowledge questions 2
252020-09-27Tiny drinks
242021-03-30Catalonia subdivision quiz
242020-09-25General Knowledge questions 1
232021-02-28Quick click- Random geo and containing letters
232021-02-03Sports in the Olympics by clue
222020-12-05US states that also have a river named in them
212021-06-27Characters in my own Mario Game Super Mario Shooters
212021-01-30Word scramble- Asian and African countries
202021-04-18Extreme tile select- Cyprus
202021-06-25Bosses in Luigi's Mansion 3
202020-10-30Country mix
202020-10-19Country Capitals 1
192021-04-20Dream team for Arsenal and Aston Villa 2020/2021
192021-02-23Country by obscure cities quiz
182020-11-14Country capitals 2
172020-09-17Premier League Nickname
172020-10-26Type each planet 5 times in a minute
172021-06-07Premier league signings ( in ) Summer 2021
172021-02-22Top 10 largest islands of Croatia
162020-09-26My first Liverpool quiz
152020-09-25Unplayed for clubs
142021-03-01Countries that begin with Denmark
142021-04-07Seas by countries QCC
142021-04-22Mario Kart 8 Deluxe characters
132020-11-04Planets in reverse order
132021-03-06Tibet subdivision quiz
122021-03-29Xinjiang subdivision quiz
102020-11-20Quick typing Turnbacktwo 1000 takes
92021-02-13Save Sonic by guessing characters
92020-12-27Impossible quiz #2
82021-04-05Reversed geography questions 1
82021-03-19Easiest quiz about Turnbacktwo
82021-06-06James Bond Movies from 1990 QCC Movie
82021-04-14Spain community capitals
72021-02-22Ziuq sdrawkcab eht
72020-12-04Countries with the most 60 kilogram coffee beans
62021-01-14Current gameshows to presenter
52021-02-13Name my friends in alphabetical order
52020-10-10Jetpunk Quizzes with over 1 million takes
52021-04-01My jokes for April Fools Day
52021-04-23Yako has got banned and very short quiz
42021-02-14Halving four digit numbers
42021-05-02Other trivia on Turnback Empire
32021-04-01My version of Europa Universails IV
32021-04-07Nicknames of Turnbacktwo quiz
32021-04-21Volcano trivia QCC feel the heat
22021-02-22The chaser's real names
12021-05-01For MG17
12020-09-26Ring, Hotel and Volcano I points