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5,1682021-02-18Крупнейшие города мира
2,7972020-11-29Countries of the World in 1914 by Borders
2,6412021-07-14Landlocked Countries that once had a Coast
2,0722021-05-02Yakko's World by Flags
1,5702021-02-18Виды субъектов Российской Федерации
9622021-05-05San Francisco Bay Area - Map Quiz
9112021-05-25Guinea Countries - Map Quiz
7552021-12-12Country Flags without their Coat of Arms
6972021-04-24Modern-Day Countries of the Central African Empire on a Map
6162021-05-02Modern-Day Countries of the Ethiopian Empire on a Map
5512020-12-01South America by Borders - No Brazil
5362021-04-11Fast Typing - Spam
5002021-05-13Modern-Day Countries of the First Haitian Empire on a Map
4672021-04-30Modern-Day Countries of the Sicilian Emirate on a Map
4662021-05-05Northeast Africa Map Quiz
4512021-07-07One-Person Titles
4432020-12-13Continents by Borders
4322021-05-22Middle Africa Map Quiz
4112021-03-20Países Aleatórios da Europa
3732021-05-30Modern-Day Countries of GrandOldLand on a Map
3632021-05-04Modern-Day Countries of the Imerinan Empire on a Map
3092020-09-30Continents with 1 Billion People
3072021-07-04All Modern-Day Countries Ever in an Arab Federation
2962021-01-04Letters A-Z
2842021-04-17Modern-Day Countries of Rose Island on a Map
2692020-12-20Cookies by Picture
2672021-04-23Empires Flag-Shape Quiz
2622021-07-21All Modern-Day Ever Controlled by South Africa
2542021-05-0710 Largest Cities in each Region of Europe
2502021-05-07Northern Europe Map Quiz
2222020-10-18Countries that do not Border Landlocked Countries
2132021-03-13Largest Cities on Vancouver Island with a Map
2122020-11-25Countries of the World According to my Geography Class
2042021-02-12Pays Sans Subdivisions
2042020-12-11Yakko's World Cities
1852021-05-12European Microstates Map Quiz
1852021-05-13Random American Capitals on a Map
1822021-05-13Largest U.S. Cities in 1870 on a Map
1682021-02-28African Independence Movements - Map Quiz
1672021-05-01Geographic Regions of China - Map Quiz
1612021-04-19Country Names by Emoji
1552021-03-20Last Countries to Criminalize Slavery
1542021-04-18Seven Wonders of the Ancient World - Map Quiz
1452021-07-07Flags of Europe in 1900
1342021-05-09Random Flag-Shape to Former Country
1312021-05-12Modern-Day Countries of the Federation of Arab Republics
1312021-04-16Megacities on a World Map - City Proper Edition
1302021-05-02Turkic Countries Map Quiz
1282020-12-18One Letter Words
1282021-05-05Maghreb Map Quiz
1272021-05-13"Stan" Countries Flags Map Quiz
1272021-03-24Cities of the Balkans - Map Quiz
1272021-04-02American Pizza Chains with the Most Locations
1252021-04-19Seven Wonders of the Ancient World - Map Quiz - Hard Version
1242021-07-27Vietnam War Countries by Flag
1242021-08-21Countries of the Baltics since 1750
1212021-02-09Countries with no Subdivisions
1182021-04-15Pays de la Grande Indonésie sur une carte
1172020-12-09Asian Countries in Europe
1122021-05-17Countries of Greater Yugoslavia on a Map
1112020-12-14Most Guessed US City by Letter
1092020-12-02Obvious Answers
1092021-05-03Foods of the Alphabet
1092021-05-04Levant Map Quiz
1092021-03-12U.S. States Slideshow - Hard Edition
1042021-05-20Largest U.S. Cities in 1870 on an Empty Map
1042021-04-18Countries that have Controlled Miami
1032021-03-19Países Asiáticos Aleatórios em um Mapa
1032021-02-20Flags of the Continents
1022021-07-03Countries of the Most Important People
1012021-02-19First Countries to Reach 20 Million People
992021-04-17Pays de la Grande Inde sur une carte
972021-04-22Countries of Asia in 1914 by Flag
972021-03-10Name a Country - "JetPunk"
972021-08-29Richard Nixon Countries Visited Map
962021-05-22"-ia" Countries Bordering Each Other
952020-10-05Types of Russian Federal Subjects
952021-03-19Korean Cities - Map Quiz
952021-04-27Random North American Flag-Shape to Country
952021-01-26States that are Completely Metropolitan
942021-01-17Quizmaster or Stewart?
