Sally Bollywood

The ultimate Sally Bollywood character quiz with descriptions based on the answers from Characters are listed alphabetically by first name. Only the first or surname is required to guessing correctly. Teachers can be guessed by either their first name or surname (Mrs. / Mr. isn't required).
Quiz by Lief
Last updated: November 20, 2021
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Leader of the S.B.I.
Sally Bollywood
Partner in crime who lives next to S.B.I. Australian.
Doowee Mcadams
Private Investigator.
Harry Bollywood
Mrs. Apu
Talented skateboarder; won a beauty contest.
Ahmed Abdennour
Scientist; invents in his spare time.
Albert Hoffmann
Likes to rap; magenta mohawk.
Has a crush on S.B.I leader's cousin; bright green eyes.
Parents own a trophy store and has a pet hamster Edgar.
She was framed for cheating in a math competition; has an alias that starts with A and orange hair.
Donna Gabriel (Angela)
Interest in law and justice; faked being a lawyer.
Loves animals; Stole her brother's rat.
Leader of the S.B.I's pen pal; has a blog about cleaning.
loves eating curry, banana, roast beef, and maple syrup sandwiches; wears a raspberry cap with bronze rim and decorative pins.
He stole everyone's phones; into music; has blond hair and wears a white bow tie.
Blackmailied her brother to make sure he kept doing his school work after feeling abandoned by him. Scottish.
School bully; loves to play pranks. Purple hair and wears a cap to the side.
Leader of the S.B.I's cousin. Indian.
Talented sports girl; hacked into the school computers to modify grades. Has acne and wears wrist warmers.
Bridget Brickhouse
Pink hair; hasn't committed any crimes; claimed to have a rare species of cat.
Attends beauty contests with her friends; Pink high ponytail; Capable of fixing or ruining electronic devices. Manipulates others.
She has a nut allergy; German; wears a jumpsuit.
Spoiled and overall unpleasant; They formed a gig called S.O.S Clown, which they used to infiltrate homes to steal kids toys. American.
Clementine Saint-John
President of the Good Manners Club and Jeanne Bambini Fan Club. English.
A passionate player of a fantasy card game; disguised as Red Baton. His mom is the school librarian.
Dennis Nesbit
Sabotaged everyone else in order to win the Talent Competition. Has blue hair and is a Magician. Indian.
Well mannered but very vain and proud over her achievements; has a red bindi.
Artist who contacts S.B.I about her missing portraits; wears black glasses but not as a prescription.
Daughter of an electronic shop keeper and has a great knowledge of electronics. Despite being Greek, she speak with a southern belle accent. Greek.
Emma Percy
He made the bus go completely crazy because his family is poor and doesn't have money to go skiing. Known as Phil. Has a gold necklace.
Their T-Shirt Detail is Pac-Man. Popular boy; Scottish.
Little kid who used his clown act to steal toys from other kids during birthday parties. American.
She's shown only in her traditional Greek wardrobe. Her hair is worn with a dull red head cloth and is a dull, dark brown.
Irene Kostos- Cristea
I love playing in the junkyard throwing paint balls with his friend. To avoid getting in trouble for coming home with paint all over his clothes, he convinces his mom he'd taken up painting.
Jackson Bollard
The last client that hired the S.B.I in the 'Fund Raising Factory'. Worked as an intern for the S.B.I. Indian.
Jasmine Gupta
School basketball player. Very bad at science and has brown spikey hair. American.
She also really loves rabbits and babysat Martin's pet rabbit. She used her chemical knowledge to sabotage her new teacher. Her mum is the biology teacher. Indian.
Jaya Madurpore
A preteen singer who has a fan following with several kids at school. Has only made one cameo but is mostly shown on posters hung up for the TV Awards. She has long waist length blue hair and pale blue eyes with heavy eyeliner.
Jeanne Bambini
She tends to be a perfectionist and if it doesn't meet her standards she can get violently upset and stressed out, insisting she does a lot better. Usually wears a red bandana. American.
Lead singer of the fuzzy frogs. green eyes, messy brown hair and black glasses. American.
Jeremy islacre
She is sporty and dislikes school, but is part of the organiser committee. One of the top swim racers. Has a nose ring. Australian.
Has an aggressive monobrow.
