Tolkien mythology chain quiz

The last letter of each answer is the first letter of the next. Remember, the purpose of this is the chain.
Quiz by ogamer
Last updated: April 9, 2020
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First submittedMay 12, 2016
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Elven outpost also known as Imladris
Son of the Elven king Thranduil of Mirkwood
Three precious gems crafted by Fëanor
Elves of Telerin known as “grey People”
The territory of the Rohirrim
Stronghold built by Finrod Felagund
Loremaster and minstrel of King Thingol
Elf-maid of Lothlórien beloved of Amroth
The only daughter of King Thingol of Doriath and Melian
Island raised from the Great Sea by the Valar in the beginning of the Second Age
Described by Gandalf as a “master of shapes and changes of hue”
Mountains of Tyranny where Angband was built
City in the land of Doriath home to king Thingol
Immense lands to the South of Gondor and Mordor
Stronghold of Sauron located in the south of Mirkwood
Dol Guldur
Large region of northern Middle-earth
Galadriel’s ring of power
The name for the sword Narsil after its reforging
Special food made by the Elves
The greatest and most trusted servant of Morgoth
Level 70
May 14, 2016
Well done! I didn't remember about Daeron...
Level 73
May 14, 2016
Great quiz. Please post more
Level 73
May 15, 2016
Very enjoyable!
Level 64
May 23, 2016
Version 2 is online now :)
Level 45
Oct 20, 2018
Damn, I knew that !
Level 72
Dec 18, 2018
Shouldn't the third clue read "Three precious gems..."? It's a bit confusing right now...
Level 78
May 15, 2019
Well, they had the light of the Two Trees... but yes, it's probably a mistake. :)
Level 94
Jun 22, 2021
that's great! but a bit more time would be appreciated
Level 68
Jun 25, 2021
Well, I got Rivendell, seeing as I have been there (swimming in the river).
Level 21
Nov 25, 2022
You went to Kaitoke?
Level 67
Aug 24, 2021
Very good but could do with more time. Predictive text makes all these names a nightmare to type, especially if the correct answer requires more than one word.
Level 65
Jan 3, 2022
Nice quiz. Just for the "Large region in northern Middle-earth" question, even knowing everything about the Lord of the Rings doesn't allow one to guess this one without multiple different tries, perhaps you could give a clue. The answer could also be Arnor, Eriador, Rhun, dozens of other places and even Beleriand. Please add more clues so it is possible to guess that the answer is Rhovanion.
Level 88
Jan 4, 2022
It's a chain quiz, so the answer would need to start with R and end with N. That's a pretty solid clue right there, although admittedly it doesn't help if you didn't get the adjacent answers already.
Level 88
Jan 4, 2022
Excellent quiz!
Level 51
Jan 30, 2022
I think Rhovanion is more to the east than north
Level 63
Aug 31, 2022
Could you accept Silmaril without the second s
Level 64
Sep 2, 2022
Hi. The Silmarils are three gems. Also, you need the plural so you can have the last s for the next answer. :)