932020-11-09Molossia Country Quiz
922020-12-18Largest Cities in the Caucasus
912021-04-21East Coast Map Quiz
902021-04-11Soviet Leaders Birthplaces - Map Quiz
892020-12-11Countries Closest to Sealand A-Z
892020-12-06Countries that Border Afghanistan
892021-01-01Largest European Countries Ever
892021-04-26Capitals of the Soviet Republics - Map Quiz
882021-04-15Countries of Greater Indonesia on a Map
882020-12-06Countries that Border Andorra
852021-04-21Quiz Mapa do Cone Sul
852021-01-18Most Populated Islands by Continent
852021-05-19Name a Country - Divided Islands
832020-12-04Modern-Day Countries of the Danzig Empire
832021-05-10Letters that the Most Countries start with
812021-05-08Capitals of Europe in 1812
812021-05-11SpongeBob SquarePants Countries Visited Map
802021-03-12U.S. States Slideshow
802021-05-01Countries that Fuchsia Boliviana Grows in on a Map
802020-12-06Largest Cities in Tonga
802020-09-03Territories of South America Map Quiz
792021-07-13Largest Islamic Countries
782021-04-21U.S. State Toys - Map Quiz
782021-06-09U.S. States More Populous Than Their Neighbors
762021-03-11Largest European Cities not in the EU
752021-05-11Old South Map Quiz
752021-02-19Countries Expected to Reach 1 Billion
732021-03-18Largest Cities in the Sudans
732020-12-14African Countries with the Most Olympic Medals
732021-05-09Teste da bandeira do bloco oriental
722021-10-13Flags of the Countries that Bordered the Soviet Union
712020-09-30Continents with Nuclear Weapons
712021-04-11Quiz du drapeau du Bloc de l’Est
692020-11-26Afro-Eurasian Island Countries
692021-05-06Most Populated European Countries by Region
672021-04-07Eastern Bloc Flag Quiz
672021-05-16Borders of Four Random Countries on a Map
662021-05-04Flags of the Countries that have no Military
662021-06-07Largest One-Country Languages
652021-04-04Every City in Rhode Island on a Map
642021-08-26Countries of the British Empire in 1969
642021-02-27Separatists Movements of Africa
632021-05-16Continents that beat Europe
612021-05-04Teste do Mapa do Levante
612021-03-11Name a City - Metropolitan Areas
612021-05-15Countries Stuck in some Gum
602021-05-15Countries of Greater Spain on a Map
602021-01-07Countries with Subdivisions on the "Countries Visited" Map
602021-04-20Southeast Africa - Map Quiz
592020-11-25Most Guessed Asian City by Letter
592021-05-13U.S. States with the Smallest Population in 2070
582021-02-21European Countries whose Capital isn't their Largest City
572021-05-01Countries where the Arabian Pipistrelle Lives on a Map
572021-04-27Random African Flag-Shape to Country
572021-02-17Countries that have Border Disputes with Japan
572020-12-05Most Controversial Countries on JetPunk
562021-04-20Southern Cone Map Quiz
562021-05-18Greater Houston Map Quiz
542021-07-20Top 10 Oldest Island Nations
542021-05-14Every 1M City in East Arabia on a Map
542021-07-05Countries Closest to Turkey A-Z
542021-05-18Countries that border the Indian Subcontinent
542021-05-09Largest Cities in Northeast Africa on a Map
522021-04-27Random South American Flag-Shape to Country
522020-11-24Royal Ranks
522021-05-03Smallest Country A-Z by Flag
512021-04-30Yugoslav Republics Map Quiz
512020-12-06Countries that Border Albania
512021-03-19Aloha Air Cargo Destinations on a Map
512021-05-04Bolsheviks Map Quiz
512021-07-07Capitals of the Celtic Nations
502021-03-19U.S. States with no Black Bears
502021-04-13Subdivisions of the United Kingdom by Flag-Shape
502021-05-21European Megacities on a Map
502021-03-27Asian Cities by Letter - B
492021-03-22Atlantic Africa - Map Quiz
492021-05-07Capitals of the "Stan" Countries - Map Quiz
492021-01-12Most Populated Non-Capital Cities - Extreme
492021-02-04Southernmost Countries of the World: Type-in Edition
492021-04-12Largest Cities in the Middle East with Exceptions
492021-05-11JetPunk—Ian Fisher Comparison: European Cities
482021-02-25ALL Cities in the New York Metropolitan Area
482021-04-08Communist Countries Flag-Shape Quiz
472021-02-17Countries that have Border Disputes with India
472020-11-25Tomodachi Life Locations
462021-05-22Countries of Greater Syria on a Map
462021-05-11Megacities Closest to an Unknown Megacity #1
462020-12-20Quiz Site Select All
452020-09-27Country Flags with the Most Red without the Flags
452021-05-05Megacities with the Shortest Names
452021-05-04Celtic Nations by Flag
452021-04-27Random Asian Flag-Shape to Country
442021-09-18Subdivisions of GrandOldLand on a Map
442020-11-29True...or False?
