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1692020-09-22Spell the longest Welsh town name
802020-09-24Countries China has been to war with.
762020-09-10Countries India has been to war with
642020-09-20Guns in Call of Duty Mobile - Snipers
642020-09-10Countries Indonesia has been to war with.
582020-09-14Formula 1 winners at the Bahrain Grand Prix
562020-09-16Formula 1 winners at the Chinese Grand Prix
522020-09-10Countries Nigeria has been to war with
432020-09-2616 Strongest currencies
422020-09-11Countries Mexico has been to war with.
372020-09-20Call of Duty: Mobile - SMG's
352020-09-15Formula 1 winners at the Australian Grand Prix
282020-09-13Countries bordering Argentina
262020-09-13Countries bordering Syria
262020-09-27Largest fast food restaurant chains
232020-09-14Countries bordering Switzerland
222020-09-18US States that border Pennsylvania
222020-09-16Countries bordering Lithuania
212020-09-13Countries bordering Peru
202020-09-12Military expenditures - percent of GDP
192020-09-14Countries bordering Kazakhstan
182020-09-13Countries with Children Underweight (%)
172020-09-12Countries that border Libya
172020-09-18US States that border California
162020-09-12Countries bordering Pakistan
162020-09-13Countries bordering Colombia
162020-09-18US States that Border Texas
152020-09-19US States bordering the Atlantic
152020-09-12Countries bordering Thailand
152020-09-17Countries bordering Tajikistan
142020-09-19US States bordering Missouri
142020-09-13Countries bordering Iraq
132020-09-21Countries bordering South Africa
122020-09-19US States that border Kentucky
122020-09-19US States that border Kansas
112020-09-12Countries bordering Angola
102020-09-19US States that border Colorado
102020-09-19US States bordering Nebraska
92022-03-02Missing Word: 50 Cent Songs
82020-09-22Countries bordering Sudan
72020-09-19US States that border Wyoming
72020-09-20Top 20 JetPunkers