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A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user Bloxelkid1234
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Times taken 3,597
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9972020-09-06Minecraft Mobs in Emoji
5692022-10-02Biggest Subdivisions of the World
3042021-04-30Guess the Videogame Character
2762020-09-20Minecraft Mobs in Emoji 2
1252020-09-21Every Generation 8 Pokemon
672020-09-06The Dream Team
662021-05-15Minecraft Mobs in Emoji 3
572020-09-25Famous People 4
562021-05-14Every PVZ Plant
502021-02-17Maths 2x1
482020-09-08Famous People
472020-09-11Fast Food Slogans
462020-09-11Famous People 2
452021-05-11Maths Symbols
402020-09-14Famous People 3
362021-06-10Two Much Maths
352021-09-05Every Minecraft Mob in Emoji
332022-01-10Alphabetical Animals
322021-12-18An Easy Quiz
312022-04-25Currently Neutral Countries
302022-04-23Flags with Countries on them
302021-10-05Countries bordering Monaco
272022-07-01Countries ending with K
262022-01-07A tough question
262022-01-09The Alphabet
262020-09-14Countries that Border Italy
242020-09-04Disney Classics to 2019
242020-09-06Name the Animal
232020-09-05Famous Authors
232020-09-06The Avengers
222021-05-04Inland States/Territories of Australia
212020-09-06World's Deadliest Creatures
212021-05-08Every Main PVZ2 Plant
212020-09-22The Trump Quiz
212021-01-04Famous People Exclusive
202020-09-07Animal Eyes
162020-09-23Name the Animal 3
162020-09-03A Fishy Quiz
162020-09-19Name the Animal 2
162021-05-09Largest vs Smallest
142022-09-09Monarchs by Reign
132022-08-27Smallest Countries by Flag
132021-05-14Name the Animal 4
122020-09-06Hermitcraft Hermits
102020-09-12A Fishier Quiz
82021-05-08Every Premium PVZ2 Plant
72021-02-02A Fishy Quiz REDO
72022-08-19First Names of Australian Prime Ministers
62021-03-04Most Popular Candies
62021-05-08Every PVZ2 Mint
42022-05-20Sony Animation Movies