442021-05-13East Arabian Countries on a Map
432021-04-18Countries that Start with F by Flag-Shape
432021-05-30Countries of Greater Tanzania on a Map
432020-12-06Countries that Border Algeria
422021-02-24Non-Rectangular Flags #1
422020-12-20Quiz Sites by Picture
422021-06-06Biggest Japanese Empire Countries
422021-04-27Random Oceanian Flag-Shape to Country
422021-03-19Presidents with the Same Last Name
412021-07-09Countries that Bordered Austria-Hungary by Flag
412021-04-25Countries of Europe in 1870 by Flag
412021-03-10Middle East Flag-Shapes
412021-05-14Countries of Greater Mauritania on a Map
412021-03-03Mongolia A-Z
412021-03-12Canadian Provinces by Capitals and Borders
412021-03-29Maharashtra Subdivision Quiz
412020-12-01Countries my Geography Class Knows
392021-04-29Pan-Slavic Flags
392021-03-17Largest Cities in Nepal and Bhutan on a Map
392021-02-16Users by Picture
392021-02-28Largest U.S. Cities in 1980
392021-04-12EU or Not?
392021-06-22U.S. States Closest to New York
392021-05-14"-icide" Words
392021-02-24Largest Islands in the Caribbean - Extreme
382021-02-25Largest Cities in the San Francisco Metropolitan Area
382021-04-24Most Obese Country A-Z
382021-07-06Flags with Borders
382021-02-21African Countries whose Capital isn't their Largest City
382021-03-27Asian Cities by Letter - A
372021-06-16Largest World Cities with Greater Exceptions
372021-05-30Largest Country A-Z by Flag
362021-06-07Most Guessed Flag-Shapes by Continent
362020-12-18Flags of the Levant
362021-06-25Asia Cooperation Dialogue Members on an Empty Map
362021-05-20Southeast Asian Capitals - Map Quiz
362021-05-04Big Four Map Quiz
362021-03-09Largest City that ends with Each Letter
352020-11-29Worst Press Freedom by Continent
352020-12-04Modern-Day Countries of the Danzig Colonies
352020-09-27Capitals of South Africa
342021-03-13Cities Served by Monowi Airlines on a Map
342020-09-27Original Peanuts Characters
342020-09-27Comics by Homonymic Picture
332021-01-09Random Flag to Independence Movement
332021-04-02Largest Cities in Africa with Exceptions
322021-04-17"Stan" Countries Flag-Shape Quiz
322021-03-21Islands by Picture - B
322021-04-27Random European Flag-Shape to Country
322021-04-02Blurred Country Shapes
322021-05-10Largest Cities in the Guinea Region on a Map
322021-03-19Famous Grahams
322021-05-06Largest Cities on the Yellow Sea with a Map
312021-05-10Countries that beat Africa
312021-06-16Countries Bordering the Turkic Council
312021-02-24Countries with the Highest Risk of Natural Disaster
302021-04-16Countries of Greater India on a Map
302021-04-04U.S. Presidents who Pardoned the most People
302021-11-14Purchased Territories
302021-03-26Subdivision Shapes
302020-08-29First Countries To Act Against Slavery
302021-04-19Countries that Start with H by Flag-Shape
302021-04-18Countries that Start with D by Flag-Shape
302021-02-07Countries GrandOldMan has not Been to
302021-09-06Flags of Africa in 1960
302020-12-16Tamborasi River Countries
292021-04-18Countries that Start with A by Flag-Shape
292021-03-13Places SaudiGulf Flies to on a Map
292021-02-11Largest Islands of Nauru
282021-04-18Countries that Start with G by Flag-Shape
282021-05-04Counties that border Los Angeles
282021-05-10Cities Prince Rupert Airport Flies to on a Map
282021-03-09Members of the African Union
272021-04-17"Stan" Countries Shape Quiz
272021-01-09Largest Cities in NATO
272021-04-18Countries that Start with C by Flag-Shape
272021-04-21Gregorian to Juche Years
272021-01-03Union for the Mediterranean Member Shapes