Has long blue hair worn up in a puffed ponytail with straightened bangs. She is a kind girl and she is an intern for her brother's band.
She is a princess. She had kissed S.B.I partner whilst wearing a blonde wig.
Kathy (Kate)
She wears large sun-shaped earrings and a gold hair piece. Her long hair is worn in a ponytail with a large bun on top. Indian.
Kareena Khan
She considers herself to be an actress and took offence when a friend didn't ask her to be the lead in their movie. Blonde streak of hair. Indian.
He loves swimming, but he's afraid out of shame due to his 2 additional toes, so he tried to not swim publicly. American.
Lee Wang
Has a twin brother and got rejected by a girl who was in love with his brother.
Leo Seneca
After someone began to publish her diary entries she became an outcast amongst her classmates; has short blonde hair and freckles. American.
Liz Williams
Son of rap star Fluff Daffy; notorious in school for pulling pranks. American.
She is obsessed with magic and supernatural things like ghosts; To win a role in the musical and make others believe in magic, she turned a student's hair green and handed out lucky charms. Pink bangs.
A main antagonist; played the role of a detective whilst solving crimes he committed.
Mr. Big
Son of the principal and tried to hide his skateboarding talent from his father. German.
Martin Shoebridge
An envious type of girl who is unable to accept it when others are shown being better than her or leave her getting no attention; loves fashion design.
Maria Garcia
Likes to crash parties in the episode 'The Party'; has a faint moustache.
Known for being a talented singer and is highly popular. However, she has become a spoiled diva and shows a childish side when she attempts to have an average, normal day life. Indian.
Loves creative drawing and spray painting. American.
Takes part in kart races once a year; after an incident occurs, the S.B.I help him to determine who tried to keep him from the race. Italian.
She loves cats and pets; has dark mauve hair and a beauty mark on the side of her mouth.
He is the president of the School Newspaper club.
Fearing she would be mocked during her dance performance, she stole the saris and hid them to keep the group from performing. Indian.
Nirmala Pashimbrana
Stole all the gold in town as his idol Fluff Daffy really likes gold.
Notorious for pulling pranks; he wears a bandage on his nose.
A skilled cook, every day he cooks for his whole family and won the first prize in a cooking contest. Indian.
Rahani Gupta
He was the actual hacker of Trapped By The Internet and he was "the guy in black" of 'Champion'. Has a red cap.
Hired by Head of S.B.I's dad to be his office assistant. However, he is eager to do more than just sort files, by injecting himself into an S.B.I case. Has red hair and yellow glasses.
His father works at the museum and he has a younger sister who interned at S.B.I. Indian.
Sanjay Gupta
Winner of the "express yourself in red" competition. At times she can be a diva, but it's usually from stress or frustration. She has purple hair and a red scarf. American
Sam Smith
The art teacher made her president of Art and design when Sam teased her art work. Indian.
Has a pet rat; and blue hair. Australian.
Timid; Apart of the Secret Fighters Club; short brown hair.
Son of the School's janitor. Canadian.
Stephan Cubbins
The school journalist; usually tries to get the latest scoop but has a tendency to rush to judgement. American.
Stephanie Demillaire
The chess club president and a cheerleader. Russian.
Svetlana Azarov
A manipulative and greedy boy, who sells to his classmates things he claims are special, but they aren't. He gets angry, when accused of stealing or lying. American.
Enjoys singing in all forms; from her own singing, to listening to others sing, to participating in anything that involves singing; has ivy-colored eyes and short platinum hair with pink tips. American.
She is very strict, unable to tolerate failure or delays, especially when it comes to someone she cares about; she has tanned skin with big, dark orange eyes and short white hair flaring on the ends.
She is a talented actress and makeup artist; She enjoys reading.
Big blue eyes with black mascara, and short, semi-messy looking; with black bows, a dark pink vest. American.
Zoe Jennings
The Physical Education teacher.
Mr. Jerome
Biology teacher.
Indira (Kooptur) Madurpore
School librarian.
Mrs. (Solon) Nesbit
She was hired to be an intern for the S.B.I whenever they needed help filing information. However, it turned out she forged a paper to hide the identity of the true trophy thief because she was the ministers assistant. Adult; English.
Priscilla Montagu
Math teacher.
Mrs. (Constance) Smith
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