272020-12-11Subdivisions that have Hosted the Winter Olympics
272021-02-23Largest Cities in Kaliningrad
262021-02-21Countries with the Longest Time since their Last Election
262021-04-21Countries that Start with K by Flag-Shape
262020-09-27Köppen Climates: Vatican City
262021-03-09Largest Cities in South America with Exceptions
262020-10-26Jetpunk Minigames
262021-04-19Countries that Start with J by Flag-Shape
262020-11-28States with an AAA Credit Rating
262020-12-25Least Populated Countries over a Million People
252021-04-19Countries that Start with I by Flag-Shape
252021-04-12Megacities Closest to Beijing
252020-12-13Countries With the Lowest Inflation
252021-05-01"Prince" Cities of Canada
252021-03-18Islands by Picture - A
242020-12-18U.S. Minor Outlying Islands
242021-04-19Most Populated Countries without a 1M City
242020-12-11Largest Cities in India or China
242021-02-26Largest Cities in Canada - Extreme
242021-05-13Mediterranean Countries by Flag-Shape
242021-04-18Countries that Start with E by Flag-Shape
242021-05-09Largest Cities in the Former Seljuk Empire
242021-01-07City Flags
242021-04-18Countries that Start with B by Flag-Shape
232021-03-19Largest Cities in the "Stans" with Exceptions
232021-03-10Countries with a Population Under 1 Million by Flag
232020-12-11Countries in the Caspian Drainage Basin
232021-03-30Countries with only One McDonald's
232021-05-04Shapes of the Countries that border Saudi Arabia
232021-04-22Flags of the Countries that Border Sudan
232020-11-26Capitals of Texas
232021-02-24Subdivisions that Start with B
232020-08-29Countries That Acted Against Slavery After 2000
232021-03-04Most Populated Provinces of Vietnam
232021-01-08Indian States by Population
232021-01-01Largest Cities in Blue States
222020-11-16Largest Cities Kalbahamut Couldn't Have Been to
222021-04-01Ultimate Quiz Mash-Up
222021-05-06States that Border South Dakota in Order
222020-11-15Largest Cities GrandOldMan Could've Been to
212021-05-18Shapes of Southeast Asia
212021-03-19U.S. Presidents who Spoke Greek
212021-04-11Easiest Country Quizzes
212021-02-16Largest National Legislatures
212020-12-17Largest One-Country Lakes
212021-05-12Largest Cities in Senegambia on a Map
212020-11-26Capitals of Alaska
202021-05-21Middle East Tile Select
202020-12-10Countries with only one visit to the US
202021-02-25Russian Federal Subjects with the most Coronavirus
202021-02-28Countries Closest to Moscow
202021-01-09Largest Non-US NATO Cities
202021-04-27Flag-Shapes Tile Select
202020-11-15Largest Cities Quizmaster Could've Been to
202021-05-04Shapes of the Countries that border the D.R. Congo
192021-03-04Largest Cities in the Californias
192021-05-14Coups by Picture
192021-02-24Subdivisions that Start with A
192021-01-11Largest Cities on the Indian Subcontinent with Exceptions
192021-02-09Most Populated Nigerian States
192021-09-18Evolution of the U.S. Flag
192020-12-14Cities on my World Map
192020-12-11Double-Sided Flags
192020-12-11Union for the Mediterranean Members
192021-05-26Flags of New England
192021-03-10Cities that Border New York City
182021-05-28Largest Cities in Greater India
182020-09-27Köppen Climates: Monaco
182020-12-11Largest City in Alaska A-Z
182021-03-27Interesting Quotes Quiz
182020-12-16Largest Cities in City-States
182021-03-28Uttar Pradesh Subdivision Quiz
172020-10-19Most-Earned Jetpunk Badges
172021-01-14Largest Cities in each South African Province
172020-11-29Best Press Freedom by Continent
172020-11-29Top Ten African Countries by Water Area
172020-12-18Countries without a Capital
172021-06-24Largest Cities in OPEC
172021-05-15Three Seas Initiative - Map Quiz
172022-02-05Countries with the Most Species on their Flag
172020-12-06Largest Sixth-Largest Cities
172021-02-21Largest "Island" Islands
172020-10-19Most Populated County by State
172021-02-13Cities Mentioned in the Interesting Facts
162021-03-09Andorran Parishes by Flag
162020-12-04December Fools' Quiz
162020-11-26Capitals of Utah
152020-12-11Small Five Group Countries
152021-03-13ESRB Ratings
152021-05-10Capitals of the Visegrád Group
152020-10-30Most Populated Micronations
152021-05-09U.S. State Capitals in 1800
152021-05-13Oceanian Countries Tile Select
142020-11-29Largest Cities in Yolo County
142021-01-02Largest US Cities Under a Million
142020-11-29Top Ten African Countries by Water Area - Metric Edition
142020-10-01Most and Least Populated U.N. Geoschemes
142020-12-18Unofficial Capitals
132020-12-16Largest Cities Quizmaster Could've Been to - Extreme
132020-11-29Largest Cities in all the UK
122022-01-23Capitals of Dawn of the JetPunk Empires
122021-03-20Islands by Picture - X
122021-03-10Countries with a Population Under 1 Million by Flag-Shape
102021-03-10Countries with a Population Under 1 Million by Shape
102020-12-14"Pan"- Flags
102021-03-29Countries by Leader's Standard
102020-12-13-Stan Country Capitals
102020-12-26Largest Cities in Guangdong
102020-11-19Largest Cities Stewart Could've Been to
102021-02-25Largest Cities in São Tomé and Príncipe
102021-02-10"Old" Colors
102020-11-30Largest Cities Baptistegorce Could've Been to
102020-11-26People who have Been to the Moon
102021-03-18Eugene Trivia
92021-05-10Protecting Powers of the United States
92021-02-21Biggest Cities in each Brazilian State
92021-03-09Name a Washington County A-Z
82020-12-10Smallest Cities in Nebraska
82020-12-10Smallest US Metro Areas
82020-12-21Last-Level Subdivisions of Nauru
82021-02-26Subdivisions that border Kabul
82020-12-06State Quarters Outlines
82020-12-13Most and Least Populated Texan Cities
82021-02-28Types of Settlements
72020-12-02Largest Cities SirPhilippines Could've Been to
72020-12-06Largest Stations in Antarctica
72020-12-10Smallest Cities in Texas
72021-03-13States with State Toys
72020-12-13First Moons Discovered
72021-05-11Divisions of Kamchatka
72020-12-14The Monowi Quiz
72020-12-16Equatorial Guinea Provincial Capitals
62020-12-12Biggest Cities in the World
62020-12-27Largest Cities in Sichuan
62020-12-26Largest Cities in Henan
62020-12-13Odd Moon Names
52021-02-08Largest States of Brazil
52021-02-22Unnamed Highest Points
52020-11-15Largest Cities Relessness Could've Been to
52020-11-17Largest Cities HinesBrothers Could've Been to
52020-11-19Countries with only one Wikiquote
52021-04-17Living it Rock 'n Roll Lyrics A-Z
52021-04-16Living it Rock 'n Roll Lyrics
52020-12-26Largest Cities in Shandong
52020-12-13The Alphabet According to Pixabay
42021-01-18Adrar City Quiz
42021-03-09The Striped Piggy Trivia
42021-03-04Game & Watch Games
42020-12-14Divisions of Greenland
42020-12-17Districts of Liechtenstein
42021-02-09INBAR Members
42020-12-13Most and Least Populated Alabaman Cities
42020-11-30Largest Cities DisbatfrcaemniYN Could've Been to
42020-12-29Largest Cities TheBerryLegend Could've Been to
32020-12-21Last-Level Subdivisions of Guinea-Bissau
32021-02-15Least Dense US Counties with Exceptions
32021-03-09"World's Largest" Roadside Attractions
22020-12-11Heaviest Bells
22021-01-03Municipalities of Cabinda
22020-12-25Least-Known European Cities
22020-12-04Communities in Slope County
12020-12-02Candy Disambiguation Quiz